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7 Abandoned Breweries Open for Exploration

Does it get much better than beer-themed urban exploring? We didn’t think so… You probably won’t be able to find any of the good stuff still lying around in these defunct breweries, but there are still tons of abandoned items to discover. Massive round holes left over from industrial vats are a mainstay, as are interesting machinery and tons of old labels. These breweries can be found around the world, especially in the US Midwest and Belgium, where enthusiastic brewers revolutionized the art of beer making around the turn of the century. Although some of the beer brands are now defunct and others have moved on to more high-tech breweries, these massive factories still stand as a testament to a very special time in beer-making history. Since these buildings are so popular, many have already been turned into modern housing or office buildings, so start exploring soon before the original architecture and machinery are all gone.

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10 Best Bowls of Pho in Metro Phoenix

A Vietnamese dish incorporating Chinese flavors and French style, pho is a beef broth soup of rice noodles, vegetables, and meat. Typically accompanied by garnishes, sides, and sauces, this meal is an interactive experience in which you, the eater, choose your own destiny of taste. You could do a bit more hoisin sauce for a sweet and savory soup, or a dash of sriracha on top of those bean sprouts, or even just plain and simple with a light squeeze of a lime. A derivative of the French pot-au-feu, or classic beef stew, the Vietnamese have made this soup their own, as is expressed in the many restaurants offering these hefty bowls around the Valley.

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The 100 Best B Movies of All Time

Not every film can be the Citizen Kane of its day. For every high-budget “A movie” that commands significant promotion and funding from its studio, there are piles of B movies that scratch and claw their way into existence without the benefit of things like “a budget” or “a script” in some cases. To compare them with A movies in terms of resources and immersiveness isn’t a fair proposition. Instead, discerning film fans are able to simply appreciate them for what they are. But what does “best” mean when we’re talking about films often famous for their shoddy construction? It certainly doesn’t mean “best-made.” It also doesn’t mean “worst-made,” or else films like Manos: The Hands of Fate and The Beast of Yucca Flats would make prominent appearances. They’re not on this list because the meaning of “best” here is “most entertaining,” and I defy you to be entertained by Manos without its MST3k commentary or a pound of medical-grade marijuana. If these films are painful, they’re also equally fun.

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20 Films You Probably Didn't Know Are Getting Remade

In case you hadn't noticed, Hollywood execs adore repetition. If it was financially viable enough, they would happily release 400 films a year starring Clint Eastwood as a grizzled ex-cop and Katherine Heigl as his kooky single daughter. The constant barrage of remakes is starting to get a little bit tiresome and in the next few months alone, we can look forward to reboots of Conan The Barbarian, Fright Night, Don't Be Afraid of the Dark, The Three Musketeers and Footloose. But here are 20 of them you might not be aware of...

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10 Websites for Puzzles, Brain Teasers and Riddles

Riddle me this, riddle me that… So goes the popular line from one of superhero fiction’s most popular villains. And we are hooked as The Riddler plots Batman’s downfall with a riddle. That’s the hook that a good riddle delivers. Come to think of it, even a stupid one gets the gears in our brain moving. There actually are no stupid riddles; just easy ones and difficult ones.

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10 Most Technophobic Movies

"Technophobia" is a pretty easy word to break down: fear of technology, specifically of advanced computers or other devices and a belief that they will lead to humanity's ruin. Although a technophobe sounds like a neo-Luddite, it actually goes a lot deeper than that. What's more, technophobia pops up in movies far more often than you might think. The easy target when it comes to tech-based movies are those films that show an egregious misunderstanding of how the Internet works, or that show older generations struggling to get along in a digital age. But real technophobia deals with tech gone awry, taking over a person or city or world in order to execute its own lethal agenda. The films below are some of the most technophobic ever made, though some of the titles might surprise you. Next time you're at the movies, keep an eye out for the real villain.

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10 Families Who Killed Together

The family that plays together stays together so what does that say about those folks who get a little rough? The mothers who arm their offspring, the brothers who take out their elders or those large extended families who make the neighbors very nervous are not the Norman Rockwell type, but they are in a weird way far more interesting.

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8 Foods That Disrupt Sleep

An estimated 50 to 70 million adults in the United States suffer from sleeplessness. If you’re one of them, what you eat before bedtime could be keeping you awake at night and groggy during the day. Find out which foods you should avoid at least three hours before getting in bed, so you can get all the Zzz’s you need to feel rested and restored.

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15 iPad Apps You Should Download Today

The iPad’s got a big screen, zippy performance and a decent web browser — but its real potential lies in the thousands of apps — more than 3,000 already — that use that hardware in new and interesting ways. But as significant of an advancement as the iPad may be compared to its smaller predecessors, one major problem remains: The App Store is still a cluttered mess, and iPad apps only add to the pile. Furthermore, iPad apps are generally more expensive than iPhone or iPod Touch apps. A few downloads could quickly drive your iTunes bill to the triple-digit range. Just which iPad apps are worth the splurge? After scouting the store and obsessively testing apps for days, we’ve dug up 15 gems that we believe are the best among the early birds, based on criteria of innovation, fun factor, value and quality interface design. We’ve split them up into three categories: productivity, media and games.

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40 Ways We Still Use Floppy Disks

Floppy disks: headed for the museum, or treasured home for your data? When Sony said this week it was halting the production of floppy disks, the Magazine set out to discover who still buys and uses this anachronistic computer storage medium. More than 1,000 readers e-mailed in response to the Magazine's request to explain their attachment to the once universally popular 3.5" diskettes. Many pointed out floppies are needed to access even newer computers' deepest innards - their Bios. Here are 40 explanations for why floppy disks are still needed.

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Brad Pitt Movie Mistakes: 7 Oops Moments From the Actor's Biggest Movies

Brad Pitt has been everything from a Greek warrior to one of the most badass imaginary friends you could ask for. This week marks the premiere of "The Counselor," directed by Ridley Scott and written by novelist Cormac McCarthy, in which Pitt co-stars as middleman Westray. The movie follows Michael Fassbender's Counselor, who gets involved with Javier Bardem's Reiner in a drug trafficking deal. Westray is the Texas-talking, long-haired cowboy who helps the titular Counselor set up the deal. While you've no doubt been watching Pitt on-screen for years, there are still a handful of "uh oh" moments you've likely missed. From multiple wardrobe malfunctions to disappearing blood, check out the mistakes from your favorite Brad Pitt movies.

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12 Unbelievably Filthy Apartments

Trainspotting declared the worst toilet in Scotland, something which presumably takes some beating. Here are some of the worst toilets, kitchens, living rooms and bedrooms.

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