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8 Grossest Things Bear Grylls has Consumed

Bear Grylls is one tough dude. Best known for his television series "Man vs. Wild," the 37-year-old was the youngest Briton to climb Mount Everest (when he was 23) and was a member of the U.K. Special Forces. In 1996, he badly injured his spine when his parachute failed to completely deploy, sending him plummeting to the ground which he hit with high speed. Eighteen months later, he was standing on the summit of Everest. In addition to his climbing feats, Bear has crossed the North Atlantic in an inflatable boat, circumnavigated the U.K. on a jet ski, paramotered over both Mount Everest and Angel Falls in Venezuela, and even once rowed for 22 miles, naked, in a homemade bathtub along the Thames River to raise money for a friend who had been badly injured in a climbing accident.

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24 Survival Tips For Living Alone

Living solo can make a few nagging home and kitchen issues even more frustrating than when you have someone around to help. Here's how to make some of that stuff easier, though overall these are small prices to pay for never having to wear pants around the house. Make sure the wine overflows so the jar is completely filled and no air gets into the wine. It'll store in the fridge for a week. No judgements if you're the type who can down an entire bottle of wine by yourself.

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10 Brutal Killing Techniques from Nature

A lion’s bite to the neck would be a walk in the park compared to some of these brutal killing techniques. We’re not sure why so many horror writers have to invent vampires, ghosts and zombies to scare audiences. As the following 10 brutal killing techniques will prove, nightmare-inspiring fodder is plentiful in the animal kingdom. A nature documentary can be every bit as scary as the latest blockbuster.

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15 Major Fast Food Failures

The fast food restaurant is a fixture of urban, suburban and rural America, appealing to people from every age group, income bracket and ethnic background. It’s as close as you can get in the United States to something everyone can agree on. Despite their dominant position in the US marketplace, the Taco Bells, Burger Kings and Pizza Huts of the nation still have to attract customers; kitchen staff, marketing departments and research teams are constantly looking for new ways to court them. However, not all of the ideas can be on a par with the Big Mac, and sometimes, they fall squarely into the “what were they thinking?” category, as anyone who’s tried to eat a McLobster sandwich can attest.

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Top 10 Misconceptions We Want To Believe

We have previously done a number of lists of misconceptions, but this time we are adding a twist – these are the misconceptions we want to believe, for various reasons. This list might prove a little inflammatory, but I have tried to be as honest as possible. As always, it is a gross generalization to suggest that we all follow this thinking – as many of us don’t, but I hope that there will be at least one or two items here that each person can admit to believing, despite not being certain about their truth.

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The Top 10 TV Detectives

Shamus, sleuth, gumshoe, P.I., private eye, private dick… We have so many names for detectives and so many great characters in literature, movies, television, and radio. Anne Iredale’s Top 10 Literary Detectives inspired this list. It made me think of all of the great TV detectives. According to the Museum of Broadcast Communications, the earliest TV detective shows were “Man Against Crime (1949-56, CBS, NBC, Dumont) and Martin Kane, Private Eye (1949-54, NBC).” They also classify TV detectives into three classic characters inspired by fiction: the hard-boiled detective, the clever puzzle-solver, and the amateur detective duo.

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40 Essential Terms to Get You Through Tax Season

Depending on how you plan to file this year, you might be ready to send in your tax return. And as complicated as your taxes might have seemed last year, there’s always a chance you’ll have a whole new set of laws, deadlines, and jargon to put up with this year, especially if you got married, had a baby, changed jobs, started your own business, or invested in a new energy-efficient home. If you didn’t major in accounting in college or aren’t even very good with numbers, we’ve collected 40 essential tax terms to get you through the season.

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The 46 Best Neil deGrasse Tyson Quotes Of All Time

Dr. Tyson is perhaps best known for unintentionally giving heartburn to anti-science right wingers. We love his Twitter stream, where he makes science fun, memorable, and understandable. You’ll probably learn and remember more spending an hour on his Twitter feed than you did in years of high school science. We’ve compiled the best of the best of his awesome Tweets. Stay tuned. We’ll make this a series.

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10 People Who Escaped Close Shaves With Death

Every day we walk the streets, most of the time little realizing how closely we might be dicing with death. The Grim Reaper is nothing if not unpredictable. Cars speed past in a seemingly parallel world, but the sidewalk would provide no protection if one were to come careering out of control, its path destined to cross your own. When flesh and bone is all that stands in the way of a ton of spinning metal, there can be only one winner.

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Top 10 Worst Dressed TV Characters of All Time

TV characters from the dawn of the broadcast era have inspired viewers through fashion. Who doesn’t have a vivid image of Leave It to Beaver’s Mrs. Cleaver and her starched dresses and pearls or the New York high fashion looks of the cast of Sex and City? We have viewed fashion trends through the years on our TV screens and have definitely seen the good, the bad, and the ugly when it comes to clothing. While few would dispute that the sleek, 1960s looks worn on the Dick Van Dyke Show or the glamorous couture on Dynasty defined the times, not all TV shows have led the way when it comes to fashion. And, there have been a number of characters who are best known for their less than stellar wardrobes. They’ve made us cringe, laugh, and gawk at their tackiness and lack of good taste. Here are the top ten worst dressed TV characters of all time.

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43 Sexiest Celeb Twitter Pics!

Being on twitter is either brilliant or boring. The first time you access the site you immediately follow the celebrities and then basically sit back and wonder what on earth you do on this site. It’s a process that happens roughly every 4-6 months until you either give up or get sucked in. For the lads we’ve decided to prove a nice appetiser to join Twitter, the 43 sexiest celebrity twitter photos ever! Follow these babes and you’ll be fixed for regular updated softcore material! Enjoy!

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20 Fun And Creative Halloween Costume Ideas For Families

Dressing up and going trick-or-treating with your kids is a big part of Halloween for most parents, and even if the little one isn't old enough to walk around town on their own it's still great fun to dress them up. Here's a collection of parent and child, or entire family, costume ideas to inspire and delight.

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