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The Top 5 Fittest Professions -- Jobs That Get You in Shape

In today's largely computer-reliant workplaces, more people than ever spend the entire day seated and stationary at their desks. So, as spring arrives and we gaze rather jealously at the folks who spend their days hustling around in the sunshine, a question arises: Can a job provide you with all the exercise you need to stay healthy? "Absolutely," says Michael Brigger, personal trainer and owner of Fairlawn Health and Fitness Training in Akron, Ohio. "The more manual the labor is, of course, the more calories it would burn and the more muscle groups it would work." We chose five labor-intensive fields and spoke to Michael, other fitness experts and people in each field about which jobs can keep you in the best shape.

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9 Strange Alternative Smokes

In case you didnít know it, we have recently observed a new national holiday. You probably didnít get the day off work unless you took it yourself, because your boss missed it too. National Stoner Day was on 4/20 (guffaw here, dudes!). Now, given the still illegal status of pot in most places, you might have to get creative in order to participate. So letís examine some other things that somebody somewhere has spent time, money and effort smoking. Keep in mind that no endorsement is stated or implied.

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15 Firsts In Video Game History

We are so far away, now, from the original computer games, it doesnít seem outrageous to claim that in a few years we might achieve complete virtual reality and, indeed, become a race unsure of what is real and what is unreal, as portrayed in films such as The Matrix. Most people have only experienced fully functioning 3D games with decent graphics, but games had beginnings routed in the very basics of electronics and computing. Here are 15 past advancements in video game technology that have made the industry what it is today: they gave birth to it, shaped it and are steering it towards a future.

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13 Alien Vegetables You Can Find On Earth

The following 13 vegetables look like they have been harvested from alien lands. In reality they are all available to buy on planet earth! Romanesco Veronica cauliflower Ė or fractal cauliflower as itís often called Ė is E.T.ís lettuce. The spiraling structure makes it look like a higher-intelligence cultivated it and left some behind for mankind to discover. Taste it: you wonít tell the difference from ordinary cauliflower.

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9 Remakes That Need to be Stopped

I donít know if Hollywood is out of ideas or if theyíre just too scared to try something original, but every new release seems to be rooted in a previous film or franchise. Itís bad enough that they ruined A Nightmare on Elm Street and Pelham 123, but now theyíre messing with some serious classics. Here are nine film remakes that need to be stopped.

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6 Things to Avoid for a Greener Tomorrow

There are many chemicals and toxins present in the environment and most of these pollutants are due to wrongful disposal of waste by human beings. Many materials that are used by us on an everyday basis can have an irreversible impact on Mother Nature that would prove detrimental to the health as well as the pecuniary future of coming generations. Avoiding the use of these products can be the best proactive and defensive approach as far as saving the environment along with money spent towards healthcare due to illnesses caused by such products is concerned.

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5 Sneaky Ways Grocery Stores Take You For More Money

Saving money at the grocery store is something we all strive for. While many people worry that their supermarket might cheat them by charging a higher price at the cash register, there are much more subtle ways that stores can take you for hundreds of dollars every year without you even knowing it. Some of these are out and out cheats, while others are just shrewd business practices that help them make more money. Little by little these practices add up to a small fortune over your entire lifetime. Here's 5 of the most common ways that stores separate you from your money without you even knowing it.

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Top 10 Twitter Obsessed Celebrities

Just in case you didn't stalk celebrities in the weeklies or on the blogs enough, Twitter is here to keep you updated on their every move. Stars love tweeting about everything from mundane details of their day, to huge announcements like a break-up! Hollyscoop compiled a list of the top ten celeb tweeters, and hereís the scoop on why we love to follow them.

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10 Tips to Extend the Lifespan of Your Washer and Dryer

The longevity of a washer and dryer has a lot to do with proper use and care. How you use and care for them will impact their efficiency and life span. Here are 10 tips to help you get the most out of your laundry appliances.

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The 5 Strangest Corrupt Cops

Corruption in law enforcement is not a new concept to most people in the modern world, in fact, it has gone on for a very long time. Whether itís a cop abusing power, taking bribes, or taking advantage of their authoritative position, it happens. Here are five of the strangest corrupt cop stories weíve heard of.

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