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12 Truly Dysfunctional Families We Love To Hate Or Hate To Love

Family is a wonderful thing – on the surface. Dig a little deeper and you’ll discover that every family has secrets they don’t care to share; in fact, every family is a little screwed up. There’s no better example of this than in the KoldCast TV series Desire and Deceit, which tells the story of the past meeting the present, of things left unsaid, of secret desires, and the deceit that follows. To put it plainly, there are some families that make it their trademark to be screwed up, and have become quite famous for it! Check out these twelve dysfunctional families that make yours look like the Brady Bunch.

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10 Neat Facts About Tron

Twenty eight years after the release of Tron, Hollywood is coming out with a sequel that will surely be packed to the gills with special effects. But can the new Tron Legacy movie beat the groundbreaking original? Do you remember the old one? (Heck, were you born yet?) To help jog your memory, here are some neat facts about Tron.

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7 Movie Mentors Who Failed Miserably

The desire for a mentor is deep-seated in the human race. Someone to teach hand-to-hand combat and ancient ninja skills so that we can go on to save the universe would be great, but most people would settle for some guidance with their daily whomp-rat hunting or help teaching bullies a lesson or two.

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The Top 10 Toughest Half Pint Heroes

Some of the cinema's toughest, bravest, and most badass boys and babes managed to stand just as tall as the big boys, even though most of them wouldn't be big enough to go on the bigger rides at a county fair. These are the short people who kicked lots of ass, even if they had to do it from the top rung of a stepladder.

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17 Geeky Hand Grenade Inspired Gadgets and Designs

These are the times when most countries are grappling with issues related to terrorism and internal disturbances. With so many insurgents and militants taking over much of the time of armed forces around the world, hand grenades have become one of the most commonly used military weapons in the battlefield. Of course, there is nothing novel about a hand grenade and they have been used for ages. However, since it has been used for so long, it indicates that the grenades are versatile and can withstand the test of time. A funny twist to the story is added when we discover several grenade inspired gadgets. These gadgets could be a great source of joy to those geeks who wished to be in the army, but never got a chance to. Here are some of the coolest Hand Grenade inspired gadgets that we have come across.

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10 Surprisingly Lethal Animals

Everyone knows cobras, sharks and lions are killers. But there are plenty of other animals that are just as dangerous as the usual suspects. We’ve found some rather surprising, not to mention frightening, species that if bothered, can kill humans. Whether it’s their bite, sting or strong limbs, these animals are some of the most lethal in the world, so read on to find out which wild things not to mess with.

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15 Tips to Avoid Nagging

I've posted this list before, but I'm posting it again, because the issue of nagging is something that people raise with me frequently in discussions of happiness. It turns out that being a nag is just as unpleasant as being nagged -- so figuring out how to end nagging brings a real happiness boost to a relationship. But even though no one enjoys an atmosphere of nagging, in marriage, or any partnership, chores are a huge source of conflict. How do you get your sweetheart to hold up his or her end, without nagging? One of my best friends from college has a very radical solution: she and her husband don’t assign. That’s right. They never say, “Get me a diaper,” “The trash needs to go out,” etc. This only works because neither one of them is a slacker, but still — what a tactic! And they have three children!

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7 Great Movie Endings Demolished By Test Audiences

It’s no secret that studios often hastily change endings before a movie is released. When a film scores badly with test audiences or studio execs, the original closing moments are often the first thing to go. And often, it’s not a bad thing: the new ending of Return of the Jedi, for example, refrained from killing off the franchise’s sole black character. Other times, though, the replacement ending is more like somebody in the cinema stumbling past your seat as the credits roll and then violently throwing up on you.

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The continuing evolution of location-based social networking has yielded creative solutions for advocacy, fundraising and crisis response. With the increased competition among services like Foursquare, Gowalla and Whrrl, non-profits are innovating even further.


Top 10 Most Offensive Mel Gibson Quotes

honor of Mel Gibson's racist, sexist rant at his ex-girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva - here's a collection of the worst Mel Gibson quotes. Unfortunately, putting together a list of disgustingly offensive Mel Gibson quotes isn't hard - picking just ten from the many, many qualifying quotes is. Nowadays, when Mel Gibson makes the news, it's more likely to be because of his unique brand of offensive, homophobic and racist rants than anything he's done on the silver screen. So, without further ado, here are the Top 10 most offensive Mel Gibson quotes...for now.

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9 Undesirable Jobs That Pay Surprisingly Well

While most people gripe about their jobs once in a while, they'd probably agree they could be doing a lot worse. But what if those "worse" jobs actually paid better? Fortunately, that is exactly the case with some less-than-ideal vocations, which step it up in the wages department to compensate for difficult working conditions. Based on the 2008 national average income of $39,751, we found nine jobs—from embalmer to sewer inspector—that make up in earnings what they lose in desirability.

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