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That's Sick! 7 Strange and Bizarre Japanese Medical Devices

While the vast majority of Japanese medical device designs are insightful, beneficial and, er, normal, a rare few stand out by virtue of their extreme niche applications and distinctive attributes such as borderline inappropriate cuteness. This isn't always a bad thing, especially if one of these strange and bizarre medical devices is about to be used on you.

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The World’s 6 Richest Pets

People love pets. From the ordinary to the exotic, humans love to look after other species, whether they are as common as a cat or as endangered as an eagle. We often devote more time and affection to our furred and feathered friends than we do to our own kin. This is especially true when it comes to this list.Here, you will find a profusion of pampered pets. Featuring cats and even a chicken, this list of the world’s richest pets shows that although we love many of the planet’s inhabitants, dogs really are man’s best friend.

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Top 10 Disgusting Ingredients You’ve Probably Eaten Today

The “natural flavors” label is quite intriguing. It is considered a way of protecting the secret formula/recipe, a way of preserving the product’s uniqueness. Would you expect regurgitated secretions produced in an animal’s digestive system to be approved by the FDA as food additives? The secretion produced by the beaver’s sacs and civet absolute (“derived from the unctuous secretions from the receptacles between the anus and genitalia of both the male and female civet cat”, according to A Consumer’s Dictionary of Food Additives; delish) are other gross ingredients found in food. Watch out for those natural flavorings & flavors! Lanolin is secreted by the sebaceous glands of wool-bearing animals. Believe it or not, it is used to soften chewing gum. Sugar itself doesn’t contain animal ingredients, but most companies use bone char (animal charcoal) in filters to decolorize sugar. According to regulatory bodies, the bones are required to come from cattle that have died of natural causes. Countries like Pakistan, Brazil, Nigeria, India and Morocco are main suppliers.

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Top 7 Ass-Getting Hollywood Assclowns

Brian Austin Greene made some kind of pact with the devil last night because he somehow convinced his on-again off-again girlfriend Megan Fox to marry him. And sadly he’s not the only undeserving assclown in Hollywood who manages to hook up with some of Hollywood’s A-list hotties. Here are 6 other guys who have seen far more sexy celebrity ass than anyone from their high school class would have ever predicted.

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9 Unique Military Mobile Bridges

Bridge layers have to be about the closest thing in the real world to a Transformer, giant fold up, extendable instantly deployable bridges that are most often fixed to modified tanks. This is a list of the 9 unique military vehicles that carry its own road. These vehicles we don’t usually see every day.

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Porn Stars’ Big Fake Boobs

With the 2010 AVN Awards Show taking place in Las Vegas this weekend at The Palms Casino Resort, we figured it was an opportune moment to take a look at dozens of the biggest, roundest, and most voluptuous gazungas in adult entertainment.

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Top 10 Soviet Cosmonauts

Strictly speaking the post is not about 10 best cosmonauts but about cosmonauts involved in the first 10 successful Soviet space flights. Starting from the seventh the flights were not more individual so you’ll find here more than 10 persons. Let’s start.

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6 Horrifying Modern Cannibals

Cannibalism, as repulsive as it is, can be understood in cases where consuming the deceased is an alternative to certain starvation. Those who eat human flesh by choice, however, tend to be the kind of people who will torture and murder to satisfy their curiosity. Be warned that some of the following links are disturbing.

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7 Easy Ways to Kick-Start Your Metabolism

Raise a hand if you have a fast metabolism. Anyone? Truth is, we all think our metabolic rate is slowww—and assume that speeding it up would require two-hour runs and boot camp till we're wrecked. Not so. In fact, all the little decisions you make about eating and moving make a big difference in your calorie-torching ability. "Your metabolism isn't fixed," says exercise physiologist Gary Ditsch. "You can impact it significantly with your daily activity and diet." Adopt a few of these strategies to get the metabolism you crave—in the time you have.

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In Top Ten Countries For Business, U.S. Ranks Last

In the ten best countries on the planet to run a business, the U.S. ranks last. That still has it in the top 10, which is still something to brag about. But smaller countries in Europe and one Asian city-state is an even better, easier place to set up shop. Management consulting firm Grant Thornton released results from their Global Dynamism Index on Tuesday.

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