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10 Really Weird Zombie Movies

Zombies as we know them have really only been in pop culture for about fifty years now. Seems like a long time, we know, but, it’s pretty much an eyeblink when it comes to horror; we’ve had demons for millennia, vampires and werewolves for centuries, and Frankenstein’s monster for more than a century. Everyone’s favorite flesh-munchers are practically kids. Which doesn’t mean we haven’t had some…interesting takes on Romero’s shambling hordes. Here are ten pretty out there examples.

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The 66 Most Underrated Women of 2010

You asked, and now I deliver. After our “66 most overrated women of 2010” article many of you wanted to see who I thought was “underrated”, so here you go. Don’t ever say I don’t listen. What we have here is a mixture of up-and-comers, the overlooked, and the forgotten. Of the 299 possible spots on the Sexiest/Most Desirable lists of,, and these ladies occupied just 20 of those spots (a whopping 6.7%), proving that there are indeed a lot more sexy women the world over than there are spots on silly lists (including mine). And once again, let me clarify that this is not a list of the 66 sexiest women in the world. If it were, I would have to include a whole slew of the women from the “overrated” list. These are women whose recognition for their hotness I think is lacking, for one reason or another, and that in each case needs to be rectified.

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The 20 Saddest IMDB Profiles Of All Time

Every aspiring actor hopes for that one big break that will get them discovered and when they finally get it, it's usually not what they were expecting. For women, it typically means that have to take their top off in a horror movie, and for men, it means they get to be "Drunk Party Guy #7" in the latest American Pie movie. Sadly for most actors, their first job rarely leads to a second and most of them end up working at a place called Vivid Entertainment before they enter rehab and move back to the Midwest.

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The World's 10 Wildest Water Slides

As summer temperatures rise, the best piece of equipment to beat the heat is your air conditioner. That is, unless you make your way to an even more noteworthy piece of cool-inducing engineering: the water slide. The primary purpose of a water slide is to keep up the gs—with twists, turns and drops—while delaying the inevitable pull of gravity to the bottom. Building a slide that does this—safely, at least—is no easy task. This summer, head on over to one of these 10 water slides and revel in one of humankind's most entertaining inventions.

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The Top 7 Movies Ruined by CGI

When computer-generated imagery gets incorporated into a movie it can take a film to a whole new, awesome level. On the other hand, a lot of film buffs believe that CGI tears the soul right out of a film and deprives it of any true artistic merit. Either way, there are a few films out there that would've been much better if they gave their computers a little time off.

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9 Foods That Can Help Soothe a Headache

When a headache strikes, you may run through your usual routine: Turn out the lights, lie down and pop a pain pill. But did you know that certain foods may ease, and even prevent, headaches? Add these soothing foods to your shopping list and find out for yourself.

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Top 5 Tools That Will Help You Locate Your Lost Cell Phone

It happens to all of us. You set your phone down to go do something and later on you can’t remember where you left it. Or maybe it fell out of your pocket somewhere. Whatever the case may be, a lost cell phone can give you a headache in a hurry. After all, we’re dependent on these devices. What if it was stolen? You don’t want your private information in the wrong hands, especially since these new phones are capable of making purchases online. In this article, I am going to cover a few of the tools you can use to locate your lost or stolen cell phone. So the next time you lose your phone, hopefully it won’t take all day to find it.

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Top 10 Annoying Things at College and What To Do About Them

Unfortunately, college is not all fun and games: There are many annoyances college students have to put up with. Some students count going to class as one of them. We can't help you there. But if the petty problems of day-to-day college life are getting on your nerves, we have some remedies for you. Have a look at our top 10 annoyances—and how you might get around them.

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10 Brutal Historical Weapons of War

Today’s weapons of war are increasingly geared towards felling an enemy in as humane a way as possible, with high velocity firearms ensuring a quick death. Soldiers are also trained to kill enemies quickly and (well, almost) painlessly, with bladed side-arms. However, in times gone by, humane weapons were the last thing warriors were looking to wield. Pain and maximum suffering were the order of the day, and the popularity of a weapon could be measured by its brutality. For good reason, too! A weapon that scared the crap out of your enemy was a useful tool, as well as an empowering asset. Let’s take a look at some of the more fearsome, and downright nasty, weapons employed by warriors of times gone by.

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The 10 Best Sword Fighting Scenes from Movies

Swords and the arts of fencing and sword fighting have been in existence for thousands of years. Over the last few decades the art and style of sword play has changed a great deal. As Kung Fu movies became popular in the late 70s and on there have been some amazing sword fight scenes in movies. Here are some awesome videos that I would consider to be among the top 10 videos of epic swordfights in movies over the years. Enjoy, and don’t try this at home, or you may just lose an eye.

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