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10 Celebrity Couples Who Renewed Their Vows

Oh look, how adorable. LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian got married — again! For their first wedding anniversary, LeAnn and Eddie chose to do something totally unique — they renewed their vows! How romantic. There’s no better way to prove how deep your love is than to dive deep into your pockets every year and blow a wad of cash on another celebration. If I sound sarcastic, it’s because I am. I absolutely loathe this celeb-driven trend of renewing your wedding vows every dang year. Save it for when you’ve really put some muscle and sweat into making it work, okay, like a 10th anniversary. Not to put a damper on LeAnn and Eddie’s second big day, but I actually think renewing your vows ups your chances of divorce. Just click through this slideshow — four out of nine are divorced and at least one more is reportedly on the rocks. Okay, so maybe those odds are just a reflection of the current divorce stats. Whatever — save your cash for couples therapy, folks!

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Child Poverty In America Is Absolutely EXPLODING - 16 Shocking Statistics That Will Break Your Heart

If the U.S. economy is improving, then why is child poverty in America absolutely exploding? If we are experiencing "economic growth", then why are more than half of all children in major U.S. cities like Cleveland and Detroit living in poverty? If we are the "greatest economy on earth", then why are one out of every four American children on food stamps? The shocking statistics that you are about to read below should absolutely break your heart. Tonight, millions of precious American children will go to bed without any dinner. Tonight, millions of American children will shiver as they try to go to sleep because their families cannot afford any heat. How bad does child poverty have to get before we all finally admit that our economic system is completely failing many of the most vulnerable members of our society? If you want someone to blame, you can blame Congress, the Obama administration, the Bush administration and the corrupt Wall Street bankers. But most of all, blame the Federal Reserve and the debt-based monetary system that the Fed administers. Our economy is in the midst of a long-term decline and is slowly but surely dying. Many of those that are suffering the most from this decline are children.

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Top 10 Fastest Fishes

Fishes vary in quite a lot in size and this affects their speed. Speed is essential for predator fishes so that they are able to capture their prey successfully. This can be done by ambush or pursuit. However, the same can be said about a fish which is running for its life! It is amazing to know how fast the top 10 fastest fishes can move. The chemical reactions happening inside their lives alone can propel them to unbelievable velocities. Such is the acceleration of some fishes that their speeds are comparable to vehicles running on mechanical motors! It is extremely difficult to measure the speed of a moving fish but the list of the fastest fishes has finally been compiled, albeit with a lot of exhausting efforts. Fishes as fast as these often leap out of the water and launch themselves into the air! Here, we are going to discuss the top 10 fastest fishes in the world and see really how fast they can swim.

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15 Fantastically Ugly Holiday Sweaters

Who doesn’t love a little ugly sweater action? We sure do—and so does Brian Howard, co-author of the book Rock Your Ugly Christmas Sweater. Brian invited us to take a look at his private collection of ugly sweater pictures on Flickr and we couldn’t be more excited to share them with you. Ordinarily, we tend to frown on those who think of their animals as fashion accessories, but when those animals are so clearly depicted on your ugly sweater, you pretty much have no choice but to drag your pooch around with you all day.

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20 Most Affordable Colleges

Due to scholarships, loans, grants, and other forms of financial aid, different students pay vastly different tuition depending on the school, their financial situation, and their previous academic performance. So The Daily Beast determined which schools are the most affordable by using a simple metric. We compared schools based on the average net price students paid after need-based aid; this accounted for 80 percent of the final ranking. The rest was determined by the percentage of students who graduate within six years.

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9 Lies About Fat That Destroyed The World's Health

The areas of nutrition and disease prevention are full of incompetence. We have been wrongly advised to avoid saturated fat and cholesterol, despite no evidence of harm. Here are the top 9 biggest lies, myths and misconceptions about dietary fat and cholesterol.

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20 Interesting Facts About Japan

This list was sent in to me yesterday. In light of the devastating earthquake that hit Japan shortly before, I thought it would be a good list to post. Over the years, Japan has become one of the most interesting countries in the world. Its unique culture, great food and technological edge has fascinated and inspired the rest of the world. However, some of Japan’s customs and tastes have been widely misunderstood, and have even baffled some. Nonetheless, these 20 interesting facts have given the world a chance to see Japan as it is: An intriguing, culturally rich and economically sturdy super-power.

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The 20 Greatest Misheard Lyrics Music Videos on the Internet

These are so stupid. But for some reason Misheard Lyrics music videos cater to that childish part of you that hears everything phonetically. Also people are just bad at hearing lyrics because most of the time it's hard. Have you ever seen Bob Dylan live? That could be a whole series of these in of itself. Just one concert. Anyway, collecting one of the oldest and most well-loved internet trends of all time, from pre-YouTube to the present, these are the funniest misheard lyrics music videos on the internet.

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The 27 Hottest Girls Ted Mosby Has Dated

This the ultimate list of the hottest girls Ted Mosby from How I Met Your Mother dated or hooked up with, and ultimately failed with. As the main character of the long running CBS comedy, Mosby is in the midst of telling his children the long version of how he and their mother met. While doing so, he goes through his previous exploits and talks about the women who has dated in the past. The list of women he's dated is pretty impressive, bordering Jerry Seinfeld as the television character who has dated the most attractive women in a sitcom.

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24 Real-Life Habits Of Actual Couples

What makes someone a love guru anyway? “Relationship therapy” is one thing, but here are real gestures you can make toward your significant other that will have a profound impact on your relationship. This advice isn’t the type of stuff you find in a magazine, these are REAL applicable ways that REAL people from reddit show their significant other that they’re still one another’s #1 crush.

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Top 5 Tough Latinas from Action Movies

One might think that when it comes to our various forms of entertainment, we’d have long since moved past the days of clichéd characters and racial stereotypes. Well if you actually believe that, then you’re as wrong as Barack Obama for not tattooing his birth certificate to his forehead. Apparently Hollywood still has a place in its cold dead heart for token black guys, Asian martial artists and overtly effeminate villains to ham it up on the big screen. One of the slightly less offensive though still prominent clichéd characters in genre films is the “tough Latina”. This familiar character usually appears in what would otherwise be sausage-fest action flicks. She’s basically there to spice things up, draw in a more diverse crowd and to show that the ladies can blow sh** up too. She also tends to have a “hot-blooded temper” and may even have to be restrained by the fellas from time to time.

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5 Things I Don’t Believe The Hype About

Although I wear high-waisted shorts, crop tops, and big-rimmed glasses every day, I am not a hipster! (See: hip-hop, see: I don’t shop at American Apparel, see: don’t like trash ‘staches). Although one thing I’m really hipster-y about is that I refuse to believe the hype. So much so, in fact, that when something has hype surrounding it, I’m automatically turned off to it. This has caused me to miss out on a lot of awesome things, like Luther, Sherlock, and other things on the BBC network. But there are also many, many things I just generally do not get why they are so popular, and about which I refuse to believe the hype.

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