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Your Toy Story-3 18 Easter Egg Guide

Toy Story 3 is now in theaters and, like any Pixar film, it's filled to the brim with inside jokes. We've listed as many as we can find below, but it's up to you to spot the rest. Keep checking back, because we'll be updating our list as more eagle-eyed readers let us know what they managed to spot. One fun egg, not pictured, is a cameo appearance by the original film's villain, Sid Phillips. Keep your eyes open, because you'll notice him by his trademark skull t-shirt. Also, the Pizza Planet Truck, which first appeared in the original Toy Story and has made a cameo in nearly every Pixar film, is back again providing a bumpy ride to some traveling toys.

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Thrive At The Dive: The 6 Biggest Floppers In Sports

Every four years, the best divers in the world show off their moves in international competition. And we're not talking about springboard or platform events at the Summer Olympics. Portugal's Cristiano Ronaldo and others will be taking their best dives at the FIFA World Cup over the next few weeks. Actually, Ronaldo's got a few flops in already, drawing the ire of Ivory Coast defender Guy Demel in Tuesday's first-round game. But while soccer players are the most slapped with the diving stereotype, they certainly aren't the only athletes trying to deceive the referees.

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15 Badass Films Set In New York City

Itís the cultural center of the United States, and arguably of modern Western civilization. As one of the primary entry points for new immigrants, New York City is an incubator for all sorts of new artistic and commercial influences. And, on the big screen, itís been annihilated dozens of times. Even when they donít depict the cityís wipeout, the best action flicks, film noirs, and dark comedies set in the Rotten Apple have a certain grit in matching the cityís hardscrabble rep. Here are a few of our favorites.

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7 Stunning World Cup Visualizations

As World Cup pool play continues, games are becoming more electrifying as each and every goal scored counts for the nations trying to earn the highly coveted football title and trophy. Football aficionados and novices alike can enhance their experience of each game with World Cup visualizations that help to bring the action on the field to life in mesmerizing digital formats. Scroll through each of the seven visualizations below for a unique perspective on the World Cup. You wonít be disappointed, especially if you use these applications in tandem while watching the live action unfold on the field. What better way to prove your geek cred to your crew.

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Top 5 Police Blunders Of The Week

Today's Top 5 Police Blunders Of The Week brings you the story of Melanie Williams, who had to rush herself to the hospital because of complications due to her pregnancy. Despite explaining this to the officer who pulled her over for running a red light, she was tackled to the ground.

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Top 10 Sole Survivors

Ever since the invention of the first piloted airplane designed by Orville and Wilbur Wright, using airplanes as a method of transportation has become very popular. These two men, on May 14, 1908, were the first to successfully pilot a fixed two-wing airplane. However, the first fatal airplane crash was also that same year. Thomas Selfridge was killed when Orville unsuccessfully flew the plane during a demonstration for the US Army Signal Corps. Selfridge had opted to be a passenger while Orville piloted. The right propeller broke which eventually caused the plane to nose-dive, even though Orville had glided the plane for about 70 feet (21 meters). Because of greatly improved methods of utilizing, flying, and running airplanes, the odds of one dying is not very high. For instance, when flying on a single airline flight, your chances of dying are 1 in 10.87 million. However, the odds of surviving a plane crash are even lower. While some may consider it to be a miracle to survive such a crash, there are people who have been the only survivor of a fatal crash.

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10 Tips to Pay Less Rent

Thankfully, my rent-paying days are long over. But for some of you, they may be your current reality. This guest post comes from Chris Thorman, who blogs about landlord software at Software Advice. Itís based on a post he wrote called How to Negotiate Your Rent in 2010 | A 10-Step Guide. Here are his 10 steps to pay less rent.

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11 Google Chrome Extensions For Every Blogger

Serious bloggers have a lot on their plates. They have writing, promotion, networking, quoting, designing and more to deal with. On top of all that, many bloggers have a day job on top of it all. How in the world can one person make the time to get it all done? These days there are many browser extensions that can make at least part of the blogging process easier.

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5 Ways to Bring a Sense of the Outdoors into Your Office

It's easy to forget about your connection to nature when you're working 9 to 5 in a windowless office. As summer weather approaches, it's more important than ever to incorporate a bit of Mother Earth into the space you spend all your time in. As you will see below, you can appeal to each one of your five senses in order to get the most of the summer, no matter what kind of office you are in.

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