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25 of Playboy’s Worst Cover Models

Since its inception in 1953, Playboy has been the gift that keeps on giving to men around the world. However, that’s not to say that every Playboy model has been as sizzlingly attractive as Joana Krupa. In fact, sometimes Playboy sets its sights on sad, attention-starved starlets simply for the PR. Take Tara Reid, for example. Her spread will draw in many readers more interested in the train wreck than the scintillation. Similarly, sometimes Playboy snags some real hotties, but only gives us a small slither of nudity pie – not exactly what “readers” are seeking from the magazine. As 2009 draws to a close, we decided now is as appropriate of a time as ever to compile some of Playboy’s worst cover girls in the mag’s history. Of course, for the record, we’d probably still sleep with them all.

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40 Stunning Examples of High Speed Photography

Basically high speed photography is a technique of capturing images with a remarkably quick shutter speed and mostly used for the scenes which cannot be seen with naked eyes. For high speed photography, you can use more or less any SLR camera, but an expensive camera can reach a much faster shutter speed and high speed photography is the game of shutter speed. Today, we will show you 40 Stunning Examples of High Speed Photography. In this post, you’ll find some very impressive photographs that will show you how high speed photography can freeze time setting you aside to view scenes that we would normally struggle to capture. We are sure these photographs worth a look and you’ll all like them. Feel free to share your comments.

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The Top 7 '90s Sex Symbols

During the '90s, the world was a very different place than it is now. Sitcoms and teen dramas flourished in a world yet to be corrupted by reality TV. Music videos were still relevant. Mike Myers and Adam Sandler were still funny, and the internet had yet to completely take over our lives. The '90s also introduced us to a multitude of unforgettable females. It was a decade marked by the rediscovery of the blonde bombshell. Curves were decidedly in fashion (as if they ever weren't), and though beach bodies and hourglass figures abounded, we were also fixated on some less conventional beauties: the slender teen sexpot and the sci-fi seductresses. All in all, it was a great decade in which to be a heterosexual male. AM invites you to take a trip down memory lane with us as we count down the top 10 '90s sex symbols.

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The 50 Funniest Craigslist Ads Of All Time

Once upon a time, Craigslist was the ultimate online destination to find a place to live, sell your car, get a job or just rant & rave. These days Craigslist is the easiest way to find a hooker to go camping with, a hooker who wants to help you put a bicycle together or a bunch of hookers who are into those freaky jello and melted cheese hot tub parties. Thanks to Craigslist, finding a hooker in 2010 is easier than buying a Happy Meal from McDonald's and for that I think we all should all send Craig Newmark a box of delicious Chips Ahoy cookies... and a hooker.

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The 15 Rock Stars That Went Off the Deep End

Tabloids and celebrity gossip websites exploit celebrities’ every move to appease the bloodthirsty public, producing coveted documentation of the individual’s every move, whether it’s pictures of a boring salad lunch, hidden camera photos of drug consumption at a party, a voice recording of a tell-all telephone call, documentation of every arrest, or a tired looking morning at the airport. As a result, the public eye watches the intimate details of these celebrities like specimens in a human zoo, and rock stars have become entertainers both on and off the stage. Since the lifestyle of ‘Drugs, Sex, Rock and Roll’ is endemic to their nature, the antics of rock musicians are usually enthralling – and most expected. But sometimes, just sometimes, one of them really cracks under all the pressure of fame and having gratuitous amounts of money. Here are fifteen newsworthy rock stars whose plunge off the deep end set them apart from all the other just sort-of crazy ones.

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The Top 13 NFL Mugshots of this Decade

It’s a good thing NFL players make millions of dollars per year, as quite a few NFL athletes have found themselves in need of legal help this decade. Lawyers don’t come cheap, and between the alleged rape, robbery, DUI, and laundry list of other chargers these players face, the legal expenses can be significant. You’d think that between making obnoxious salaries, and their intense practice/game schedules, they’d have no time to get arrested, but somehow these athletes seem to fit it in. One mistake or slip up can put these athletes behind bars facing public and personal humiliation. Here’s a list of the top 13 NFL mug shots for this decade.

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The Top 10 Cell Phones

Need a break from your laptop? These productivity phones offer a lot more than the ability to make calls. Here are the 10 best smartphones available today.

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10 Healthy Sandwich Recipes

Bored with the usual ham and cheese or PB&J? Look forward to eating your packed lunch again with these healthy, delicious, and unique sandwich recipes.

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10 Reasons Why Not to Let Your Friend Play Matchmaker

"You should ask my friend Jenny out, you guys would be perfect for each other." We have all heard this line numerous times. Just because your friend knows the both of you really well and thinks you would be a great couple does not mean it will work. Actually, the chances are very slim. So, before you venture down that path consider these things.

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14 Ways to Resist High-Pressure Sales Tactics

Sales people who work on commission face the same difficulties as waiters these days. Budgets are tighter yet his or her total income depends upon making you spend more money than you intended. Just as a waiter will try to up-sell you by suggesting an entree or more expensive wine, a car-dealership salesperson will try to talk you into buying a new car while your waiting for your car to be repaired by their mechanic. Resisting such high-pressure sales is a combination of knowing what you want before leaving home and knowing how to identify and counteract high-pressure sales methods. Here are 10 steps to guide you through this maze.

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8 Stories of Vicious Man-Eaters

With all we’ve accomplished, it’s easy to forget that people aren’t always the dominant species. Here are eight stories of man-eating animals that remind us we really are still part of the food chain.

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