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5 Pop Culture Apocalypse Scenarios and How They Might Happen

Since the earliest days, humankind has pondered the end of the world. We’ve imagined messianic judgment days, cataclysmic comets, hyperspace bypasses, and Mega Maids. Here are a few apocalyptic scenarios from recent popular culture, how they might happen, and how likely they are to occur.

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How 13 Classic Video Games Got Their Names

Here are the stories of how famous video games got their names, and what they were almost called. It’s not easy to create a game based solely on the concept of eating. But Namco employee Toru Iwatani did just that in 1980 by taking the idea of a pizza with a slice missing, and then having it eat a bunch of dots while being chased by ghosts in a maze. (Iwatani has also said that the shape is a rounded version of the square Japanese character for mouth.) The name of the game, Pakkuman, was inspired by the Japanese onomatopoeia, paku-paku, which describes the sound of eating, similar to the English word chomp. As the game was brought to market, the title morphed into Puck Man.

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Rock's Top 5 Religious Conversions

?Rocks Off understands the need for a good detox now and then, as most of our evening antics often leave us feeling less than bright-eyed and bushy-tailed come morning. We also imagine the damage inflicted by lifetime of hard partying and endless touring in the company of morally compromised music-industry execs and other unsavory characters would be considerably harder to erase. Certain circumstances might even require a soul-cleanse. Perhaps that's why so many musicians take solace in a higher power, seeking some sort of absolution for the sins of stardom. Five of the most memorable faith-swapping artists are listed below.

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15 Best Knock-Off Brands Ever

We’ve all come across knock-off products, whether in a seedy market abroad or somewhere a lot closer to home. Remembering this, the following 15 products gave us a giggle – in some cases, because we couldn’t believe how awful they are. Yet besides enjoying the ingenuity of these copycats, we’ll also delve into some of the facts behind knock-offs: where they come from, who buys them, and how they affect the real thing. From Obama Fried Chicken to Crust toothpaste, these are the cream of the counterfeit crop.

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The 7 Political Groups Most Likely To Believe In Astrology

A belief in astrology is surprisingly widespread in modern America. The National Science Foundation recently released a report reviewing scientific knowledge and attitudes. As noted by Chris Mooney at Mother Jones, perhaps NSF’s most striking finding was an increase in the belief in astrology from 32 percent in 2006 and 35 percent in 2010 to 45 percent in 2012. At the Demography of Diversity Project at Northwestern University, we took the same astrology data from the General Social Survey that NSF used and broke it down further by political party and liberal-conservative orientation. The results can be found in a brief report that I put up at the Social Science Research Network: “Who Believes That Astrology is Scientific?” Which political groups are more likely to believe that astrology is “very scientific” or “sort of scientific,” as opposed to those who believe that it is “not scientific at all”?

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10 Scary Financial Scams That Target the Elderly

Financial scams can target people at any age, but seniors are often favorite targets of scammers because most are homeowners, have substantial savings, are more trusting and may not know enough about the latest technology and laws to protect themselves. These scams cost older Americans millions, if not billions, every year — and despite crackdowns, they aren’t likely to stop anytime soon. So how can you protect your loved ones or yourself? Through education and proactivity, of course! If you’re unsure if any company is legit or committing fraud, contact the Better Business Bureau or the FTC and look for these common schemes — it just might save your financial future.

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Top 50 Gay Characters of All Time!

We have quite a few familiar faces – characters who made our last poll of the best gay and bisexual characters two and a half years ago – and a few missing ones, namely Vince D’Angelo (from Will & Grace), George Huang (from Law & Order: SVU), and Waylon Smithers (from The Simpsons), all of whom didn’t even make the top 50 this time around. Meanwhile, we also have many new faces – from shows that have debuted since our last poll. Every single character except two comes from a show that ran in the 00s (although some shows, like Will & Grace, did debut in the late 90s). The exceptions? Jodie Dallas, played by Billy Crystal, on Soap and Ricky Vasquez from My So-Called Life.

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11 Common Traits of Mass Murderers and Serial Killers

Could your neighbor be a mass murderer? Could one of your friends actually be a serial killer? Worse yet, could you be raising a child that’s going to grow up to be the next Jared Lee Loughner? It’s a horrifying thought, but the truth is these violent criminals come from somewhere. Many of them are living among us now, and we don’t even realize it until it’s too late. But surely there must be a way we can identify mass murderers and serial killers, right? As it turns out, mass murderers, serial killers, and other extremely violent individuals do share a range of common traits.

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The 30 Hottest Women of Native American Descent

In honor of the Thanksgiving season, and the original inhabitants of this great country, here are the 30 hottest women of all ages and sizes who are of some Native American descent. We couldn't find their spirit animals on Wikipedia, but we're assuming they're foxes, minxes and possibly, just possibly, the double-breasted hot chick.

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Meet the 5 Scariest Tree-Killing Machines

If trees could dream, these would give them nightmares. In many places throughout the world, deforestation continues to be a problem--which is what makes seeing the latest in tree-killing machinery all the more troubling. Gone, it seems, are the days of hard-earned lumber, where felling a tree took sweat and grit. Now, thanks to advances in technology, large swaths of forest can be harvested in a fraction of the time by a single lumberjack, all from a comfortable seated position. In fact, there are a number of scary-looking machines on the market today, all designed to make short work of forests.

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10 Fascinating Skybridges

A skybridge is a type of pedway consisting of an enclosed or covered bridge between two buildings. This protects pedestrians from the weather. However, with the development of architecture and construction in the past few decades, the look and purpose of the skybridges are to some extent changed. So today we can see that in addition to the basic functions it perform, these unusual constructions serve, also, as a observation platforms, luxury hospitality facilities, and works of art.

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10 Propaganda Campaigns That Backfired Spectacularly

Propaganda, if used correctly, can be a very powerful tool for swaying people’s hearts and minds. However, as we’ve pointed out before, shoddy propaganda can explode right in the perpetrators’ faces. The famous April 1942 air raid led by Col. James Doolittle into the heart of the Japanese Empire was a resounding psychological victory for the Americans. Aside from shattering the Japanese myth of invincibility and forcing the Japanese to divert precious fighter planes to guard their islands, it also raised the spirits of the Americans and their allies—except for the Chinese, that is. Generalissimo Chiang Kai-shek, the leader of the Nationalist Chinese forces and also purportedly the target of assassination by his own allies, opposed the American plan because bombers landed in Chinese fields. Such a move, reasoned Kai-shek, would surely invite a fierce Japanese reprisal.

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