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The 10 Best Car Chases of the 70ís

For those of you around back then, the 70ís were awesome. We had bell-bottoms, disco and the Pontiac Trans Am. We were also inundated with the 70ís style car chase. You see, in the 1970ís they would generally use the same car throughout the entire chase scene. If directors could, they would try to get away with using only one car for a more authentic look and feel. Damage that occurred during filming could now be seen throughout the entire chase. These were filmed before computers, high end editing software and product placement. The results are some of the best car chases ever captured on film.

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Top 10 Super Bowl Fails of All Time

The playoffs are over now and two teams have the chance to win the ultimate prize: the Super Bowl. Players on both teams have chances gain glory, establish legends and, of course, suffer humiliation. Here's a list of the 10 biggest Super Bowl FAILS of all time and the people behind them.

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The 10 Worst Quarterback Performances in Super Bowl History

The Super Bowl is easily the most important game of a player's career, especially for a quarterback. Performances in the Super Bowl can easily make or break a player. Vikings quarterback Fran Tarkenton would no doubt be considered a top-five quarterback if he had turned in strong performances in his Super Bowl appearances instead of posting three clunkers. And Steelers great Terry Bradshaw might have struggled to reach the Hall of Fame if he hadn't established himself as the best fourth-quarter quarterback in Super Bowl history. The Hall of Fame comes calling if you play well in the season's biggest game. Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb shredded the Patriots' defense for 357 yards and three touchdowns in Super Bowl XXXIX, but the three biggest interceptions of his career will likely keep him out of Canton. And if Eli Manning one day makes the Hall of Fame, he can look back at the greatest drive in NFL history as the reason why.

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The 10 Worst Hip Hop Name/Personality Changes

Mind you this list is extremely bias and more or less useless, but it does showcase some very popular artist in the hip hop community that changes they way we think, what we wear, and how other perceive this genre. With the title of #1 bearing the most changed artist in this genre and 10 being the least but just as morphed, this short list of recent and past rappers/entertainers highlights the ever evolving genre that is Hip Hop.

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Top 10 Reasons The World Will Wonít End on December 21, 2012

No doubt about it, 2012 and doomsday prophecies are big nowadays. According to the Mayan calendar, the world as we know it will end sometime around December 21st, 2012. Of course, if it doesnít, that wonít mean weíll be out of the woods. According to the Bible, Jesus Christ may return at any moment to destroy the armies of the Antichrist and reestablish his throne in Jerusalem, thereby ushering in a thousand years of peace. And if that doesnít occur, thereís always the chance that the Mahdi will arise to institute a kingdom of justice and, alongside the returned Isa Al-Maseeh (Jesus), will fight against the Dajjal, the Antichrist of Islam. Then, of course, thereís always the chance thatóat least according to the Hopi Indiansóa blue star will suddenly appear in the sky to signal the start of a great atomic war which will destroy the white man and other ancient races.

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10 Easy Tips for a Healthier Life

Everyone of us wants to be fit, healthy, and live a long active life. Right? But what do you do for it? Well, we all know, that a healthy person doesnít smoke, is at a healthy weight, exercises and eats healthy. Sounds simple, but those who have tried changing their habits know how difficult it could be. Some people decide to make drastic changes, but when they face the difficulties, they just lack motivation and give up. The secret to healthy living is making small changes: glass of water in the morning, more physical activity, optimistic point of view Ė these are just a few simple ways to improve your lifestyle. Small changes lead to big results!

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38 years of Super Bowl Commercials

Welcome to the worlds largest archive of superbowl commercials. In some years all the regional ads are included as well, but "banned ads" that claim to have been rejected from the superbowl are not - if it aired nationally during the superbowl, it's included. We now have 38 out of the 44 super bowl years, making this the worlds largest collection of super bowl ads. You're welcome!

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The 5 Stages of Embalming

Okay Ė this is a fairly morbid topic but a very interesting one. Embalming is not required by law in many countries, but it is often performed for the benefit of loved ones. An embalmer has the very responsible task of ensuring that family members are not left with an undesirable last memory of their loved one. These are the five steps involved in the embalming process. [WARNING: Contains disturbing images]

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10 Myths That Everyone Believes

Let's face it - we've all been told a few myths during our lives. No, not the ones told about the existence of Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, or the Tooth Fairy, but the ones even held by adult. Some of these have to do with our health, while others are social or environmental myths. Myths like these have been perpetuated through the years by family members and friends who are convinced of their validity. People who spread these lies mean well, but are misinformed. These myths tend to be universal and not specific to any certain culture or people. We're all equally gullible when it comes to believing these myths.

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30 Must See Web Generator for Lazy Webmasters

Smart webmasters do not work everything out from scratch; instead, we make good use of the free tools available online. There are tons of brilliant web tools available online Ė itís a waste not to leverage these tools and save some working time (or, to have more time for beer). In this article, Iím going to share my must-have list of 30 web design tools, I hope youíll find them useful. On the other hand, I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the developers who had done some much and made our world better.

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8 Actors Who Can Yell With the Best of Them

Yelling is a huge part of acting as it can be used to express anger, fear, and even make us laugh our asses. And in that light some actors have actually enhanced their careers simply by their ability to belt out a few octaves. Some of these people make us jump in our seats and some of them make us smile. Whatever their yelling is used for it always leaves a big mark on us afterward. Here are eight actors who can yell with the best of them (with video clips).

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101 Movie One-Liners Everyone Should Know

We all know some of the famous on-liners from the movies, but some of them are so commonplace that you may not even know that itís a quote from a movie or from which movie it originated. But there are some quotes from movies that everyone should know. Some of them have really stood the test of time and are very old. Ironically, these are sometimes the ones that we know the best. Hereís a list of one-liners that everyone should know and also which movie it came from and who in the movie said it. Iíve started with the earlier movies and have continued to go in chronological order.

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