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15 Washed Up Rock Stars That Should Stop Making Music

We all had our favorite rock idols growing up, and for many of us, those guys were already getting a little past their prime by the time we even started listening to their music. Today, in 2010, some of those characters are still touring. While there are some musicians who can stay in the business well into old age, they’re extremely rare. Generally speaking, the guys who were huge back in the 70’s, 80’s and very early 90’s are long-since played out and desperately need to retire if they haven’t done so already. These are 15 aging rock stars or rock bands who need to step down and hang up their bandannas once and for all.

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12 Models Who Hit The Mic!

Singers who are actors; actresses who are perfumers; reality stars who are designers — there are a seemingly endless number of people in the public eye with multi-faceted careers. Take model Karen Elson, who has proven herself to be quite the chanteuse—her hauntingly beautiful album The Ghost Who Walks is earning accolades from music press who are likely far more familiar with her husband Jack White’s portfolio, than her own. So since Elson will be in New York this weekend — she is playing shows at Webster Hall and the Williamsburg waterfront — we thought it would be a good time to look back at the other models who have, over the years, pursued their own rock ‘n roll dreams.

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The 10 Hottest Weather Girl Videos Of All Time

Trying to accurately predict the weather is like trying to predict whether your girlfriend will be in a good mood each day... it's impossible. Women and the weather are both extremely unpredictable and both of them can be pretty nasty for no apparent reason when we least expect it. This is precisely why most meteoroligists secretly believe that tornadoes are simply the result of Mother Nature's menstrual cycle spinning out of control. When it rains it means Mother Nature just found out a supernatural being from another universe has cheated on her and when it hails it means she has dandruff. They're still not sure what causes earthquakes, but they think it's possible that Mother Nature is morbidly obese and they occur when the guy lets her be on top.

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10 Sci-Fi Technologies That Now Exist

While we still don't have that sweet hoverboard from "Back to the Future," we really can't blame scientists for not trying. In the past couple of months, there have been so many awesome technological innovations that we're certain we'll soon be flying to work in an Iron Man suit. As you're reading this article, hundreds of scientists around the world are furiously working on ways to make you a Marvel superhero.

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Top 22 Sexiest Aliens

Who are the sexiest aliens to ever appear on our TV or cinema screens? We’ve even included a couple of men is here too. Of course, realistically, the chances of us finding any intelligent life at all in the cosmos are slim – never mind the kind of alien that would not look out of place on the cover of Vanity Fair. In fact, it’s more likely to look like the crap that grows in your coffee mug when you leave it in your bedroom too long. Mind you, there are some sick people around. Anyway, here goes.

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7 Insanely Cool Google Chrome Extensions

You might have been using Chrome for a quite some time now but there is a good chance you are not taking its full advantage. Chrome’s maximum potential lies in the power of its extensions. Below We have gathered 5 Chrome extensions that will enable you all to realize Chrome’s full potential. You will not find these extensions in similar lists on other websites; I hope you find them to be useful to your computer usage. Give the list a thorough reading, try out any extension you are interested in, and let me know in the comments how they worked out for you.

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15 Reasons Why Mars Is One Hot, Hot, Hot Planet

No matter how you look at it Mars is one hot planet these days. President Obama talked about going there, NASA continues to pump almost weekly new discovery information from the red planet, lots of money is being spent to develop exploration instruments and now there is a group of "astronauts" in Europe locked into a faux spaceship, pretending to fly there. Here's a look at the recent happenings making Mars so hot.

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5 Things Men Discuss Openly When Women Aren’t Around

For as long as I can remember, people have talked about an “old boy’s club” — the idea that men are watching out for one another and have a secret clubhouse where they talk differently without women around. Admittedly, my inability to discuss sports, which acts as a kind of secret password to enter the club, has limited my experience with these kinds of conversations. In fact, I’m probably going to be expelled from the club permanently for revealing the truth about these conversations in public.

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350+ Ways To Make Money Online

As you may be aware, my son (Shaan) was diagnosed with Leukemia a few months ago and I wrote about it here. I want to thank everyone who commented, sent get well cards and even sent gifts to my office for Shaan. It really meant a lot and Shaan is on his way to a full recovery. I decided to write this blog post as a way of giving back to my readers. Below I have compiled a list of over 350 web sites, tools and resources that I believe can help you make more money online in one way or another. Some of these web sites are advertising platforms and others are simply resources to help you make more money. I thought it would be nice for you to have a Rolodex like this at your fingertips.

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The Death Penalty: 10 Brutal Means of Execution

The death penalty is a hotly contested political debate, but it wasn’t always so controversial. Executions have been the ultimate punishment in societies since humanity formed even the semblance of civilization. The means of execution has been incredibly brutal and varied, and here are 10 of the most intense, terrifying, and violent means of execution.

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