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Despicable Them: The Top 10 Most Despised People

The new film Despicable Me is being released in theatres July 9th. It’s the story of an evil super-genius named Gru, who plans on stealing the moon. That is until three orphan girls are dropped off on his doorstep, and Gru has to learn how to be a dad. Because it’s an animated kids movie, I think we all know that the story is going to have a happy ending where Gru becomes a better person. So let’s take a look at some REAL despicable people instead, the ones who really make you feel ashamed to be sharing the same oxygen as them.

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5 Deadliest Insects On Earth

If you are particularly superstitious, you might cross the road to avoid a black cat. But some creatures on this Earth are so little that you think ‘What harm can they possible do?’ Prepare yourself, because when these creatures come in swarms, they can decimate any unprepared human in their path. The next time you reach for a can of fly spray or put pesticides in your garden - think long and hard. ‘Will they gang up on me?' Sometimes you can never tell what is just around the corner...

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The 10 Games That Accidentally Let You Skip Ahead

Although the "sandbox" game is becoming more and more popular as gamers realize it's really more fun to just run around doing whatever you want with a missile launcher than it is to follow what a game company calls fun, most games still have a linear order: complete this mission to get that doodad and complete the dungeon. But computers take everything awfully literally, and sometimes that translates out to some very fast (and sometimes hilarious) shortcuts.

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7 Mind-Blowing Free Android Apps

Smartphones can do some amazing things these days, and the Android Market has quickly become a sandbox for some clever developers, as well as Google Inc. itself. We’ve already touched on some popular Android apps for Twitter, some for news, and some great multiplayer games, but not all apps have a specific purpose. Some are just interesting, amazing, or too cute not to keep in your back pocket as a conversation starter. Utility be darned, here are seven free android apps that are just plain cool.

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10 Unforgettable TV Show Intros

Over the years, TV programs have opened with everything from custom-written, minute-long ditties to a few jarring notes on a bass guitar. Given that the great majority of these introductory songs are forgettable, it always registers as a shock when we encounter genuine artistry within such a limited framework. Below, check out some of our favorite show intros in television history.

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8 Things Twilight Has Ruined

It’s well established that thanks to Twilight, vampires are forever demoted to well below the status of leprechauns and rainbow unicorns as far as being taken seriously goes. But what else has Twilight destroyed in its long march through the institutions? More than a few things.

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15 Great Movies That Were Never Finished

Thousands of movies are made every year, and have been almost all the way back to when we first figured out how to make them. We love the theater experience of plopping down before the big screen with soda and some snacks, and relish in rehashing our favorite cult classics over and over at home. But what about all the great movies that never saw the light of day? Many of them were pretty far into production when filming ceased, and still deserve a viewing in their incomplete form. Here are 15 great movies that were never finished.

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Tech Tourism: 10 Great Geek Destinations

As summer approaches, our thoughts turn to taking a break. Rather than bring you boring beaches or tacky theme parks, we’re planning pilgrimages for our inner- geek. From the birth of Silicon Valley, to the inception of Twitter(), we’ve pinpointed ten places across America that should be of particular interest to those with a passion for tech and social media. Whether you’re an Apple fanboy, mad for social media or just a retro gaming fanatic, our top 10 places to visit this summer will give you some great geek-themed road trip ideas and destinations.

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Top 20 Best Bar Fights

Bar fights are the ultimate expression of testosterone-fuled machismo. Two guys (or sometimes more) get liquored up, exchange some four-letter words, and then beat the ever-lovin’ crap out of each other. It’s simple, primal and totally awesome. And when these fights are caught on tape, we can enjoy them over and over again. Here’s our list of the 20 best bar fights. 15 of them are from movies, and the remaining five are clips from real-life bars from around the world. And they’re all 100% USDA Prime Bad-Ass.

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