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12 Baseball Feats That Only Happened Once

I've been a Major League baseball nut since I was about 12 years old. I will read and study box scores and baseball record books and derive the same joy other men probably derive from reading Shakespeare, Poe, or Dickens. My mind is a reservoir of odd baseball facts, statistics, and trivia. So here is a list of "only occurred once" baseball facts.

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6 Entertainers Who’ve Performed For The Gaddafi Family

Nelly Furtado revealed today via Twitter that she had once performed for Gaddafi’s clan, receiving one million dollars for a 45-minute show in Italy. But she isn’t the only big name celebrity who’s entertained the family of the Libyan dictator. Who else is on the list?

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Family Guy Meg Griffin's Most Humiliating Moments

When Family Guy started, we all thought that Meg was clearly the crappiest character. Suddenly, a season or two later, the Griffins realized it too. Here are ten moments in the sad, sad life of Meg Griffin.

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Top 10 Female Fighters

As mixed martial arts (MMA) continues to gain momentum as the fastest growing sport in history, the action is heating up nowadays with the ladies pounding it out alongside the men. No longer considered to be just another “guy’s sport,” MMA is attracting both male and female fight fans from all around the world, with both parties joining in on the action inside the cage. Sure, watching two guys go toe-to-toe is a real treat, but seeing a couple of lovely ladies battle it out is equally impressive. With that in mind, let’s take a look at 10 of today’s top female fighters.

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You Deplete Me: 10 Steps to End a Toxic Relationship

Ideally, you shouldn’t need anyone to complete you. You should be whole going into a relationship, right? My guess is that those who feel like they are getting fixed are actually getting ripped off. That’s why they keep coming back, hoping that THIS time their partner will make the ouches go away, making them feel all sunshiny and warm inside. Instead, the ouch is bigger, the hole is wider, and they are feeling the way I do when I see a Tom Cruise movie: bad. A relationship doesn’t have to be romantic to fall into the “toxic” category, of course. Many friendships, mother-daughter, boss-employee, and waiter-eater relationships qualify. If someone is bringing you down consistently, chances are that your relationship with him is toxic. But if you follow these 10 steps, you can start to complete yourself, maybe even look into the mirror and say, “You had me at hello.”

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14 Sneaky Tricks Hotels Use to Squeeze More Money Out of Us

It's Spring Break time again, when hordes of people - college student or not - leave the confines of their desks, dorm rooms and cubicles, to fly off to someplace warm where they can relax, rehabilitate and rejuvenate. And part of the getaway experience is the hotel. Some like to go cheap, because they'll be spending little time in the room... some prefer top-shelf, and want all the pampering they can get. No matter which side of the rent-a-room spectrum you fall on, you've probably notice the increasing habit hotels have had lately of piling on extra charges. Like airlines charging low rates, then wallet-raping you on baggage charges and $5 "snacks" on cross country flights, hotels have been getting pretty devious in finding little ways to squeeze more and more money out of you. Whether it be cut backs in services, fewer soaps and shampoos in rooms, or $9 bottles of water on the nightstand, here are 14 of the most irritating tricks hotels use to cut costs.

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Ten Outrageous Anti-Gun Journalists

The media agenda against guns is nothing new. But recent mass shootings have encouraged supposedly neutral journalists to push for gun regulation instead of reporting the facts surrounding the tragedies. One thing the media seldom mention is that both the Newtown and Aurora shootings occurred in gun free zones. In the Clackamas Town Center Shooting in Oregon, however, a gunman was stopped when someone with a concealed carry permit intervened. There were only two casualties in this shooting which received little media attention. If this incident was mentioned, the concealed carry part of the story was almost completely ignored. Some journalists have gone after after the NRA, calling for them to labeled “terrorist organizations” or lamented that they “yield too much power.” Others simply attacked any pro-gun advocate they had on their program. Still, a few went straight for the Constitution, with calls to “repeal the Second Amendment” or revise it. Many tried to imagine a world without guns … forgetting that even without guns, violence would still exist.

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The 7 Political Groups Most Likely To Believe In Astrology

A belief in astrology is surprisingly widespread in modern America. The National Science Foundation recently released a report reviewing scientific knowledge and attitudes. As noted by Chris Mooney at Mother Jones, perhaps NSF’s most striking finding was an increase in the belief in astrology from 32 percent in 2006 and 35 percent in 2010 to 45 percent in 2012. At the Demography of Diversity Project at Northwestern University, we took the same astrology data from the General Social Survey that NSF used and broke it down further by political party and liberal-conservative orientation. The results can be found in a brief report that I put up at the Social Science Research Network: “Who Believes That Astrology is Scientific?” Which political groups are more likely to believe that astrology is “very scientific” or “sort of scientific,” as opposed to those who believe that it is “not scientific at all”?

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10 Topics Guaranteed to Start an Argument

One of the great things about the internet is the way it opens up debate. Now we don’t just read a news story, we actively get involved below the line—broadcasting our opinion to millions. At its best, this sort of ‘below the line’ activity can throw up more interesting points than the article itself. At its worst… well, you only have to look at stories on any of these topics to see how opinions can polarize. For instance, good luck finding a rational debate on...

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The 20 Greatest Internet Memes of the 1990s

As early as the ‘80s, there were precursors to the Scumbag Steves and the Socially Awkward Penguins of the world. The ‘90s, though, were the decade that made it harder to drag yourself away from the computer and into the harsh daylight of the "real world".

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8 Best Android Apps for Health and Fitness

Spring has sprung, summer’s around the corner — it’s time to get outside and get in shape. We know your iPhone-owning counterparts have plenty of apps for tracking their calories and kilometers to stay in shape, but there are plenty of health-related apps in the Android Market, too. Here are eight highly rated free and paid Android() apps that will help you get and stay in shape. If you’ve got recommendations — particularly for apps that will help folks get outdoors while the weather’s nice — please let us know about them in the comments.

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5 Things We Can All Learn From Kacy Catanzaro

On July 14th, 2014, Kacy Catanzaro made history for absolutely crushing it on American Ninja Warrior (ANW) as the first woman in the show’s history to qualify for national finals in Las Vegas. Ever since, the world has been watching on repeat, my family included. Last night, as my mom and I watched it for perhaps the 10th time, we actually began to tear up. Having been a former extreme sports athlete and fitness coach, my mom now suffers from a little-known neurological condition called “Leukodystrophy” which has resigned her to a wheelchair. Even so, she still does whatever possible to exercise almost daily. So, it’s safe to say she knows a thing or two about the importance of heart in sport – and, really, that’s sort of the incredible appeal about Kacy. Kacy gracefully encompasses an extreme capacity for physical and mental perseverance while still coming across as relatable; her excitement and inner drive are palpable to her fans.

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