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20 Reasons Why Your Cocktail Waitress Hates You

My name is Sarah and I am a cocktail waitress. For two years, I've been slinging drinks at a popular Phoenix music venue/bar that shall remain nameless. Armed with only a cork-topped plastic tray, I encounter the best and worst people on Earth. Every night. I've seen people who are otherwise pleasant, upstanding members of our society let alcohol activate the most wicked parts of their personalities. I've seen people turn loving or hateful at the drop of a hat. Like my sisters in the trade, I'm left to deal with the effects of unrestrained, uninhibited alter ego. In preparation for this article, I carried a piece of paper in my back pocket for weeks as I was worked, reporting on real-life situations whence I grew to hate my customers.

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45 Astonishing Examples of Long Exposure Photography

Today we bring you an enticing article about long exposure photography. Long exposure photography is a technique in which a camera’s shutter is left open to expose over a longer period of time (be it 8 seconds or 8 hours). It is quite famous, trendy and somewhat difficult form of photography that allows you to witness things from a different perspective and lets you experience time in a different fashion. It enlightens your imagination to see beyond the face of an image, and to see what it can become. So, without a further ado, here we present a list of 45 of the dazzling and unbelievable long exposure photographs that will take your breath away. We are quite sure that you will love this post whether you are a photographer or just a long exposure photography fan.

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Spell It Out: 16 Abbreviated Company Names Explained

Dozens of companies use acronyms or initials in their names, but how well do you know what the abbreviated letters mean? Let’s take a look at the etymologies behind a few abbreviated company names.

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30 Unbelievable X-Rays

I don’t have a lot to add to most of these photos, because they’re crazy enough to speak for themselves. But by way of introduction, you should know that most of them are pretty graphic and include links to news stories and other photos that might put you off your lunch. If nothing else, though, you’ll learn to be careful around arrows, keys, bullets, and just about everything in your house that isn’t your bed.

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10 Amazing Sculptures Made of Playing Cards

Artist Bryan Berg is the only known person who makes a living by building playing card sculptures. Although he’s a Harvard-educated architect, Berg claims he learned all his techniques the old-fashioned way—through trial and error. "I never knew a career in card stacking was something that could exist,” Berg says. “Even after all these years, I'm still learning how to be better at what I do." Check out his life's work below.

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5 Underrated Career Skills

You wouldn't have your job if you didn't have the technical abilities that go along with it--whether that means a mastery of Microsoft Word, Adobe Photoshop, or macroeconomics. But other, subtler workplace skills essential to professional success often get overlooked. Make sure you're paying attention to these five key areas.

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5 Cheap Magic Tricks Behind Every Psychic

I got into magic at the age of five. I stopped thinking psychics were real at the age of five-and-a-half. Mainly because most of them were doing tricks I had just read in the colorful magic book I had bought for three dollars the week before. Somehow these people had been able to turn the sentence "Here's a neat trick that will amuse your family and friends" into "Here's a way to pretend you have God-like powers and convince crowds of credulous and needy people to give you their money." For them, that three dollar book certainly paid for itself. If you want to follow their lead, allow me to present five things you must do if you want to use your cheap magician skills to convince the world you have real psychic powers.

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4 Ways To Ditch The New Google Search Sidebar

For over a decade Google featured the same, clean user interface. This clean user interface was no small part of Google becoming the commercial and cultural juggernaut that it is today. Now they have changed it. Last week I heard various people exclaim, out loud, “What did they do to my Google?” The sentence not only shows how personally people feel their connection to Google is, but also how disappointed they were with the change. However they feel, they can’t change the fact that Google’s formally clean search results now includes a sidebar that makes my netbook feel quite cluttered indeed. Many people are trying to find out how to remove the Google sidebar.

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The Military’S Top 10 Energy, Climate Worries

Late last month, a group of national security strategists, top researchers and analysts gathered at the Kossiakoff Centre of Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory in Laurel, Maryland, to discuss two big worries that many in the mainstream media might have you believe aren’t causes for concern at all: energy security and climate change. The best way to sum up the symposium’s conclusions? Don’t listen to the chattering heads on talk radio and television: the military’s top brass know better … and with their knowledge comes considerable nervousness.

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Top 7 Legalized Ripoffs

We busted the trusts! Oil! Rail! Coal! Kapow! You just got Tafted! Yeah, but that was a century ago. Industries have had more than enough time to mutate and adapt, especially when it comes to technology, and figure out new anti-consumer ways to develop and maintain hegemony. You get higher prices, lower product quality, and fewer rights. They get more yachts to waterski behind. In no particular order, here are some of the top 7 legalized ripoffs consumers face today.

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