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10 Examples of Bears Being Awesome

When they aren’t stealing pic-a-nic baskets, riding horses, taking dumps in the woods with the pope [citation needed], wiping their bums with rabbits, and mauling environmentalists, bears like to spend their remaining time being undeniably awesome. For example, the bear above is an 800-pound grizzly named Brutus who was raised by Casey Anderson. Here are five more pictures of Brutus being awesome.

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Top 10 Most Successful Music Tours

Music is truly a gift. A gift for those who are talented enough to provide it, and a gift to all of us who are able to listen to it and enjoy the sounds we love to hear. In today’s world, the number of musical genres is truly over the top. From metal, to techno, to rock, to rap, to R&B, to country, the kind of music one can listen to is truly limitless. In any case, genres are not important and music is just music. To many, music is an escape; a great way to get away from the stress in everyday life. Said by famous pianist and composer Ludwig Beethoven, “Music is the mediator between the spiritual and the sensual life.” Along with music comes CDs, and with enough CDs comes music tours. Concerts are the best way to enjoy music. The atmosphere is great and being able to listen to music being played a few feet in front of you is nothing shy of awesome. Below is a list of the 10 most successful music tours in the terms of attendance. While some of these tours were much more expensive and grossed a lot more money, attendance is truly what is most important. What’s a music tour without loud, screaming, adoring fans? Some artists are able to play music for millions, others gross millions, and many are able to do both.

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10 Hearty Dinnertime Sandwiches

Who doesn’t love a well-made sandwich? Unlike the afternoon meal (when a couple of slices of deli meat between two pieces of bread will do the trick), these substantial recipes make delicious dinners during the warmer months. Whether you need an easy-to-carry dish that can be eaten on the deck, or you just want a quick meal that lets you get back outside to enjoy the extra hours of daylight, these robust renditions will make you rethink whether a hoagie should be reserved only for lunchtime hours.

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8 Actors Who Took It Off Or Packed It On, For The Perfect Part

While most of us are fighting the tendency to slowly add a pound or two each year, actors in pursuit of a great performance have willfully undergone far more extreme physical changes. In pursuit of creating a 'character,' actors have gained and lost some drastic numbers--like Christian Bale’s frightening 60-pound weight loss for the 2004 film, The Machinist, Robert De Niro’s legendary 60-pound weight gain to play boxer Jake La Motta in Raging Bull, and Matt Damon's (pictured) recent 30-pound weight gain for The Informant. Here is a look at some of the more dramatic cases of body transformations for art’s sake.

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Top 10 Privacy Tweaks You Should Know About

With all the talk lately about Facebook's flawed privacy systems, it's a good time to consider what you're making available elsewhere on the web and on your system. These 10 settings tweaks and setups make your web life a little less public. Note: The most basic means of boosting your privacy in any computer system is encrypting your data, but that's more of a system setup than a slight change to your usual setup. Still, it's worth looking into if you've got files for your eyes only.

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7 Lost Time Capsules

According to the International Time Capsule Society at Oglethorpe University in Atlanta, there are approximately 10,000 time capsules in the world. However, they also estimate that no one remembers where 9,000 of them are buried. Let’s hop in our DeLorean and explore the strange stories behind seven of these lost time capsules.

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6 Famous Geniuses You Didn't Know Were Perverts

Since it seems like every movie star, athlete and politician is just a sex scandal waiting to happen, you could almost think that it's not possible to be a prominent person without also having an utterly depraved sex life behind the scenes. And looking back at the great men of history... we're starting to wonder if that's right on the money.

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7 Tools And Applications To Help You Save Electrical Power

Leaving our appliances on while we are not using them is a terrible waste of electrical power. There are parts of the world that do not have electricity at all; we should do our part to respect the resources we have and save them whenever / wherever we can. Below you will find a list of 7 tools to prevent wasting electrical power. I believe that each entry in the list serves a useful purpose; read about each one and choose the one (or more than one) that suits you best.

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9 Copyrights That Were Donated to Charity

A lucrative patent or a popular copyright can provide a creator’s heirs with solid streams of revenue for decades. Some great artists and inventors decided that they’d rather give the rights to their best creations to charity, though. Here are a few well-known bits of intellectual property that have found their way into charities’ portfolios.

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