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10 Thoroughly Modern Menorahs

The beginning of Hanukkah is only a couple days from now -do you know where your chanukiyah, the nine-branch menorah, is? Using the Hanukkah menorah your grandparents used may be a family tradition, but do-it-yourself, arty, or high-tech menorahs have the same symbolism. Here are a few interesting ones found around the internet.

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Taste Test: The 10 Best Fast-Food Breakfast Sandwiches

Even people who swear they won't touch fast-food seem to make exceptions for breakfast sandwiches. Something about the combination of egg, melted cheese, salty meat, and toasted bread is so satisfying, not to mention a lifesaver on those especially rough mornings. You go from zero to feeling-more-like-a-real-person in just a few bites. Sure, it's not that hard to make one at home, and even tastier with just-fried eggs (try not to think about the pre-cooked egg loaf on most fast-food sandwiches too hard) but sometimes you just need to grab one on the go.

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7 Stories of People Who Refused to be Limited

Is it just me, or are there more and more global news stories about disabled people accomplishing feats that would be quite newsworthy for able-bodied people? I believe it is happening more and more, as modern attitudes about those who’ve had physical setbacks change to reflect reality. People termed “disabled” have always had the will to accomplish what others thought impossible, but now the people around them are seeing the possibilities more and more. And we can’t discount the effects of instant news coverage, which both inspires others and brings us stories we would not otherwise know.

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9 Products That Make Cooking Thanksgiving Dinner Awesome

Thanksgiving is this Thursday, which means you only have a couple more days until the most important dinner of the year is breathing down your neck. Whether dinner is your responsibility this year or not, you might be interested in these Thanksgiving gadgets, which cover almost every aspect of that all-important meal. From the cooking and preparation of the turkey, to any other things that might distract you, these nine Thanksgiving gadgets will hopefully not only make Thanksgiving dinner easier, but also a little more awesome.

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8 Foods Even The Experts Won’t Eat

Food scientists are shedding light on items loaded with toxins and chemicals–and simple swaps for a cleaner diet and supersized health. Experts from different areas of specialty explain why they won’t eat these eight foods. Clean eating means choosing fruits, vegetables, and meats that are raised, grown, and sold with minimal processing. Often they’re organic, and rarely (if ever) should they contain additives. But in some cases, the methods of today’s food producers are neither clean nor sustainable. The result is damage to our health, the environment, or both. So we decided to take a fresh look at food through the eyes of the people who spend their lives uncovering what’s safe–or not–to eat.

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The 7 Board Games That Led to Murder

The best board games are enjoyed by children and adults alike and foster a sense of camaraderie and healthy competition. However, in the wrong hands, even a simple game like Yahtzee or chess can turn DEADLY. Yes, it does sound insane, but the classic board games many of us grew up playing have actually led to more than just some ruined Thanksgivings. What follows is a list of seven board games that have actually resulted in murder. And not the "Clue" type of murder, where it's adorable and committed by someone with a silly color-themed name either. The actual grisly kind of murder, where people end up sad and/or dead.

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10 Reasons Why 2013 Will Be The Year You Quit Your Job

People read TechCrunch because they want to create something, they don’t want to follow orders all of their lives, and they want financial freedom. I’m being blunt. The above three items feel good. God bless you. Hopefully once you get the three things above, you get to keep them. Most people (i.e. ME) have to ride a roller coaster for awhile because we are stupid. But some people are smart. Getting the things you want is hard but for reasons I explain below, you now have no other choice. The myth of corporate safety, of rising up through the ranks, of getting the gold watch, of getting applauded by your peers is over. Not because the economy is bad. But because innovation and the global economy are better than ever. But don’t wait for shortcuts.

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15 Ways We Handle The Dead

Human beings, it would seem, have a fascination with death. While most of us would tend to agree that it is something best avoided, it also holds a sense of wonder for us. As the short story “The Body” by Stephen King (later made into the film Stand by Me) graphically illustrates, even as children, we are drawn by the allure of the dead. Just consider how many ways we have of saying that someone has died; Wikipedia counts at least 80, and there are doubtless dozens more. But nowhere is our fascination with death exemplified as much as how we treat our dead. In most Western countries, death is celebrated with a (often solemn) ceremony, and the deceased is interred in a necropolis, a city of the dead (more colloquially known as a graveyard or cemetery). The burial site is often given a marker or memorial so the deceased may be remembered by future visitors to the site. Of course, funeral rites vary from place to place, but in most cases, great care and ceremony are involved.

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Tara’s Tuesday Top Ten: Luscious Celebrity Lips

Lips are among my favorite attributes of a woman. I love them so much, I went and got a pair of my own! Not only are lips kissable, you can imagine them for other, much more naughty things as well! Large lips are not only unique to each girl, but they help set the whole aesthetic proportion of the human face into perfect proportional symmetry! Who doesn’t want to kiss some beautiful lips!?

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10 People Wearing Fanny Packs

Do you look at someone wearing a fanny pack and wonder why? Why are you wearing that? You have no excuse unless you are European. In case you don't know what a fanny pack is, Wikipedia defines it as In case you didn't know, a fanny pack is a small fabric pouch secured with a zipper and worn at the waist by a strap around the hips or waist. The name "fanny pack" is derived from the fact that they were traditionally worn facing the rear above the buttocks, for which fanny is a slang term in America. Fanny packs reached the peak of their popularity in the late 1980s and early to mid 1990s. Today, however, fanny packs are considered unfashionable in some countries. the fanny pack is also known as the belt pack, belly bag, Buffalo pouch, hip sack, hip pack, bum bag, or moon bag.

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25 Biggest Robberies, Raids, And Heists Ever

Although these days high profile crimes tend to involve computers and networks more than rifles and bags of cash, many of the biggest heists in history were pulled off without any sophisticated technology. All that was required was a sufficient amount of planning and of course…greed. These are the 25 biggest robberies, raids, and heists ever.

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10 Viral Video Stars Then and Now

They used to say there are no second acts in American life. Thanks to the internet, though, these days once-famous folks never really go away. That’s especially true of those who came into the public consciousness because of the internet. Sure their view counts stagnate after a while, but most of the viral video stars of yore stick around on YouTube and social media. See what the some of the biggest internet stars of the past decade are up to today below.

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