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10 Things We Have Now That Star Trek Invented

Star Trek is one of the most famous television shows and media franchises in the world today, and while many love the storylines of the original show, along with its spinoffs and movies, we may not fully realize the impact the show has had on our lives. No, we are not talking about pop culture impacts, but what Star Trek envisioned for technology, which then inspired many scientists to make those visions a reality. In many ways, that little show from the 1960s has essentially invented the future as we know it. So, what are some of the things we have now that Star Trek invented.

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20 Cool Rocks and Rock Formations

Back in the old days, rocks used to be made of wood. But with today's technology and means of productions, rocks are now made out of rock, making them much cooler, and much more interesting. Here are 20 cool rocks and rock formations: It's neat how it is just one big, flat slab, with a random hole in it.

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Top 10 Infuriating Modern Videogame Enemies

Many gamers have many reasons to get annoyed with videogames. This annoyance could range from a bad case of voice acting, irritating music, or bad game direction. For me, one of the most irritating moments in any game is an enemy that you hate fighting. If you are like me, you are always annoyed by at least one enemy in each game You play. This could be an overpowered enemy, one that makes stupid noises, or one that is simply there to make a gamer want to throw a controller through their own face. Last week we looked at annoying classic videogame villains and I promised you a more modern take on the problem today. So here it is, in no particular order, Top ten infuriating modern videogame enemies.

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10 Ways the Opium Poppy has Changed the World

Papaver Somniferum, the Opium Poppy, has been considered one of the most influential, as well as interesting things in the world for thousands of years. For those unfamiliar with it, the poppy produces opium, the euphoric painkiller that is the starting point for heroin. Depictions of the plant have been traced back to the Sumerians of 6000 years ago. The beautiful flower has been worshiped as a gift from the gods, and just the same has been feared for its potential to destroy millions of lives. Rather you see them as divine, or quite the opposite, it’s hard to argue how much influence they’ve had in our world. Here are ten particular areas that the plant and its drug have dramatically impacted.

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Top 10 Motivation Boosters and Procrastination Killers

You have enough enemies when it comes to getting things done—having your own brain plotting against you is just unfair. Hone up on a few strategies, thought exercises, and habits that get you past mental roadblocks and back to productivity.

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Top 10 Myths About Evolution

A Note to VisitorsI will respond to questions and comments as time permits, but if you want to take issue with any position expressed here, you first have to answer this question: What evidence would it take to prove your beliefs wrong? I simply will not reply to challenges that do not address this question. Refutability is one of the classic determinants of whether a theory can be called scientific. Moreover, I have found it to be a great general-purpose cut-through-the-crap question to determine whether somebody is interested in serious intellectual inquiry or just playing mind games. Note, by the way, that I am assuming the burden of proof here - all you have to do is commit to a criterion for testing. It's easy to criticize science for being "closed-minded". Are you open-minded enough to consider whether your ideas might be wrong?

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10 Most Bizarre Phobias

Just about everyone is afraid of something. It may not rational and it might not even make sense but we allow these phobias to control some part of our lives. But most of us suffer from phobias that are quite common such as the fear of heights, the fear of spiders or even the fear public speaking, though there are some people out there who fear things that may seem just a little too irrational.

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5 Things Apple Must Do to Look Less Evil

It’s appropriate that the Apple logo on the iPad is black. The Cupertino, California, company’s image is taking on some awfully sinister tones lately. For a company that made its name fighting for the little guy, it’s a surprising reversal. In the past, Apple touted itself as the computer company for nonconformists who “Think Different.” Now the company is making moves that make it look like the Big Brother it once mocked. First Apple tightened its iron grip on the already-stringent iPhone developer policy, requiring apps to be made with Apple-approved languages, which disturbed some coders and even children. A short while later, Apple rejected some high-profile apps based on their editorial content, raising journalists’ questions about press freedoms in the App Store. Then, police kicked down a Gizmodo editor’s door to investigate a lost iPhone prototype that Apple had reported as stolen. Even Ellen DeGeneres and Jon Stewart have mocked Apple’s heavy-handed moves.

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10 Websites To Download Older Versions Of Software

true of life. It’s even truer when it comes to software. Before you can say – “what a great piece of software!” the version changes. It takes just a click to uninstall the older software version and download the spanking newer variant. The memory of the older software gets left behind as a just a registry trace somewhere. It also has a word of its own – Abandonware. Though meant for old and discarded games, it also covers older version software. When it comes to technology, the speed of change is so rapid that we don’t really miss the older versions. Perhaps, with applications like operating systems and Office suites, we do fall into habits that sometimes are difficult to give up. But the changeover to the newer version of the tools is just a matter of time. But just sometimes the older version software comes back into the scheme of things.

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20 Ways to Find a Happy Hour

Having fun on a budget is challenging, but not impossible. Thanks to the abundance of happy hours and drink specials happening in your college town or city, you can keep drinking on a dime and still have money left over. Here are 20 handy sites, smart phone applications and tips to help you find an awesome and affordable happy hour.

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