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9 Dating Websites Geared Toward Your Ridiculously Specific Tastes

As the saying goes, “there’s someone for everyone.” While some of us are lucky enough to meet the love of our life at work, at a bar, or through mutual friends, others have to look a little harder to find that special someone. Fortunately, we live in a technological age, in which romance is just a click away. No matter who you are or what you’re into, there’s sure to be a dating site geared toward your remarkably specific tastes.

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27 Reasons The Great Lakes Are Actually The Greatest

Lake Huron, Ontario, Michigan, Erie and Superior. To some, those names might not mean much. What's a lake when you have the ocean, someone from California might say. They can't be much compared to the Gulf Coast, a Floridian might sneer. But anyone who calls the Great Lakes home -- or a home away from home -- knows it's near impossible to beat the breathtaking surroundings of the five lakes that touch eight states and Canada.

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10 Extreme Objects Discovered In Space

Cosmic discoveries are important because they expand our understanding of nature and allow us to test reality against our mathematical theories. Here are 10 objects which reach the extremes we need to test the limits of our calculations—and our imaginations. Over four billion years ago, the early Solar System was horrible and extremely dangerous, full of planetoids at different points of development. Our cosmic neighborhood was littered with chunks of rock and ice, so collisions were frequent. The largest of these collisions accounts for one of the more popular theories of how our Moon came about.

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25 of the World’s Most Unique Bridges

Ever since the dawn of time man has been trying to cross things – oceans, mountains, deserts. It’s in our blood. Of course those are far bigger than anything we’ll see today. Crossing a river with a bridge can’t be all that exciting…or can it? With record breaking achievements, award winning designs, outstanding architecture, and rich history we are about to cross 25 of the world’s most unique bridges.

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8 Fictional Cops That Didn't Play By The Rules

Laws are made to be broken, and real life would be so much sweeter if cops stopped playing by the rules. Let's face it: no exciting cop or federal agent goes by the book anymore, and that's why Hollywood has made a killing by having your favorite fictional feds commit everything from abduction to kidnapping to straight-up murder. Sure, these fictional agents, cops and blue-collar government guys get the job done, but you can bet that they flipped off their bosses or blew up an entire city block in the process.

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Family Guy's 10 Best Side Characters

It could be argued that the people that make life interesting are the bit players - the folks who show up a couple of times a year, running around all naked and deaf, looking like anachronistic strong men, singing about steak and egg breakfasts, granting us a pardon from our own untimely death. They're the ones that keep it tolerable. The people we see every day... well, they just get annoying, don't they?

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5 Best Domain Name Registrars

A domain name is the magic that turns a raw IP address like into a human-friendly chunk of text like Here's a look at five of the most popular domain name registrars that help you register and manage your domains. Earlier this week we asked you to share your favorite domain registrar, and now we're back to highlight the five most popular responses. For the sake of establishing a baseline for comparison, we've noted the price of a one year .COM registration at each registrar beside their name. We'd urge you to read the fine print at each registrar, however, because saving $3 on a registration isn't much of a savings if you miss out on useful auxiliary features (like free domain parking, email forwarding, etc.) the slightly more expensive registrar offers.

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Top 10 Intense Three-Way Rivalries

This list is a response to the list entitled Top Ten Ultimate Rivalries published in The Ultimate Book of Top Ten Lists. The premise is simple: to count down ten great rivalries that include not just two, but exactly three diametrically opposed sides from categories ranging from history and sports to beauty and business. So with that, we might as well say it right now: Let’s get our three-way on.

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Top 10 Comedy Teams of All Time

Comedy seems to work best when done in groups. This is not just true of older comedy routines – most modern television comedy hits are such due to the supporting actors. For example, Will and Grace would never have survived were it not for the character of Karen Walker. This list looks at ten of the most prolific and most well known comedy teams. It is perhaps a little light on the British comedy duos such as the Goons – but do feel free to name them all in the comments.

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100 Signs You’re A Horrible Parent

Just because you’re physically capable of having a child doesn’t necessarily mean that you should. Unsure of whether you should procreate? Well giving your baby poprocks for an experiment or teaching your toddler how to smoke are two big signs that you’re not the right person for the job. Need more examples of how to raise the future serial killers, Craigslist personal ad users, and drug abusers of America? Check out our gallery of 50 parents who should have reached for that condom.

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These 7 Malory Archer Quotes Will Remind Everyone That You’re In Control

After FX’s Archer went ahead and rebooted itself again for its seventh season, Cyril Figgis (Chris Parnel) established The Figgis Detective Agency, with the crew of former spies once known as ISIS now working as detectives-in-training. Recently, as Cyril tried to exert his authority (it is his name on the wall, after all), by telling long-time boss Malory Archer (Jessica Walters) that he was the one in charge, she replied by patting him on the face while telling him simply “when I’m not around.” Such is the case when working with Malory, the ice-cold matriarch who, after a life hardened by a career in espionage, has maintained herself as the perpetual, controlling leader. So, the next time you need to remind everyone who’s boss, let Malory’s stern voice of authority be your guide.

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15 Fascinating Planets Outside Our Solar System

Exoplanets or “extrasolar planets” are planets found outside our solar system. They are designated by affixing a lowercase letter, starting from “b” towards “z” depending on order of discovery, to their parent star’s Flamsteed designation or catalogue numbers. When PSR1257 + 12 B and PSR1257 + 12 C (they used uppercase letters for these very first ones because they did not yet use the current nomenclature), and later 51 Pegasi b, the first confirmed exoplanets were discovered in the early 1990’s, they were hailed as the most significant breakthroughs in the field of Astronomy since the Copernican Revolution and caused an uproar in the scientific community, and revived hopes of finding Earth-like planets and perhaps life outside the Solar System. Before those discoveries extrasolar planets were deemed nonexistent by most reputable astronomers and mere mention of their existence was treated as science fiction such that no self-respecting scientist took them seriously until relatively recently.

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