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10 Thoroughly Modern Menorahs

The beginning of Hanukkah is only a couple days from now -do you know where your chanukiyah, the nine-branch menorah, is? Using the Hanukkah menorah your grandparents used may be a family tradition, but do-it-yourself, arty, or high-tech menorahs have the same symbolism. Here are a few interesting ones found around the internet.

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40 Photoshop Actions for Designers and Photographers

Photoshop Actions allow designers and photographers to quickly edit photos in a specific way. The right action can save a great deal of time as opposed to doing all of the work manually. In this post we’ll feature 40 free Photoshop actions (many are actually sets of multiple actions). Our past collections of Photoshop actions continue to draw interest, so we hope many of you will find these to be useful as well. If you see something that you want to try out, click on the image or the text link and you’ll be able to download the actions from the source.

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15 Technologies That Changed The Way We Watch Television

It’s easy to take for granted how important your television really is. It revolutionized how information spreads, empowered the common man and helped end atrocities like Vietnam and civil inequality. But in the bustle of life, it’s easy to lose sight of the TV advances that gave society so much power. Consider this article an eye opener; below you’ll find some of the most important (and oft-forgotten) gadgetry that brought TV to where it is today…

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13 Best Haunted Houses In America

Running a haunted house used to be one of the worst ways to scare up an income, but a lot has changed in the last decade. "Ten years ago, very few people gave up a job with health insurance in order to run a haunted house year-round," Larry Kirchner, editor HauntWorld, a website dedicated to the haunted attraction industry, told The Huffington Post. Kirchner, who has been following the professional haunted house industry since 1996, said that what once was a seasonal business now has year-round potential. "When I started out, basically haunted houses in a given area were competing with local businesses," he said. "Now, thanks to YouTube and Travel Channel, the competition to be the best has gone national." HauntWorld has compiled a list of what it proclaims to be the 13 best haunted houses in the country. Kirchner thinks the people behind the houses could find work in other fields if the haunted house business dries up. "The people who run these houses could easily be working in Hollywood doing movies," he said. "That's the type of dedication this takes."

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10 Greatest Movies of All Time, as Picked by Geeks

Once a decade, Sight & Sound asks film critics to select a list of 10 greatest movies of all time. These wonks came up with a list of 10 films that I bet most of you haven't seen before. The earliest one dated from 1927 (Sunrise: A Song for Two Humans by F.W. Murnau) and latest one made is all the way from 1968 (2001: A Space Odyssey by Stanley Kubric).

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Eye Tracking Study Reveals 12 Website Tactics

Eye tracking studies have revealed valuable information about how people read and interact with websites. One study, Eyetrack III, published a summary of their eye tracking results for news sites. While this is just one eye tracking study focused on a particular type of site, I think there are instructive nuggets here for any informational website.

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4 Ways Denmark Ruined The US For Me

It's been six months since I abandoned my life as an expat in Copenhagen. That year was sweet for a lot of reasons, and seems even sweeter now that it’s out of my reach. Almost imperceptibly, Danish culture became a warm, comfortable space that felt like home. Some habits died as soon as America was again my cultural reference point, but other habits died harder.

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5 Outrageous Tactics The ATF Has Allegedly Used

Agents from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) have reportedly resorted to outrageous tactics to arrest people for gun crimes. In a recent segment of public radio program "This American Life," Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reporters John Diedrich and Raquel Rutledge spoke about their investigation into a Milwaukee ATF sting they say horribly wrong. That operation, called "Operation Fearless," set up fake storefronts for felons to sell their guns that allegedly used questionable tactics like paying huge sums for guns. The Sentinel reporters say they uncovered similar problems in ATF stings nationwide, including in Albuquerque, Atlanta, Milwaukee, Pensacola, Portland, and Wichita. Ultimately, the ATF's methods prompted a Congressional investigation earlier this year.

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13 Bizarre Real Estate Investment Opportunities

Despite the 2008 housing downturn and troubles that persist in the market, real estate remains one of the safest, surest investments there is. But if you’re still a little gun-shy about buying a house, we understand. Instead you may want to invest in these 13 Bizarre Real Estate Investment Opportunities. At best, you could end up with a lucrative outside-the-box endeavor that will grow your financial stake considerably. At worst, you’ll have an intriguing story to share at parties.

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The 5 Myths Of The Great Financial Meltdown

It's hard to believe, but it's been five years and a day since the U.S. financial system's problems surfaced, and we're still not even remotely close to being able to feel good about the economy. My admittedly arbitrary start date is June 12, 2007, the day the Wall Street Journal reported that two Bear Stearns hedge funds that owned mortgage securities were in big trouble. At the time, things didn't seem all that grim -- in fact, U.S. stocks hit an all-time high four months later. But in retrospect the travails of the funds, which collapsed within weeks, were a tip-off that a crisis was afoot. Problems kept erupting, efforts to restore calm failed, and we trembled on the brink of a financial abyss in 2008-09. Things have gotten better since then, but still aren't close to being right.

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10 Movies That Got Great Performances From Actors By Torturing Them

As usual, this year's Academy Awards have nominated numerous actors who were voluntarily tortured, abused, and punished for their art. It's a strategy that has worked in the past — most recently for Anne Hathaway in Les Miserables, who implied she had used dangerous weight-loss techniques to play a dying woman, and won an Oscar for her efforts. This year, more actors have mistreated themselves. Some have Oscar nominations, and some haven't even come close — but each one deserves at least a courtesy paragraph in tribute to their sacrifice.

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Veals on Wheels: 10 Rejected Food Truck Names

Last week, assistant music editor Craig Hlavaty amused the entire office by forwarding a link to Filmdrunk’s recent post, “Ideas for Movie-Themed Food Trucks.” On the front page was the Photoshopped image of a “Hunan Centipede” food truck that haunted us all for days. Talk about a rejected food truck name. Later that week, I bantered with fellow staff writer Craig Malisow about more “rejected food truck names,” coming up with some pretty lame ideas: Hot Dogs-n-Cats, Corn on the Cholera. Malisow suggested Hit ‘n’ Run and was chagrined when I told him that there’s already a Hit ‘n’ Run food truck in Houston, advertising — you guessed it — “killer street food.” Undaunted, we came up with a list of more rejected food truck names — well, mostly Malisow did — for any future Houston food trucks who, like Hit ‘n’ Run, really want to take it that extra mile.

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