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Kaboom! 10 Facts About Firecrackers That Will Blow You Away

Firecrackers are essentially un-American, even though we associate them with our most deeply patriotic celebration, the Fourth of July. The fact is that firecrackers are foreign-born novelties, and have been as long as Americans have lit them for a noisy salute to the nation’s birth. As it turns out, firecracker history is as colorful and complicated as the lithographed artwork used to sell them. Warren Dotz, a pop-culture historian, collector, and author of many books, including a pair on cat and dog food labels, spoke with us about their story, while the photos of firecracker labels above and below come from Mike McHenry’s Mr. Brick Label Flickr page.

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10 Best Multimedia and Entertainment Android Apps

Wherever you are, if you find yourself alone and in need of entertainment, you’ll likely reach for your Android() phone. Of course your phone is already a great MP3 player, but it can be so much more. This roundup will help you turn your mobile into a portable entertainment center. You’ll find apps for syncing your media library, playing your own music and video, streaming radio and online video, listening to podcasts and audiobooks, watching TV, reading books and magazines — even controlling your desktop media remotely from your phone. In all, these 10 apps (and a few significant honorable mentions) should provide you with a much richer media entertainment experience than you might have thought possible with Android.

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How to Spot a Scam: 7 Questions To Ask Before Buying

Lyn Cacella found an unbelievably good deal on a Royal Caribbean cruise to Bermuda through a website she’d never heard of called The catch? She had to wire $1,359 to the business for her fare. But when the tickets didn’t arrive, she phoned the cruise line, which had no record of her reservation. When she asked a representative by email about the preponderance of bad reviews, she was referred to a site called, which “certified” the business as legitimate. “I think it’s a hoax,” she told me. Actually, Cacella’s cruise is a textbook scam. Here are a few telltale signs something is wrong with a company.

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The 14 Most Awesome Convertibles Ever Built

Few things are as life-affirming as driving with the top down, and when done right, a convertible is motoring perfection. But some are better than others. Scarcely a few dozen truly great convertibles have ever graced our highways, and, for our money, these are the cream. The best of the best. What we'd sell an extraneous body part to own and adore. Anyone wanna buy a slice of a slightly (ab)used liver?

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8 Ways Jellyfish Are Awesome And Terrifying

The jellyfish is a fascinating creature. Floating lazily along in the ocean current resembling plastic bags, the gelatinous zooplankton seem to do little more than add a colorful glow to our aquariums and occasionally give swimmers a reason to urinate on each other. But jellies are also efficient hunters, and increasingly, huge nuisances. In some regions, these blobby predators rule the seas—to the extent that they're killing off other marine life and swarming power plants.

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10 Truly Successful Thieves

Everyone knows that these days, with our enhanced technology, such as CCTV and DNA evidence, being a successful criminal is almost impossible. Because of the over-glamorous heists portrayed by Hollywood, most people assume that, in reality, crimes are almost impossible to get away with it. However lots of high-value robberies or burglaries have been attempted in recent times, and many criminals do get away with it. I have described, here, some cases in which people have been able to successfully steal cash or objects of high value, without having to suffer the consequences. It goes to show that, on occasion, crime does pay.

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10 Things You Never Knew About Snoring

A long day spent at work or home with the kids can leave you desperately longing for a good night's rest. For chronic snorers and their bedfellows, though, falling and staying asleep isn't so simple. In fact, what could seem like a harmless annoyance can have surprising consequences that extend beyond bedtime. Luckily, sleep experts know what causes snoring and how to put an end to it. Read on for the facts on snoring's connection to everyday life—and how to get it out of yours.

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Top 10 Online Mascots

Behind every great website is a great mascot. While the Internet has been flooded with cute social media icons, only 10 of the very best made our list. Whether it’s the sharp colors of Twitter’s “Fail Whale,” the simple lines of the Reddit Alien, or the lush, orange Firefox(), each of these mascots are special in their own way. Click through to find out some little known facts about our favorites (“twitter” refers to a sperm whale?) or add your own in the comments.

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Top Ten Horror Sequels

Most of the time, sequels are never as good as the originals. In fact, most of the time they are much worse. But occasionally you’ll get a horror sequel that exceeds expectations, or at least lives up to the original’s quality. So here is Horror Fan Zine’s list of the top 10 horror sequels.

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7 Unique Forests of the World

A forest is an area with a high density of trees. Forests cover approximately 9.4 percent of the Earth's surface (or 30 percent of total land area), though they once covered much more (about 50 percent of total land area). In addition to the large number of forests that are well-known tourist destinations in the world, there are also small and very unusual forests which are less well known to the general public.

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The 13 Richest Dictators in the World

Rumor has it that Teodorin Obiang Nguema, the son of the president of Equatorial Guinea Teodoro Obiang Nguema has recently bought a $380 million yacht, which is almost three times the amount this country secludes for public healthcare and education. This luxury yacht has cinema, pool and a restaurant. Although this number may seem high, it is - just like president Obiang Nguema's wealth - hardly a breeze when compared with fortunes the other rich dictators from this list posses.

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25 Hilarious Passive Aggressive Roommate Notes

If you have any roommates (or have had them in the past) then you are probably well acquainted with the frustrations of sharing your refrigerator space, dishes, and toilet paper. Of course, although it’s probably best to talk through your problems face to face, it’s not nearly as funny as leaving witty sticky notes hanging from your refrigerator. These 25 hilarious passive aggressive roommate notes bring you some of the best.

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