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The Ten Sexiest Car Hoods

Why is it sometimes we love a car just because of the hood? Is it the manly power bulge? An air-sucking scoop? The seamless skin? All the above. Hell, sometimes it's just for the curves. What's cooler than cutting a hole in the hood of a muscle car and sticking the engine's air intake right up through it? Watching it move when you blip the throttle, that's what. Here's your ten sexiest hoods.

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The 8 Steamiest Celebrity Girl-On-Girl Kisses

Celebrity "lesbian" kisses (celebrities showing a "lesbian" public display of affection) have been all over the news lately: Sandra Bullock kissing Scarlett Johannssen, all the grief Miley Cyrus is getting for her on-stage "Lesbian" kiss... so, in light of this, here's a list of the sexiest, steamiest public (non-movie) celebrity lesbian kiss displays in recent memory all in one place. You can use this list to discuss the perception of sexuality as represented by celebrities, or just enjoy the list .

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The 18 Celebrities Who Aged Most Horribly

Whether itís too much booze, sun exposure, plastic surgery or just plain bad genes, some of the most striking and attractive celebrities from yesteryear just canít stand up to the test of time. Keep reading to view images of 18 celebrities that time has not been kind to.

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The 10 Most Broke Former Superstars

As youíre trying to make ends meet with the current economy the way it is, I donít blame you for being a bit bitter. In fact, when you see celebrities file for bankruptcy, I wonít be surprised if you yell out, Good for íem! Itís not nice, but we happen to live in a unique society that prides and spoils victors (read: pro athletes, Heidi & Spencer, etc.) at their peak. So, itís only fair that we, the have-nots, pick at those same athletes when theyíre at their lowest, when they donít even have any money to spend at the dollar store. Whether it was taking atrociously bad financial advice or losing big bucks due to greedy family members (i.e. baby mamas/out-of-wedlock kids), or large members of an entourage, I say take a look at the 10 Brokest Athletes.

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5 Beautiful But Deadly Flowers

Head into any fancy vegan restaurant these days, and itís likely youíre going to see a posy or two on your plate. Why? Because edible flowers are all the rage. From carnations to dandelions to primroses, greenies are testing their taste buds with the latest in flowerbed cuisine. But not all flowers are so innocently sweet. You know how youíre supposed to keep your cat away from poinsettias every Christmas? Itís because if they start chewing, they will choke faster than a worm on a Vegas sidewalk. And yep Ė the same goes for the rest of us. So check out these lovely blossoms that look innocent enough Ė until they try to slowly seep the life out of you.

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The Top 10 Most Inappropriate PG Movies

Thanks to the explicit violence and gore in the films Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom and Gremlins, parents went completely nuts on the Motion Picture Association of America's PG rating in 1984. After this drama, the MPAA immediately introduced the PG-13 rating and children under 13 were screwed forever. But what were movies like before this groundbreaking event? It was the Wild West, yíall.

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10 Alumni Who Are Famously Loyal to Their School

As an online college student, you may have to work a little harder to promote school spirit and follow campus sports, if there are any. But these 10 celebrities have managed to stick with their college sports teams even after theyíve found success joining the Hollywood scene. From big public universities to the Ivy League, here are 10 famous alumni who are still loyal to their schools.

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Top 10 Most Downloaded Office Apps

Itís time once again for our featured Movers and Shakers post. Each week, we take one software category and list the top ten most downloaded free apps. This week we are looking at a CNet category entitled Business Software. These are applications that you can use to assist your day to day work. It doesnít matter if you are a freelance worker or a 9 to 5íer, everyone will find an application that they either already use or something that they will. Some of the applications included in this category are Open Office, Adobe Reader and others along these lines.

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15 Big Companies In Danger Of Sliding To Bankruptcy (That Aren't BP!)

A tepid recovery has left many companies with crippling debt. The newest Bankruptcy Risk Watchlist from Audit Integrity identifies 150 mid-to-large-cap companies with a meaningful risk of bankruptcy (via Pragmatic Capitalism). All of them recently suffered a "high-risk event associated with an increased risk of bankruptcy." The list comes from mid-May, before BP stock had declined a full fifty percent. Here are the top 15 that have at least $1.5 billion market cap.

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The Ten Most Infamous Pirates

Avast! The entire world has become enthralled by pirates recently. While during their own time they were mostly considered to be frightening outlaws, several were actually sanctioned by their countries of birth to pirate for the causes of their nation. As long as these pirates attacked and robbed the ships of other countries, the country of their birth would not prosecute them as thieves for a small cut of their plunder. However, many decided to be free agents who only gave money to the state once they were caught and about to be hanged for their crimes. Today they are seen as noble ruffians who were merely going against the establishment of the past. Even though modern people have a soft spot for these sea-faring brigands, their vicious acts cannot be ignored. Here is a look at the top ten most infamous pirates with hearts of ice.

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10 More Supporting Actors Deserving Oscar Nods

We have already published a number of lists which focus on actors or films that were passed over for Academy Awards. This list looks at performances of male and female actors that were at least good enough to have been nominated but werenít. They arenít all winning performances but certainly they were great performances

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