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Top 10 Greatest Food Combinations

Previously on listverse we had a top 10 list of bizarre food combinations so when this current list arrived in my inbox it seemed the perfect compliment. Here we look at ten combinations of food that seem to be a match made in heaven. Although I have ordered them to my preference, they can all be easily interchanged. Feel free to add your own favorites to the comments.

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9 Active Volcanoes People Still Live Near

Civilizations developed on the flanks of volcanoes for the same reason an estimated 500 million people continue to live on them today: mineral-rich soil, geothermal energy, tourism opportunities and natural beauty. Following the recent volcanic eruption in Iceland, and the 30th anniversary of the eruption of Mount St. Helens, we started wondering which volcanoes pose the biggest threat to people. Here’s what we came up with.

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15 Private Photos of Porn Stars

Did anyone go to the AVN awards this year? I feel like that’s about the only time you’ll ever get to see a porn star not take their clothes off. Kind of annoying if you ask me. But at the same time it’s a chance for you to see these women outside of their professions which is basically tricking you into believing that they truly enjoy taking on 16 guys anally. But these ladies have lives outside of their “work” just like any of us do. It’s kind of strange to think about but it’s true. So when they’re not in girl on girl action or having ninesomes they’re out drinking, partying and having a grand old time like the rest of us. Here are 15 “private” pictures of porn stars. See if you can figure out who they are.

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Top 10 Biggest Price Markups

Mark ups are the small profit margins that retailers gain when an item is sold. It is the fundamental of business; it’s the reasons that the amount we pay is not what the item is actually worth. It’s the small amount of money the business owner tacks on to cover expenses and overhead costs such as rent, electricity, heating, etc. But some markups are quite ridiculous and here are some of the really high ones that should be avoided. Here are ten products that most of us use on a weekly basis that have absurd markups: some range to over 5000%! If we all band together to stop buying these ridiculously overpriced products, they will have no choice but to lower their prices! Read on to save money and join the anti-markup movement.

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Curves Are Back! The 12 Best All-Natural Celebrity Bodies

Move over Victoria Beckham! Implants are out and a real, more natural body is in. More and more celebrities seem to be embracing their natural bodies and standing up for their god-given curves. Instead of marking an ample derrière or a womanly thigh for liposuction, we see an all-natural trend brewing that says more healthy eating and fitness than disturbingly toned fembot. In honor of our favorite all-natural female stars, we’ve compiled a list of the celebrity bodies we love.

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30 Essential Online Converters for All Webmasters

Online converters are one thing that every internet user can find helpful specially the webmasters. As a webmaster you cannot afford to keep large space hogging softwares in your own computer. I know that I have four 750 GB external hard drives in which 2 of them are completely full and 2 are half way done. You need to leave your computer space for your recent projects. That is when these extremely useful online converters come in handy. These are entirely web based scripts, that can perform actions such as converting html into javascript, favicons out images, html to pdf, rss to pdf, different video and audio formats and more. These converters can come in handy at other occasions such as presenting at work. Since these are web-based, they are portable, you don’t need to have your computer with the software, to convert a file which is the biggest advantage of online converters.

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10 Weirdest Films Ever Made

Everyone enjoys watching a good movie. Whether it’s curled up on the sofa with your partner or pet dog to watch a DVD, or at the cinema to see the latest Hollywood blockbuster. There are an incredible selection of genres to enjoy to suit every body’s tastes: action, romance, comedy, thrillers, sci-fi, horrors etc. We all have our favourites that we’ve seen over a hundred times and could probably quote a few of the most memorable lines. I have a friend who can recite the whole Gladiator speech! There are some films which are truly bizarre though and Weird could probably be a genre in itself. The list of the weirdest films ever made could probably be quite significant in its size, but here is a list of ten.

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10 Rules for Good Medicine

The recent discussion of the appropriateness of bringing patients back to the office has really gotten me thinking about my overall philosophy of practice. What are the rules that govern my time in the office with patients? What determines when I see people, what I order, and what I prescribe? What constitutes “good care” in my practice? So I decided to make some rules that guide what I think a doctor should be doing in the exam room with the patient. They are as much for my patients as they are for me, but I think thinking this out will give clarity in the process.

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10 Questions You and Your Buyers Must Ask Before Purchasing A Condominium Unit

Buying a condominium unit can be more involved than buying a single family home. This is because you have to worry about both the unit itself and the condominium project as a whole. To borrow from a famous phrase, not all condominiums are created equally. Some condominiums are very well run; some are quite poorly run and underfunded. Buyers interested in purchasing a condominium unit must do their homework: not only about the condition of the individual unit they are interested in purchasing, but on the financial health and governance of the condominium as a whole. Remember, you are buying into the entire project as much as you are the unit, and your decision will impact your daily living and your ability to re-sell.

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5 Celebrities Whose Careers Took Ironic Twists

Hollywood is built on lies. No, seriously, we’re pretty sure the streets are paved with silicone, fake tanner, and the dead hopes of every Starbucks employee. And everyone knows that the Transformer on the screen is fake CGI – just like those blue Avatar people and Keanu Reeves’s facial expressions. For the most part, all these lies only serve to make the world a more interesting – albeit a more explosion and longing gaze prone – place. However, some Hollywood successes just seem to defy the laws of common sense.

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