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8 Tips for Creating a Healthy and Green Office Environment

Many people these days are spending more time in their office than at home! Spending huge amounts of time sitting at a desk staring at a computer screen, surrounded by bland cubicle walls and no natural sunlight can negatively impact well-being and work productivity. While it would be wonderful if all workplaces were as forward thinking as organisations such as Google, the majority of the corporate world simply does not cater for this type of morale-boosting infrastructure. However, the good news is that there are a few things one can do in an office environment to make it a little more comfortable and welcoming, which generally does not involve infrastructure changes, large cash outlays, loads of space or management approval processes (although the latter may vary depending on your workplace structure - always check if there are likely to be OH&S or company policy issues first!).

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9 Awesome Reasons to Buy That Expensive Gadget

In the era of high tech, advanced gadgets are so wide-spread that we have dozens of them at homes. But it seems you can never have enough of them. So if you still want to treat yourself with a cool new gadget but you are running of reasons why you would need one, take a look at the below print ads. Here are 9 more reasons to by an expensive gadget.

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The 10 Most Beautiful And Colorful Birds That Beautify The Nature

The world we live in is painted in so many beautiful colors and some of them are spread on the wings and feathers of the most beautiful birds. The winged wonders carry perhaps the largest variety of color combinations and seeing them displayed in their natural habitat can only make you wonder whether they are built to wear those amazing colors in order to fit the environment or simply because the evolution saw fit to paint them so they will bejewel the forests of the world. Here are the most amazing birds one should see at least once in a lifetime.

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Top 10 War Movies of All Time

We’ve combed through the internet to find the best lists of war movies and came up with a list that is sure to suit every war movie fan in the world. The criteria was pretty straightforward; there had to be actual acts of war involved in the story line (in other words; soldiers’ stories) and the movies had to be based on true historical events. Once we found 10 candidates they were ordered by gross theater sales, post theater sales, critical reviews and cultural relevance. If that’s not scientific enough we also had an explode-o-meter that Kurt Geiger keeps in his garage for some unknown reason.

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100 Signs You’re A Horrible Parent

Just because you’re physically capable of having a child doesn’t necessarily mean that you should. Unsure of whether you should procreate? Well giving your baby poprocks for an experiment or teaching your toddler how to smoke are two big signs that you’re not the right person for the job. Need more examples of how to raise the future serial killers, Craigslist personal ad users, and drug abusers of America? Check out our gallery of 50 parents who should have reached for that condom.

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Top 10 Deadliest Bugs

It is estimated that there are about 10,000,000,000,000,000,000 insects living today. That’s right, a quintillion insects. In the world, there are about 900 thousand different kinds of living insects, making up about 80% of all of the world’s species. In the U.S. alone there are 91,000 known species and about 73,000 that have yet to be scientifically described and classified. While the insects on this list are nowhere near being the deadliest animals on earth, these bugs really do make their mark… sometimes literally, sometimes remarkably- particularly for living things that are no bigger than a human finger.

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11 Ways We Used Radiation in Everday Life

Radiation as a medical cure has valid uses and definite dangers to the human body. We use radiation for diagnosis (as in x-rays) and for therapy (as in cancer treatment), but the benefits must be carefully weighed against the costs. Once upon a time, radiation in different forms was new and wondrous and had a million uses -medications, cosmetics, industrial applications, and even entertainment. It was only later that the danger became evident.

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6 Possible Signs Your Cell Phone May Be Tapped

We all have them. Cell phones have grown to become an extension of our lives. When’s the last time you left the house without your cell phone? Chances are it was an accident. It is no secret that we use our cell phones way too much. We have become too dependent on these devices and their capabilities. I’m not trying to scare you, but do you know how easy it is to tap one of these phones? That is to say, if someone wanted to, they could listen in on your conversations, read your messages, and yes, even monitor your location through GPS. Privacy is a growing concern with today’s technology, especially with how we communicate. Tapping someone’s phone without their permission is illegal but it still happens anyway, usually without the owner’s knowledge. It’s not likely to happen to you, but in case you have your suspicions, here are some simple tips you can follow to tell if your cell phone is being tapped.

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Top 10 Movies Coming Out That We Hope Wont Suck

Here is our short list of movies coming out that we think stand a chance at being a box office success. Do you agree?

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The 6 Most Hilarious Undercover Operations Ever Pulled Off

When you watched The Departed, you might have had a difficult time suspending your disbelief that Leonardo DiCaprio was capable of stealing a pack of Juicy Fruit, let alone becoming a trusted comrade of lifelong gangsters. Surely, real criminals just aren't that stupid. Actually...

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