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12 Worst Movie Accents of All Time

It takes a lot of skill for an actor to master a foreign accent. But when they pull it off, like Heath Ledger did as a cowboy in Brokeback Mountain or Gwyneth Paltrow as a Brit in Sliding Doors, it's a huge success. When they fail, however, it can ruin the movie and their reputation. Some actors actually become famous for their botched dialects, like Keanu Reeves in Bram Stoker's Dracula. Others learn their lesson and never try again—like Tom Cruise, who, probably due to his mangled Irish lilt in Far and Away, was the only actor on the set of Valkyrie who didn't try to sound German. Regardless of the outcome of their attempts, here are our top 12 picks for worst on-screen accents.

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5 Wrestling Superstars Originally Saddled with Horrible Gimmicks

In the insane world of professional wrestling, “gimmicks” are a key factor to achieving mega success. While legends such as Ric Flair and Bret “The Hitman” Hart remain etched in the beer soaked brains of fans for years to come, countless others are simply forgotten. For every genuine superstar, there are innumerable Doink the Clown’s bouncing around the ring and making you pray no one enters the room while you are watching.

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The Top 20 Hottest Women Players of Wimbledon 2010

It's late June, so it must be that time of the year for the Wimbledon Championships. It's when the greatest players in the world face-off against one another for a chance to compete for one of tennis' oldest and most coveted titles. The tournament not only brings world-class talent to Wimbledon, but also brings together a lot of female eye-candy from all over the globe. Who will come out on top of this list? Click to find out.

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5 Most Incredible Wind Powered Vehicles

As fossil fuels run out, we must turn to the abundant natural resources that mother nature gives up so freely. Wind power is a prime example. It is good to know that alternative 'green' sources of energy are being given top priority in some parts of the world. The Greenbird is both a land and ice craft, powered only by the wind. With 126.2 mph, the Greenbird set a new world land speed record for wind-powered vehicles on March 26, 2009. The team hopes to both better that new record and continue to work toward breaking the ice record in the winter of 2010/11. The project is a partnership between UK’s first and largest independent green electricity company, Ecotricity, and engineer Richard Jenkins. The team is all British, independent, visionary, passionate and utterly committed to envisioning a zero-carbon transportation future.

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10 Best Multimedia and Entertainment Android Apps

Wherever you are, if you find yourself alone and in need of entertainment, you’ll likely reach for your Android() phone. Of course your phone is already a great MP3 player, but it can be so much more. This roundup will help you turn your mobile into a portable entertainment center. You’ll find apps for syncing your media library, playing your own music and video, streaming radio and online video, listening to podcasts and audiobooks, watching TV, reading books and magazines — even controlling your desktop media remotely from your phone. In all, these 10 apps (and a few significant honorable mentions) should provide you with a much richer media entertainment experience than you might have thought possible with Android.

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5 Most Incredible Aquariums on Earth

An aquarium can be an incredible place to see aquatic life up close. It seems like no matter the number of the fish, their size, or weight, aquariums are truly an amazing thing to behold. It could be a small aquarium in your house, or a huge one, no matter what, aquariums can be amazing as long as they have water and fish in them. Here is a list of some of the most notable aquariums in the world, almost like a "who's who" list but for aquariums. Take it as the aquariums you should see before you die.

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10 Ways the iPad Will Forever Change Education

The iPad is still a novelty in the tech world and especially in education, where it’s being used experimentally as a content delivery and even as a content creation tool. If you’re an online college student, you’re already familiar with many digital tools and applications that help you connect to the greater academic community and your fellow online students, but the iPad may herald the future of the "tablet classroom," even for elementary-aged students. Keep reading for 10 ways that the iPad will forever change education.

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Seven Ways AT&T Is Failing Its Mobile Customers

AT&T Wireless has millions of US customers, and it continues to boast the largest number of smartphone users. Despite this, we hear numerous complaints from readers and reporters that AT&T 3G coverage is spotty; even if AT&T has reasonably fast 3G coverage where you live, that doesn't necessarily mean the coverage is good where you work or where you travel most often. From this point of view, frankly, Verizon's 3G coverage map is frankly more impressive. Yes, AT&T's 3G coverage area includes the most densely populated areas, and where available it tends to be the fastest 3G network available. And yes, smartphones will still work with AT&T's EDGE network, which has coverage comparable to Verizon's network.

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Top 10 Dangerously Addictive Games

Life can be a boring routine for some of us. The job, the kids, the school system, the mundane realities of everyday existence can force the individual to look for excitement in other places. For some, this excitement is found in a relationship with a man or woman. For some, the rush comes from drugs or booze. Others shoplift from the mall or spray-paint their names on the walls; while others get a buzz from working out at the gym or on the basketball court. Those who still retain a recognizable dose of human competitive instinct but don’t want to exert too much energy become addicted to one or more of the following games.

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10 Films Portraying Genius

Genius is defined as a person having a natural capacity of intellect. Many movies portray these individuals, with their individual skills, whether it is mathematics, science, art or music. Here are 10 films which brilliantly portray 10 different “versions” of genius in modern cinema. Most of the films are based on the character’s life and, in particular, how their abilities fit into their lives and the lives of people around them. The majority of them are based on real people, and the list is in alphabetical order.

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18 Ways to Manage Stress

In her insightful book, “The Superstress Solution,” Roberta Lee, M.D. assesses the stress level in most homes today, and offers a word of caution about chronic stress. In her introduction, she writes: We’re deluding ourselves if we think that we can indefinitely endure the macro stresses that accompany impersonal encounters, less sleep, more work, less leisure, raising kids in this dangerous world, bad marriages, less exercise, junk and processed foods eaten on the run, hyper-caffeinated and sugar-saturated beverages, addictive devices that give us “screen sickness,” traffic jams, flight delays, and so much more, and come away unscathed. Stress isn’t all, bad, of course. In fact, like dark chocolate, small chunks here and there can be good for you, or at least give you a reason to get of bed in the morning. But chronic and severe stress can damage your body and mind, blocking the fluid communication to and from most organs — especially in the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal (HPA) axis and in the limbic system, the brain’s emotional center. Believe me, you want these two systems — much like the House and Senate — running as smoothly as possible, with low levels of the delinquent stress hormones in your bloodstream.

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