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15 Geeky Home Theater Themes to Ravish Your Senses

There isnít a family or a house that does not wish to have a customized home theater that reflects their favorite TV show, comic character or movie. In fact, home theater themes are big business and there is a big business out there for those who would love to watch movies and listen to music in style. The idea of having a customized theater right in the middle of the house is an ego booster, and since geeks always like to pep up their egos with the help of electronic gadgets and technology, home theatre themes seem to be a great idea for most of them. Here are 15 of the most popular and cool home theater themes that would make Geeks salivate.

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8 Embarrassing Photos of People Who Got Stuck

An unnamed man in Cork, Ireland stopped by a McDonald's outlet and, for some reason, he sat in a high chair designed for infants and toddlers. When he couldn't get out, police were called. They managed to free the man from the high chair and no charges were filed. However, witnesses, who say alcohol was involved, managed to snap a picture that went viral. A spokesman for McDonald's remarked that anyone using a high chair in their restaurants should always have adult supervision.

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8 Incredible Trips You'll Never Be Able To Afford

Why stick to a travel budget when you can spend more than you'll make in a lifetime on a single 40-day vacation? From over-the-top alcohol tasting to cruises too fancy for their own good, you'll probably only take these trips in your wildest dreams... and that's perfectly reasonable. Guests at the Eden Rock Hotel's oceanfront Villa Rockstar can record their own album using the same console John Lennon used to record "Imagine." You'll also have a butler, whiskey bar, swimming pool and your "choice of cars" from the garage.

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32 Signs Youíre Not A Hipster Anymore

Iím just gonna go ahead and come out and say it: I used to be a card-carrying hipster. And back in the day, I had a lot of fun with that. For one, the group wasnít as universally loathed as they are now. If you can even believe it, kids, it was actually considered kind of cool to be one. Parties were filled with really hot skater dudes and fun, gorgeous chicks with edgy style and everyone was really into art and music and fashion and it was pretty rad. American Apparel was still some T-shirt shop in L.A., new bands like The Strokes and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs made going to see live music in NYC fun again, Friendster made hooking up a cinch, Chloe Sevigny always brought the party; and Williamsburg, Brooklyn really was a humble yet cool place where real live artists moved because Manhattan was too expensive. For better or worse, my 20s are over, Iíve been shacked up with a great non-hipster dude who I am going to marry, Iím renovating a property I purchased, I did my taxes a month early, and Iíve started to notice some other major indicators that I can no longer identify as a hipster. (Guess Iím a yuppie now? Shudder.) Anyhoo, here are a few ways to tell if you too have grown up and are no longer a hipster.

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Top 5 Real Tunnel Prison Escapes

Wars have not only resulted into surplus shedding of blood on the battle fields but have also had their histories of dominance and captivity of the enemy soldiers. The natives of the foreign land put behind the bars, tortured, forced into labor or even killed, this has been a common plight found to be seen in the dark dirty corners of the prisons. While many prisoners spent their entire lives slogging and cursing their destiny that caged them forever within the stoned walls of their cells, many had the courage and the valor to make their way out and attain their much deserved freedom. Some of the below mentioned prison escapes present the same zeal and audacity of the daring prisoners to break the shackles, work the logistics, dig out their tunnels, prepare for the worst and win back forever their long lost liberty.

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Top 10 Adventurers Who Never Returned Home

For every handful of successful adventurers and pioneers who retire in comfort, there are probably many who died, or were killed, or disappeared underway. Many, probably most of them, died young and early, often of disease, before they had the least chance to make a name and reputation for themselves. So perished the younger brother of the great Alfred Russel Wallace, in Brazil. To become an immortal martyr to adventure you have to be a well-known achiever before your curtains close, or be part of some stirring enterprise such as space flight, or otherwise catch the public imagination. All my individuals, pairs or parties fall into one or other of those categories.

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The 13 Most Lovable TV Alcoholics

"The problem with some people is that when they aren't drunk they're sober." --William Butler Yeats. These are some of our favorite, most lovable TV drunks. Cartoon characters, ad men, a shoe salesman, even a kindergarten teacher, they are all proof that it's ok to enjoy the results of a good fermentation process.

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15 Fascinating Facts About Your Dreams

As a college student, your sleep habits are probably worth a serious study all their own. From napping in the library to zoning out in class to crashing after late-night partying or all-night study sessions, you probably have some crazy sleep habits and even weirder dreams. But even if you have a normal sleep schedule, the way the human brain dreams is pretty fantastic. Here are 15 fascinating facts about your dreams that you may be surprised to learn.

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15 Beater Cars That Wonít Disappoint

So youíre looking for a vehicle for your daily commute, or maybe just for fun. Something that doesnít cost very much but will put up with a lot of abuse that you donít want on your primary vehicle. You also want it be fairly reliable so you donít have to constantly pour more and more money into it. We have assembled here a list of 15 vehicles which can all be found for under $2500, and will all provide a variety of services. The most important part of looking for a beater vehicle is to talk to the owner and get an idea of how well it has been cared for. If maintained regularly, any of these cars should provide years more of service to you, but one wrong move and you could end up wasting money on a lemon. Overall condition of the exterior is somewhat correlated to the level of care taken by the (sometimes multiple) owner(s). Assuredly since you are looking for an extra vehicle you can take the time to look around and find a good deal, and this will surely pay off in the long run. The best beater however is a car you know the history of, one owned by family or friends you can count on to have kept serviced.

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10 Ingenious Things Different Countries Do With Their Rice

Rice is a staple in most peopleís diet. There is hardly a country in the world who do not eat rice in one form or another. Although rice can often seem quite bland, there are a lot of creative ways different cultures use rice in their meals to transform a simple, common food into an amazing culinary experience.

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10 Things You Probably Donít Know About Bond

When young Ian Fleming was working in British Naval intelligence during World War II, he once told a friend he planned to write ďThe Mother of all Spy Stories.Ē I, for one, think he succeeded. The James bond series of films is likely the longest running and successful series in cinema history, and why not? James Bond is the kind of guy who every guy wants to be. Suave, smart, cool under pressure and utterly unshakable. While just about everybody has seen a James Bond film, or read a James Bond book, thereís still plenty of interesting anecdotes that can pass by even the hardcore fans.

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10 of the Craziest Catastrophes Nobody Saw Coming

Accidents are accidents for a reason. No one sees them coming. You don't get up in the morning and pencil in "head-on collision" to your daily planner. However, no matter how expected the unexpected is, sometimes it can be so unexpected that Nostrodamus himself couldn't help scratching his head and muttering "Holy $#!+." When the unfortunate subjects of the following accidents started their fateful last days, we doubt they expected what was going to happen next. But with hindsight 20/20, we can now add the following to our list of crazy stuff that could happen to us any time now.

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