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8 Eerie Abandoned Amusement Parks

After tracking down a handful of the world’s most unusual theme parks, we got to thinking about defunct amusement parks, specifically ones that, although officially closed off to the public, are still receiving patrons in the form of urban explorers who risk injury, arrest, unsavory encounters and even radiation exposure for the chance to experience the ultimate in eerie, an abandoned amusement park, firsthand. Like nightmarish scenes taken straight from Alan Weisman’s “The World Without Us,” these parks that filled so many visitors with happy memories (and motion sickness) have now been left to rot in various stages of deterioration after being ravaged by flood, nuclear disaster and poor ticket sales.

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10 Biggest Medical Scandals in History

When it comes to public health, there’s little margin for error. And when crises break out, the repercussions can be serious, not to say deadly, and linger long in the memory. From genuine mistakes and media-fueled hysteria, to willful and even malicious deception, medical scandals and other health disasters can be truly devastating. It’s troubling to think that the companies and individuals people turn to when their wellbeing is at stake are far from infallible; indeed, some might even have more sinister agendas in mind. While legislation and technological advances have helped to stamp out some of these threats, recent high-profile cases show that in the fiercely competitive and profits-driven pharmaceutical industry – and in the arena of public health more widely – these kinds of scandals remain a menace to society.

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The 10 Fictional Prisons That Should Exist

Here is list of wackiest virtual prison. These prisons are thought to be the popular in virtual world. Several of them are located at different location and some are interrelated. This present article deals with some of the most popular and insane virtual prison of all time. By the end of article you will notice that you have got enough knowledge about these virtual prisons.

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5 Excuses to Combine Jalapenos, Cheese, and Bacon

If you have read my blog at all, you might know that I am a bit obsessed with combining jalapeños and cheese with bacon. The spicy, creamy, smoky flavors just blend together perfectly. Here are some of my favorite implementations of this Holy Trinity of flavors. My Bacon-Wrapped, Sausage-Stuffed Jalapeño Poppers might just be the ultimate embodiment of this combination. Perfectly crispy on the outside, spicy and creamy in the middle, these are among my all-time favorite appetizers.

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5 Things You Didn’t Know About Stephen Hawking

Stephen Hawking is undoubtedly the world’s most recognizable theoretical physicist, but let’s take a look at five things you might not know about the longtime Cambridge professor.

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10 Celebs Who Were Once Back Up Dancers

Even the most famous people had to start somewhere; for people in the music industry, that means playing second-banana backup. Here are 10 dancers who started out doing just that before they took center stage for themselves.

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Death By Gun: Top 20 States With Highest Rates

Gun ownership is up in America, with a new Gallup poll showing there's a firearm in 47 percent of households - up from 41 percent last year. Are firearm-related injuries and deaths up too? It may be too soon to tell. But the most recent data from the National Center for Health Statistics shows that more than 31,000 Americans died from gunshot wounds in 2007 - whether it was homicide, accidental discharge, or intentional self-harm. Which state has the fewest firearm-related deaths? With a rate of 2.8 deaths per 100,000 population, it's Hawaii. Which states had the most firearm-related deaths?

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6 Disgusting Things About Giving Birth That You Need To Know

I can pretty much hear many of your biological clocks ticking from here, and while I think parenthood is a valid choice to make if that’s your path and you’re not doing it to get on Teen Mom, I feel like you need to be warned about what exactly you’re getting your ass into. There are so many completely perfect things about having a baby. It’s empowering. It hard and then you do it and then for the rest of your life, you rarely doubt your ability to do anything. If that’s not the best possible takeaway from an experience, I don’t know what is.

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23 Things to Bring Fun Back to Your Workplace

The average Western guy spends around 99,117 hours at work during his lifetime, according to recent statistics. That”s the equivalent of 11 and a half years of solid slog. Your office is like your second home, so it’s probably a good idea to make it fun and cozy. Some big and well known companies may have incredibly creative offices (remember Google Office in Zürich?), but not all of us have such good employers, so the only thing left is to create good working environment yourself. To help you do that, we’ve picked 23 quirky and creative things which will bring fun and inspiration back to your workplace.

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10 States That Could Lose Their State Birds Thanks to Climate Change

In 2080, the Baltimore Orioles may have to play baseball under a different name. That’s because climate change is likely to have altered climatic conditions so drastically, the bird may no longer be able to reside in Maryland. Such is the case for the Oriole, and eight other state birds, according to Audubon’s new Birds and Climate Change Report. In a comprehensive study, Audubon scientists mapped out the impact of global warming on 588 North American birds. The report’s findings are shocking—314 of the 588 species studied will lose more than half of their range, making them climate endangered. Birds searching for appropriate climate conditions may be forced into a hostile habitat—it’s hard to be a seabird in landlocked territory, for example.

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10 Infamous Wonders of the World

There are 7 distinctly famous worldly wonders which inspire awe and demand intrigue, but mostly in the way of their unfathomable beauty. In Egypt, we have the Great Pyramids which to this day baffle even the most learned of engineers and architects, in their precision of construction and apparent lack of technological intervention (that is if you don’t buy the “ancient aliens” theories). In Arizona, we have the Grand Canyon, a profoundly gaping spectacle and standing proof of erosion’s mighty shovel. But in addition to these marvels of human and natural possibility, there also exists a darker counterpart: the creations and residuals of what less-than-admirable events have occurred during our collective human experience.

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The top 10 Countries that Love the USA, Top 10 Countries that Hate the USA

A study has been completed which ranks countries around the world by its feeling toward the United States of America. The study was done by Pew research and the results were released this month. According to the survey, America is loved by some parts of the world and hated by others, according to CNS on Friday. The study clearly reveals that the United States is viewed most negatively or unfavorably in portions of the Muslim world. In particular, Pakistan, Jordan, Egypt and the Palestinian territories all view the United States with a favorability rating of 16 percent or less. Yet, contrarily, America’s ratings are positive in Senegal in West Africa and Malaysia in Southeast Asia which are predominantly Muslim countries.

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