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8 Unusual and Strange Walls Around the World

Walls have been built since ancient times, to mark borders, protect kingdoms and settlements, or keep out unwanted people. In more recent times, walls have also been built to serve as memorials and structures of art. Not all walls are controversial and divisive. Seattle's gum wall is the place for any unwanted chewing gum, a tradition which was started by people queuing for the theatre. Currently the gum on the wall stretches to several inches thick and is a slightly alternative location for wedding photographs.

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10 Largest Homes in the United States

These are the ten largest homes in the United States by square footage that were built before 1950. All ten of these mansion homes are big tourist attractions today that collectively receive over 5 million visitors annually. Ironically the only largest home on the list that is not currently open to the public is the only home owned by the public. The locations of some of these largest homes in the United States might be a surprise to many. How many people know that North Carolina is where the largest home in America is located or that the two smallest states in the United States, Rhode Island and Delaware, are home to three of the biggest homes in the United States built before 1950?

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7 Abandoned Amusement Parks

From Zombieland to Scooby Doo to Silent Hill 3, movies, TV shows and games love to incorporate abandoned amusement parks into the storylines because they are inherently creepy. The haunting silence in a place that should be filled with laughter and chatter just seems wrong and, of course, if a ride does happen to move when it’s not supposed to, that’s when you know things are really going to end badly. But abandoned amusement parks aren’t just found in works of fiction. Here are some truly creepy and completely real theme parks that have been left to nature’s devices.

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15 Billionaires Who Were Once Dirt Poor

Wealth tends to create more wealth, but a rich background is not the only way to the top. Some of the world's wealthiest people started out dirt poor. All from humble beginnings, these 15 people not only climbed to the top of their industries but also became some of the richest people in the world. Although the rich do get richer, these rags-to-riches stories remind us that through determination, grit, and a bit of luck anyone can overcome their circumstances and achieve extraordinary success.

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20 Successful People Who’ve Struggled With Bipolar Disorder

As America overcomes and eliminates the unfortunate stigma that has been attached to mental illnesses, more and more successful individuals have disclosed their struggles with various disorders. Bipolar disorder, specifically, is one that can startle those who don’t understand it. If not controlled, it can cause shifts in mood and energy, and can hinder the sufferer from undertaking their normal daily activities, thus preventing them from living a normal life. That’s why it’s encouraging to hear that someone such as Catherine Zeta-Jones, who seems almost perfect, has persevered with it amid the challenges it constantly presents. Curious about who else has succeeded with bipolar disorder? The list is actually quite extensive, so we’ve decided to compile just a few. Whether you’re in high school, college or entrenched in the real world, and you’ve been diagnosed as bipolar, know that with a little help, you can do anything.

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5 Tips On Talking To Kids About Scary News

With tragic story of a mass shooting in Colorado flashing on the news this morning, parents may find themselves awkwardly fielding questions from their kids. How do you explain that scary events do occur while still making your children feel safe? We talked to Dr. Paul Coleman, author of How to Say It to Your Child When Bad Things Happen, to find out the best ways to talk to kids about disturbing images and events.

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7 States With No Income Tax

No one likes to pay income taxes. That's not a problem, at least at the state level, for residents of seven states that have no state income tax. Two others don't tax wage income.

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5 Creative Ways To Give Money As Gifts Online

The first thing I should point out is that not everyone would probably label all of these ideas as terribly “creative” ways to give money as gifts, but there are times when you’ve waited right up to the last minute, and then realize that you have to get a gift to someone in less than a few days. You have no time to mail a package, no time to mail a card with money inside – no time to do anything but wonder how you let yourself get into this position. You don’t want your friend or family member to think that you forgot about them, but you’re also stuck in a situation with very few options. Tina recently wrote a great post with some last minute gift ideas. In this post, I’d like to offer a few additional creative ways to give money as gifts through online resources when you’re really hard-pressed for time.

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The 10 Most Ingenious Cheats In Automotive History

Amid the VW dieselgate shitshow we wondered about the other automotive cheaters who nearly got away. Thankfully, you, our readers gave us the answers. Why take the long way around when you could cheat your way through? In an effort to get around the the United States government’s 25 percent tariff from the Chicken Tax, Subaru designed U.S.-bound Brats to be equipped with two plastic rear-facing, bed-mounted passenger seats so that the Brat could be classified as a “car.” However that works.

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6 Ridiculous Celebrity Products

Whether you’re talking about a basketball player or a movie star, one of the biggest sources of income for any celebrity is endorsement deals. Most of these star-product marriages make sense, like when Michael Jordan hocks sneakers or Tiger Woods (eventually) gets into the condom selling business. But now and then, you’ll find some products not only endorsed by celebrities, but actually boasting their name, like George Foreman’s Lean Mean Grilling Machine. We’re still trying to figure out how exactly George Foreman became an authority on healthy grilling, but at this point he’s as famous for his product as he ever was for his boxing career. Some of these other celebrities, however, are probably hoping people will forget about the products boasting their names.

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8 Horrible Crimes Stopped by Legal Gun Owners

divisive topic. Some stand by their rights to bear arms, and they say that private firearms stop millions of crimes each year. Those opposed to gun ownership believe that the more guns that are out in the public, the more shootings and deaths will take place. Regardless of where you stand on the issue, it is interesting to note the high number of incidents where legal gun owners were able to use their weapons to stop some horrible crimes. Here are just 8 such stories for you to consider.

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9 Most Crystal Clear Waters on Earth

We’ve deemed you, our beloved readers, worthy of a list of the most beautiful, crystal clear waters in the world. Some are lakes, some are oceans, and all are natural. We wouldn’t be so over-the-top to claim this is a list of places to visit before you die, but we would heartily recommend you make a trip to a few while you’re still alive.

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