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Top 10 TV Gunslingers, Sharpshooters and Marksmen

TOP SHOT -- the first reality competition series on History -- pits 16 skilled marksmen against each other in elimination challenges. Colby Donaldson hosts. You know Colby as the three-time SURVIVOR contestant who dominated challenges during SURVIVOR: AUSTRALIA, including the competition in which he used a slingshot to shoot macadamia nuts at plates. But Colby isn't just a slinger, he's also a true marksman. He's been shooting since he was six-years-old, growing up as a hunter in Kentucky. In anticipation of the TOP SHOT series premiere (Sunday, June 6 at 10pm on History), TV Tango rifled through history to gauge which of TV's deadeyes were the ten deadliest. So get ready as we take off the safety, pull back the hammer and fire off TV's ten best sharpshooters and their weapons of choice.

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10 US Military Aircraft That Never Quite Made It

Over the years the USA has developed many formidable aircraft. However, there were many that didn’t ever get far from the drawing board for a variety of reasons. Some were simply before their time while others were of no time in particular (or perhaps shouldn’t have been). Others still look like they were designed for a science fiction movie. Take a look at ten US military aircraft that never quite made it.

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10 Oldest Trees in the World

Imagine having been alive for centuries before the ancient Babylonians started to measure time as we understand it today. Not only having been alive then, but carrying on through the developments of the Greek and Roman empires, the births of religions like Christianity and Islam right up to the present day, still bearing witness.

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11 Inspiring Life Lessons from Bruce Lee

Bruce Lee was an actor, philosopher, film director, producer, screenwriter and martial artist. He was born in November 1940 and died July 1973 from a mysterious brain hemorrhage. Many consider Bruce Lee to be one of the most influential martial artists of the 20th century. His films took martial arts to a whole new level. He was a pioneer when it came to making Chinese martial arts more popular in the west. He still to this day is considered a legend, and his philosophy lives on through his martial art Jeet Kune Do and through his writing. When I grew up, I always looked up to Bruce Lee. He was this short guy, who weighed very little, yet seemed to have the power of a lion. He inspired, motivated and showed me that I don’t have to listen to the boundaries people impose on me. I make my own life, and I decide my faith.

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7 Girls You've Dated And Their Videogame Console Equivalents

You never forget your first time. Back then, you didn’t care how “edgy” or “cool” a girl was, you just wanted to have fun. Pure, sweet, innocent fun. Sure, she wasn’t the hottest girl you’d ever date, but she had personality. Like all first loves, you thought it would last forever, which is why it was such a surprise when you dumped her for...

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The World's 10 Weirdest Vending Machines

Ahh, vending machines... those automated, antiquated reminders of the good old days before drugs, street crime, vandalism and drug-driven street vandalism crimes. But wait, vending machines are back with a vengeance -- and other good stuff too!

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7 More Unique & Creative Uses for the iPhone

With the advent of smart phones came the argument of whether or not you really want one device that can do everything for you. There were those who would prefer to carry around an iPod, mobile phone and camera, and there were those who would prefer to combine all three and carry only one device. What if you could add a skipping rope, a personal stylist and baby monitor to the list of things that you could take with you anywhere you go? That’s exactly what the iPhone does for you. A couple of days ago, we showed you just how many alternative uses there are for the iPhone. Today, we’re concluding the list with a few more creative iPhone uses that you might not have thought of before.

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9 Amazing Treasures Found Beneath The Floor

Imagine finding a small fortune hidden right beneath your own feet. The following is a list of treasures which where discovered beneath peoples floors. Finding hidden treasure isn’t just a dream for little kids; a person of any age would be delighted to discover ancient artifacts, antique jewelry, or even just a long-lost yet sentimental item hidden in an unexpected place around the house. When does the dream become reality? Not everyone who scans the floors with a metal detector is a complete whack job — sometimes, the method can work with great success, and makes looking kind of crazy pay off tenfold. Whether it was found accidentally, or after much laborious searching, here are nine awesome treasures found beneath the floorboards of houses. Yours could be next.

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10 Useful Firefox-based Apps

Web browsers built upon the same technologies that power Firefox are fairly common. (Flock, which integrates its user interface with social-networking sites, is one of the better known examples.) But there are also dozens of applications that rely on at least some aspects of the Mozilla platform. Here are 10 useful desktop programs that run on the open-source Web browser's native technology. All of these applications are free for you to download and use -- and only one is a Web browser.

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12 Ways to Beat Addiction

By far my most popular post is the gallery, “12 Depression Busters.” But those suggestions were actually a response to Beyond Blue reader Peg’s query on how to stop smoking. They absolutely do help a person fight depression and the ongoing war against negative thoughts; however they were designed as techniques to use when getting pulled into addictive behaviors. The last month or so I have used every single one of these. And I’m happy to report that I actually feel a lot freer from insidious, destructive behavior than I did several weeks ago.

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10 Best Houseplants to Improve Indoor Air Quality

We all remember learning in science class that plants “breathe” by taking in carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen, which is why forests are so important in maintaining the delicate balance of the earth’s atmosphere. But did you know that certain tropical houseplants can also remove and process other, more harmful, chemicals from the air inside your home? Homes and office buildings today are often more polluted than the outdoors. Modern buildings are tightly sealed and insulated to make them energy efficient, and they’re also full of synthetic materials that emit harmful gases and chemicals into the air. The result is a sealed bubble of unclean air that can lead to what is known as “Sick Building Syndrome.” Some of the most common indoor pollutants are.

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