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15 Hilarious No Parking Signs

When it comes to the world's major problems, finding parking is right up there with the big boys. Somewhere, say, between overpopulation and world hunger. (How are you supposed to eat if you can't find a parking spot? Enh? Enh?) Unfortunately, scientists say there isn't a cure in sight. Especially when you have jerks like these throwing hilarious (or so they think) no parking signs wherever they please.

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The 20 Greatest Moments In Wikipedia Vandalism

People always complain about Wikipedia and say that the information is grossly innacurate but if you stop and think about it for a second were the textbooks we learned from in school really all that accurate? For starters, we already know that archaelogists put most of the dinosaurs together wrong, the theory of relativity has turned out to be a complete farse and E definitely does not equal MC squared. And don't even get me started on those sex education books and what they taught us about condoms. 95% success rate my ass.

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61 Terrible Videogame Shirts You Must Never Wear

Now, Iíve never claimed to be fashionable. In fact, were you to ask my oldest friends, theyíd say I seem to be making a real effort to look as close to my 14-year-old self as possible. And were you to look in my closet, you would find at least 16 Mario shirts on top of all the other gaming and comic book-related ones. So in the case of a fashion article, Iím perhaps the last person you want to look to. But in the realm of videogame t-shirts, you should trust me above all others, as Iíve probably spent more on gaming shirts in the last three years than you have on Wii games. But I donít just buy any old shirt; no, I have very discerning eye for this type of thing, one honed by years of practice and hundreds of dollars. Now Iím going to share some of that knowledge with you, via this collection of gaming shirts that you simply must never wear. If you currently do wear any of these, please take them off. You look like an asshole wearing them.

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9 Steps to Landing the Perfect Vacation Rental

It's time once again, my darlings, for that fun game known as planning a vacation. Vacations should be a joyous time, but it's easy to get sidetracked by the many headaches involved in the planning process. Finding a vacation rental is vital to ensuring a happy experience, but it's so easy to overspend or find the rental looks nothing like its pictures. Here are eight tips to help ensure your vacation rental is all you desire.

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5 Animals That Are Winning Their Turf Wars

In the beginning Mother Nature had a simple plan, a place for everything and everything in its place. This worked well for several hundred million years; until humans came along and decided we could do better and proceeded to seriously cock things up. Every critter on this list was taken out of their natural place and dropped down somewhere new, usually just because it seemed like a good idea at the time. Time has shown that it wasnít a good idea after all, kind of like that roommate you had back in college. You know the one that seemed great in the interview, but later they turned out to be the roommate from hell? Always borrowing money, food, your girlfriend? It turns out some animals are like that too and many governments want them evicted with extreme prejudice.

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13 Components That Defined a Great Website in 1998

As Google celebrates the change of seasons with a newly enhanced layout, Iíve come down with a bad case of Springtime nostalgia. Ah, yes, the glory days of my pre-teen years bring back fond memories. Like any good tech nerd, these memories donít consist of playing in the sun or relaxing in the shade, but instead, of the wild, wild, west of the web. The year is 1998. Everyone and their mom is planning their own website, and youíre looking to get in on the action. But, how? Easy, as any informed webmaster of our time knows, there are 13 critical components that define a great website. Allow me to explain.

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Homemade Acne Treatments: 10 Tips Everyone Should Know

Throughout our teenage years, we are haunted by acne and pimples. In some cases, they even continue after teenage. Homemade remedies (for acne) are considered much better than drugs, as homemade remedies are less risky, have no side effects and are cheaper. Following is a list of some of the very best solutions right from your own kitchen. All you have to do is be consistent as well as balanced with these tips. Donít use all at once and keep a regular check as to what suits your skin the most.

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7 Ways to Slim Down Your Bulky Keychain

Having to put up with a stuffed keychain seems like a minor inconvenienceóunless you have to feel and carry them every single day. Here are some chain-reducing ideas from readers of long-running tech blog Slashdot, as well as our archives. A man with a whole bunch of keys asked Slashdot for tips on handling lots of keys. Following this were a whole stream of jokes, pot shots, and criticisms of how minor this poster's problems must be. Among the chatter, though, were a few handy tips and ideas. Reader mlts suggested ringing up the local locksmith, setting as many household locks to one key, and ensuring future re-keys are cheap and easy.

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14 Strange Facts about Albert Einstein

If you ask someone to name a genius, nine times out of ten that person is going to name a man by the name of Albert Einstein. Einstein is the image of a genius in our society because of his revolutionary concepts that helped to create the future that we know. It is no surprise that Time Magazine chose Einstein as the Person of the Century in 1999. While we know all about Einstein creating the Theory of Relativity and E=mc2, there are some other interesting facts about the man with the wild hair.

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