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25 Movies So Bad They're Unmissable

What makes a film so appalling that it transitions from ordinary ineptitude into the sublime; beyond cult status and into that surreal place where you really can't believe what you're watching? RT's regular contributor Michael Adams has a pretty good idea: as part of his new book Showgirls, Teen Wolves and Astro Zombies, he spent an entire year seeking out the greatest atrocities cinema has ever unleashed, watching more than 400 bad movies in a quest to to find the worst film ever made. Along the way, he spoke with such bad movie aficionados as John Landis, Joe Dante, Eli Roth, John Waters and the Mystery Science crew, while himself appearing in George Romero's Survival of the Dead. Here then are 25 of his picks for those films that, awful as they may be, you simply cannot turn away.

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20 Celebrities That Look Like Mail Order Brides

I think almost every guy has said to himself at some point “I’d marry her if she asked me” when referring to a certain female celebrity. It’s a fun game we all play in our heads and it’s nice to dream about what life might be like with one of these women. But in all honesty it would probably be pretty annoying. But what if you could marry a celebrity without all the fuss of having to attend premieres, being followed around all the time by the paparazzi, and virtually having no private life? What if she were your virtual sex slave, barely spoke any English, no hassle of too much attention and was there are your beck and call? Yes, women like this exist: Mail order brides that look like some of the hottest female celebrities.

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15 Most Beautiful Roadsters From Ferrari

Besides developing its own stellar reputation in the racing world, Ferrari has customized driving adventure like no other. Ferrari has been “bringing racing to the road since the 1940’s” and the name has become synonymous with luxurious style and unparalleled power. Building exotic yet beautiful cars in a category that most car enthusiasts would call the “super car,” the world’s most famous racing car maker had churned out numerous power laden roadsters that have surprised the world. Here’s a list of a few Ferraris that stood out in class and power.

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Looking Back at the 100 Best Innovations of 2009

X-Flex is a new kind of wallpaper: one that’s quite possibly stronger than the wall it’s on. Invented by Berry Plastics in partnership with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, this lifesaving adhesive is designed for use anyplace that’s prone to blasts and other lethal forces, like in war or natural-disaster zones, chemical plants or airports. To keep a shelter’s walls from collapsing in an explosion and to contain all the flying debris, you simply peel off the wallpaper’s sticky backing, apply the rollable sheets to the inside of brick or cinder-block walls, and reinforce it with fasteners at the edges. Covering an entire room can take less than an hour.

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TV's Top 10 Most Anticipated Final Seasons

After five strong seasons of flashing back and forward with Jack, the Dharma Initiative, and the rest of the crew, fans of Lost are ready to take on whatever final punches the show has to throw at them. Not only will long lingering mysteries be addressed (smoke monster? Jacob? dead Locke?), but the fates of the island and its inhabitants after this past season's explosion will be revealed. With tonight marking the beginning of the highly anticipated final season, let's flash to the top 10 TV shows with hyped up swan song seasons.

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Top 7 Disruptions of the Year

Technology is like a dog; each year of it seems like the equivalent of seven human years — at least when you get to the end of it and realize it’s only been 12 months since that now indispensable service first launched. We spent 2009 documenting technology’s disruption of how we live, entertain ourselves and do business. Looking back on the year from the comfortable perch of December, here are the seven most disruptive developments of 2009.

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20 Things You Didn't Know About Death

Death is the termination of the biological functions that define a living organism. It refers both to a particular event and to the condition that results thereby. The true nature of the latter has, for millennia, been a central concern of the world's religious traditions and of philosophical enquiry. Belief in some kind of afterlife or rebirth is a central aspect of many religious traditions.

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5 Ways to Tell If Your Girl’s a "Keeper"

Is the girl you’re currently dating a keeper, or should she fall into the catch-and-release category? If you’re on the fence about the situation, here are five easy ways to tell if she’s worth holding onto.

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30 Commercial Games Released For Free

We like free stuff. That’s why we posted links to download and play 365 free games so you could have a decent game to play for every day of the year, free of charge. Unfortunately, GamesRadar has yet to wrestle the most formidable type of free games into submission so that they can be preserved in their proper list form for eternity. We’re talking about the free games that were good enough to sell, important enough to review, and memorable enough to warrant a second play through years later. Luckily, we’ve somehow managed to sort through over a hundred previously-for-sale titles that you can now play for free, and synthesized our list down to just the essential games you’d still want to play.

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11 Predictions That Back to the Future Part II Got Right

My favorite part of the "Back to the Future" trilogy is the first half hour of "Back to the Future Part II"... where Doc and Marty travel to 2015. Seeing them in the past was OK, seeing them in the Wild West was eh, but seeing them in the future remains, for me, the most entertaining and memorable part of all three movies.

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8 Stories of Vicious Man-Eaters

With all we’ve accomplished, it’s easy to forget that people aren’t always the dominant species. Here are eight stories of man-eating animals that remind us we really are still part of the food chain.

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