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Top 10 Best Real Time Strategy Games of 2013

Real Time Strategy Games are primarily for the PC, but most of the people have been playing them on consoles too. Real Time Strategy games are liked by a lot of people because all the movements and the game play happenings is actual and is being taking place in real time. This is the reason that everyone loves to play the real time games. Video games are always the fun to play and they offer a variety of typical knowledge and experience too like solving puzzles, shooting and jumping etc. Apart from regular gamers these real time games also keep their top place for engineers and generals. Free at the weekend, you can try to play any of these latest and really the best real time strategy games once in a while. This is the list of Top 10 Best Real Time Strategy Games to Play in 2013. Letís have a look that which games are topping the charts of popularity among the gaming users.

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25 Breweries to Watch in 2013

2012 was yet another banner year for craft beer in the U.S.óas the Brewers' Association reported recently, the industry now represents 6.5% of the U.S. beer market (up from 5.7% the previous year), and there are currently more than 2,347 craft breweries operating across the country. This growth is worth celebrating, but it also causes challenges for consumers trying to sort through the endless options at the bottle shop and bar to pick something that's really worth drinking. To play the game well and avoid the scourge of declining quality, you've got to do your research.

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7 Amazing Antarctic Lakes

Lakes? In my frozen Antarctica? Itís more likely than you think, and their existence has nothing to do with global warming. This in-depth (brrr!) look at 7 amazing Antarctic lakes shows us the 7th continent still has a few tricks up its frosty sleeve. As is the case with many of the glacial meltwater lakes in the Dry Valleys region, the purity of the water in the frozen surface cap allows for a remarkable clarity shown off to full advantage by scientists and photographers alike.

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Land Your Dream Job With 25 Innovative Resume Ideas

Sending in your resume is usually your first step in making a lasting impression to your dream company, so youíve got to make sure yours is awesome enough. Your resume isnít the only one the company is looking at, so a good resume must first stands out from the crowd and be distinctive by its own. Most organizations arenít really fussy about design and simply wants a black Ė white, easy-to-read resume. That said, if you are applying for a graphic designing job, your resume is a valuable chance for you to flaunt your creativity and for them to gauge your designing capabilities.

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5 New Breakfast Superfoods

You already know it's important to start your day off right. Now it's time to kick it up a notch nutritionally, with these easy ideas from Jackie Newgent, RD, author of 1,000 Low-Calorie Recipes. The best part? You don't have to change your regular morning menu. Just add these five nutrient-packed ingredients.

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4 Mistakes You Need To Avoid When Negotiating

Most things in life are negotiable and you can improve your negotiation skills with four easy tips. Iíve spent the majority of my career negotiating and training people to negotiate. Along the way Iíve made plenty of mistakes and learned that negotiation can often be improved by actually doing the opposite of what Iíd originally think to do.

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27 Ways to Power Up Your Brain

Thanks to advances in scanning technology, doctors now have unprecedented insights into how a man's brain works. "It's scary, but we can actually see how cramming for an exam, hitting the weights, or partying in Vegas can expand or destroy your mental circuitry," says P. Murali Doraiswamy, M.D., a neuroscientist with the Duke institute of brain sciences and a Men's Health brain-health advisor. "Throughout your life, your neural networks are constantly rewiring themselves in response to your diet, exercise, work, and social habits." By tapping into this ability of your brain to change its own structure and function, you can achieve peak mental fitness.

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10 Nursery Rhymes with Really Weird Subtexts

Have you ever taken a close look at the words of some familiar nursery rhymes, and wondered just what they meant? We have, and weíve got to say that some of them are flat out weird. What these people were thinking (drinking?) when they wrote these rhymes is beyond us, so weíve compiled a list of them.

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10 Things Created Over a Couple of Beers

After a few beers at the bar, even the most ridiculous ideas start to seem like The One That Will Make Millions. Sometimes, though, those ideas actually pan out. Here are a few reasons to take your next tipsy brainstorming session a little more seriously.

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10 Interesting Facts about the Caribbean

After viewing this list, people should think of the Caribbean as much more than white sands and azure-blue seas. Without further ado, Iíd like to pay homage to these spectacular and beautiful islands, I am proud to call home. Interesting to note: The Caribbean lies on the Caribbean Plate and it was noted on a news report, that a major earthquake (apart from the one that hit Haiti in January, 2010), that is expected to strike, is 20 years overdue!

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10 Tips To Prevent Snoring

Poor sleep, daytime fatigue, irritability and increased health problems are serious disadvantages that snoring can bring about to a snorer and his or her partner. In fact, the snorer may be the only person in his household getting enough sleep at night. And if your snoring frequently interrupts your partnerís rest, it can also create major relationship problems. Many people think of sleeping in separate bedroom as a remedy for snoring. The good news is that lifestyle changes as well as medical advances can minimize your snoring problem.

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13 Small Things To Simplify Your Workday

One of the best things I did when I decided to simplify my life was to simplify my workday ó first at my day job and later, by quitting my day job, in the work I do now as a writer and entrepreneur. Iíve eliminated most of the routine, boring, administrative tasks with a few simple principles. These days, I have eliminated the non-essentials, and can focus on what I truly love: creating. Not everyone can make such drastic steps toward simplicity, but if you have some control over your workday, you can do a few small things that will simplify things greatly. If you donít have control, or if you find yourself thinking, ďI canít do these thingsĒ, Iíd start to ask why not? Is it possible to change things, if not today then over the long term? I found that often I thought something wasnít possible, but in the long run they were.

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