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The 30 Best (And Worst) Web Tech Tattoos

Love Linux? Love your Mac? No you don't - not like the hundreds of people out there with Apple and Tux tattoos. But even then, that's not hard core - it's not like Apple is just a Web 2.0 darling du jour. You want devotion? Then how about a permanent reminder of a perhaps-soon-to-be forgotten piece of the ever-changing Web. We say go for it! It's only going be there for forever... or as long as it takes for your skin to heal and you can get it covered up with something else.

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5 Auctioned Lost Props You Need -- and 5 You Don't

Lost may be going off the air in a little more than a week, but this summer, you can own a piece of the action. Hollywood memorabilia auctioneer Profiles in History will be auctioning off many of the most major props, costumes and set pieces from the show, and after taking a look at what’s on the block, we’ve found 5 props you may want to bid on — and 5 that aren’t worth the dough.

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25 Great Movies We Wouldn't Have Without Saturday Night Live

The Saturday Night Live-based MacGruber hits theaters next Friday and with it will come a cavalcade of lists ordering the movies based on the sketch comedy show. Presents under the tree for Wayne's World, stockings of coal for Stuart Saves His Family. We get it. Most SNL films have blown. Turning a three minute sketch into a feature length film usually doesn't work. In fact, the proposition frequently fails abysmally from conception. How Mary-Katherine Gallagher got her own movie before the Land Shark is anyone's guess, but endlessly slandering The Ladies Man doesn't tell the whole story. Saturday Night Live has always been a stepping stone. Put in five or six years of writing and character work and Hollywood will come calling. From A-list stars like Bill Murray to reliable cogs like Bill Hader, SNL has provided the stars and featured players for hundreds of movies during the last three and a half decades. It's time we started celebrating those.

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13 Goalie Masks In Pop Culture

The goalie mask has always had its place in pop culture. When Jacques Plante debuted his fiberglass face protector in 1959 he was laughed at, old Jacques would have the last laugh as the goalie mask has become almost (if not more) as popular as the game of hockey itself. The image of Jason Voorhees probably comes to mind first as a figure from film to don the mask in Friday The 13th and its umpteen sequels. Here we have Mr. Voorhees and 12 other instances of the goalie mask popping up in film, music, and video games.

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15 Awful Examples of Christian Propaganda

As with any religion, Christianity has its fair share of extremists and misguided followers. As evidence of this claim, here are 15 ridiculous (and funny) examples of bad Christian propaganda. Throughout the 1970s, Archie and the gang were provided to Spire Christian Comics to deliver a series of overtly Christian morals. Learn more about Archie Christian Comics here.

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5 More Reasons Your Therapist Won’t See You Now

Some people may take for granted that therapists can pick and choose who they see and under what conditions. Not all therapists will see every patient that walks through their office door. There are a variety of reasons a therapist won’t see you, and most of them have to do with professional ethics. For instance, most therapists seek to avoid “dual relationships” with you or their other patients. A “dual relationship” is one where the therapist isn’t just your therapist, but may also be a friend, lover, business associate, or some other role in your life. Therapists seek to avoid dual relationships, so if they are already your friend, business associate, or whatnot, they will refuse to become your therapist as well. Although this may feel like rejection, you shouldn’t take it personally. Therapists will often avoid seeing certain people for these reasons to ensure the patient is treated with proper respect and dignity.

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10 Movies That Make Real Men Cry

Real men shouldn’t cry during movies...or ever. And if they do, they’re not likely to air it out in the open. In the few instances that they do, the tears are induced by one of three things: sports, a best friend, or a love for their country. The following are movies dealing with a few such themes that have a tendency to make real men lose it.

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50 Fun Jobs That Don’t Require You to Grow Up

Obviously, every job requires the “grown-up” virtues of hard work, responsibility, and reliability – nobody hoping to forge a life for themselves can expect to remain carefree and childlike their entire lives. Many opportunities advertise themselves as only for the young-at-heart, but such statements are actually on the misleading side. All of them do involve a firm footing in maturity if an individual hopes to succeed and minimize struggle and stress. Regardless, however, few will argue that numerous career paths exist for those who want to enjoy their adulthood by forging a life for themselves out of stereotypic childhood, adolescent, or even collegiate pursuits. They blend personal growth, formal training, and/or education with creativity and “simple pleasures” to create an overall gratifying, fun experience for those who find the possibilities tantalizing.

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How 10 Celebrities Were Discovered

You always hear those amazing stories about how celebrities were discovered – they’re just standing in line at the bank or sipping a milkshake at the drugstore, and next thing you know, they’re making millions at the box office and living in the lap of luxury. Here are a few of those nobody-to-supernova stories.

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10 Monkey Attack Videos

Seasoned travelers know that the world is full of wonders as well as occasional hazards like political unrest, diarrhea and of course, monkey attacks. Harmless and cute as they seem to tourists, these are wild animals that are not to be taken for granted. In 2007, SS Bajwa, Indian deputy mayor of New Delhi, was killed after falling from a terrace while fighting off an angry mob of monkeys. Typically more of a problem in South Asia (India, Thailand) where Hanuman - the Hindu "monkey god" - is particularly revered, attacks by monkeys are on the rise. Luckily, most monkey attacks are more benign, or at least less lethal.

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