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10 Infamous Wonders of the World

There are 7 distinctly famous worldly wonders which inspire awe and demand intrigue, but mostly in the way of their unfathomable beauty. In Egypt, we have the Great Pyramids which to this day baffle even the most learned of engineers and architects, in their precision of construction and apparent lack of technological intervention (that is if you don’t buy the “ancient aliens” theories). In Arizona, we have the Grand Canyon, a profoundly gaping spectacle and standing proof of erosion’s mighty shovel. But in addition to these marvels of human and natural possibility, there also exists a darker counterpart: the creations and residuals of what less-than-admirable events have occurred during our collective human experience.

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20 Mockbusters You Might Confuse for the Real Movie

When there’s massive hype and anticipation for a major release, sometimes smaller studios try to cash in, piggy-backing off the blockbuster’s success with their own low-budget versions. With the advent of online video streaming services such as Netflix and Hulu Plus, these “mockbusters” have been on the rise for the past 10 years. Here are 20 knock-off movies that you might confuse for the real deal (if you squint real hard).

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Top 10 Famous Fathers and Their Sons

For over a hundred years since the first decade of the twentieth century, Father’s Day has honored fathers and celebrated fatherhood, paternal bonds, and the influence of fathers in society. The holiday is currently celebrated all over the world from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe and over seventy countries in between! This list selects 10 of the most famous fathers and their sons from around the world and across time. The list selects a variety of fathers and sons from diverse professions so as to present a more diverse list than necessarily the all-time top ten fathers and sons of all professions. As such, numerous notable fathers and sons could not be included.

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10 Food Facts That Should Surprise You

There is no doubt that food is constantly on my mind. If you are a friend of mine on facebook or a facebook Listverse fan you will see that the majority of my recent posts involve my food experiences. So, this list should come as no surprise! We have had food facts, food misconceptions, food horrors, and now we have food facts that should be surprising to the majority of our readers. The fortune cookie was invented in San Francisco in 1909, at the Japanese Tea Garden Restaurant. In 1916, Los Angeles noodle manufacturer David Jung claimed to be the inventor, but a San Francisco court ruled that Makoto Hagiwara, caretaker of Golden Gate Park’s Japanese Tea Garden, was the creator of the cookies, which he served to guests of the gardens. If you have others you think we missed, be sure to add them to the comments.

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10 Sensational New Discoveries

Imagine going blind, and having your sight restored using your own tooth – or putting on a helmet that allows other people to read your thoughts. It may sound like the most unlikely of science fiction, but these things are actually possible thanks to the many astounding scientific discoveries made in the past year or so. The procedure has restored sight to over 600 people worldwide. From medical miracles to properties of quantum mechanics that theoretically put teleportation within reach, these breakthroughs have the potential to transform our world as we know it.

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20 Spring Break Ideas for People who Hate the Beach

Let's face it: spring break is pretty played out. We've long since passed the point where doing anything depicted on MTV's Spring Break coverage looks like fun; there are only so many red Solo cups full of trashcan punch one can drink before wondering if there isn't something better out there. The answer for college students is yes, yes there is. There are dozens (if not hundreds) of ways to spend your spring break that have nothing to do with beaches or any of the stereotypical destinations that attract most visitors. If you hate the heat and sand, are tired of the same old thing, or are just looking for a more personalized experience, consider one of these trips.

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The 10 Best Computers in Science Fiction Movies

For nearly a century, the best computers in science fiction movies have set standards for real-world computer engineers to live up to. Unfortunately, the most advanced practical super-computer we’ve come up with is a smart phone that sometimes gets service. But that won’t stop science fiction movies from constantly dreaming of bigger, better — and sometimes badder — super-computers to accompany, assist, and attack our celluloid heroes.

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Top 10 Brain Melting Films

Sometimes the best feeling to experience from a film is confusion. While mainstream Hollywood loves to churn out countless hackneyed formula-followers, which tell us precisely when to cry or laugh or release tension, having everything spoon-fed and laid out so predictably is a very traditional approach to film. Sure each has its place, a comedy for when you need a good laugh or a romance for when you’re on a date and aren’t paying attention to what’s actually happening on-screen, but to be truly engaged by a film, it needs to take you on a ride through murky territory. Here, such prickly feelings as paranoia, insecurity, and apprehension can take hold as you wonder what could possibly come next sequentially. A good filmmaker leaves his audience in the dark, and not just because of cinematic conventions. For those who fancy disappearing at the bottom of that stimulation-filled abyss, exploring and beholding the various dissonant textures which lie within, these titles will be undoubtedly familiar.

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10 Worst Food Contamination Incidents Ever

Whether the cause is willful deception or simply a tragic mistake, contaminated food is a very real and present danger – and one that can have deadly consequences. Incidents range from the inclusion of nasty ingredients to the addition of hazardous substances that should never have entered human digestive systems. For example, in the wake of the recent discovery of horse DNA in European beef products, concerns have been raised over the potential ingestion of dangerous drugs such as phenylbutazone, which is an anti-inflammatory often used on horses to relieve pain and high temperatures.

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8 Simple Tips to Save Energy at Home

Saving energy can be very useful for you: you save money while protecting the environment. People don’t know many ways to do so, and here’s a list of eight highly efficient ways to Save Energy at home.

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