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8 Unusual Rock Islets Around the World

Usually, rock islet is a landform composed of rock, lying offshore, uninhabited, and having at most minimal vegetation. But sometimes, rock islets don't look exactly like this - some are naturally strange looking, and some of them people have adapted to their own needs and made them pretty unusual. Uniqueness makes these small islands very popular among local visitors, foreign tourists and photographers from around the world.

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The Highest Calorie Item At 10 Fast-food Chains

Whether you like it or not, America, the number of calories packed into fast-food eats are getting harder to ignore. McDonald’s MCD +1.35% , Subway and Panera Bread PNRA +1.27% — and as of this week, Starbucks — have already begun voluntarily posting calorie counts on their menus, ahead of an anticipated federal mandate requiring all restaurants with more than 20 locations to do so. Let’s imagine for a moment that you’re less worried about your waistline than about getting the most calories for the least amount of money.

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10 Amazing Google Earth and Maps Discoveries

Today, it’s easy to be an explorer — all you need is a computer, access to satellite technology and a sense of adventure. Google makes it even simpler with Google Earth and Google Maps, letting you travel virtually to any place in the world with just a click of your mouse. Even though the average person can use these services to explore the planet, researchers and other scientific professionals use Google Earth and Google Maps as preliminary tools to analyze areas around the globe, uncovering some pretty amazing things we’ve never seen before.

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As much as hard work, challenges and large demands can be a part of the flight attendant industry, it also comes with a whole lot of glamour as well. The face of an airline is normally associated by the appearance of its flight attendants. There is a bit of a strenuous task for airlines when it comes to giving specific attention to the appearance and skills of their flight attendants. Such categories as figure, height, smile and uniform fit must all be taken into close consideration by the airline before the hiring process is completed. Below we have provided you with a list of the 10 most appealing airline flight attendants there are.


The 20 Most Hilarious Scare Prank Videos

Just after super hot girls in slutty costumes, people getting the crap scared out of them comes in a close second on the list of why Halloween is freakin’ awesome. So to get you in the mood for pulling heart-attack-inducing pranks on your friends and family, here are the 20 Most Hilarious Scare Videos. Believe us, by the time you’re done with this post, you’ll be hiding in a trash can, hoping you’re not about to get punched in the face. Enjoy!

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10 Signs You May Be in an Emotionally Abusive Relationship

No matter how attractive, old or smart a person is, he or she can be a victim of emotional abuse. Here are some signs of an abusive partner or spouse.

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10 Best Tablet PCs In The World Today

Tablets are taking the world by storm. Just a few years ago they were an unknown for many people, but nowadays you've got more choice than you can shake a mildly agitated badger at. And with choice comes decisions - difficult decisions. Do you eschew Apple's high prices, join the Android brigade and find the best iPad alternative? Or do you give in to near-perfection and the get the new iPad 3? Luckily we've made it easy for you and pulled together the top 10 tablets of the moment available in the UK. We'll keep this listing constantly updated as new players enter the market and the older ones fizzle out.

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10 Retro Emulators To Play Early 80s Home Consoles On Your PC

On Wednesday I ran through the first in a series of home consoles and emulators, starting with the Magnavox Odyssey in 1972 and finishing with the Intellivision in ’79. Today the journey continues as we enter the 80's, heralding a new era of consoles, an Italian plumber and a plucky blue hedgehog. As with the previous list, emulators are cross-platform where possible. You’ll need games to play, known as ROMs, and just a reminder that, provided you own the original game, it is not illegal to possess digital copies.

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25 Stunning Skylines Around the World

Following up from the Sifter’s first skyline post, here are 25 more stunning skylines around the world. These are by no means the ‘best’ skylines, just a collection of incredible photographs taken by some amazing photographers around the world. Almost all photographs are from the wonderful community over at deviantART. If you haven’t been, I recommend you check out their site, many of the artists sell their artwork and prints as well. I tried not to duplicate too many of the cities covered in the first skyline post, so places like Chicago, Hong Kong and Shanghai were omitted.

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Atlanta’s 8 Best Under-the-Radar Burgers

Ever notice how the same few burgers -- the Holeman & Finch Burger, the Bocado Burger Stack, the Ghetto Burger, etc. -- make everyone's "best burgers" lists, even though there's, like, eleventy-million different meat discs in the ATL? There must be some under-the-radar burgers that've slipped through the cracks then, right? Right?! Right. Here're eight great options you won't find on Atlanta Magazine's, Eater's, or even our "best of" lists, but that you'd be lucky to find on your plate:

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7 No-Cost Ways to Grow More Food From Your Garden

When I wrote a post about products that help promote soil biodiversity, some commenters were skeptical about commercial products that are shipped long distances with all the packaging and waste that goes with them. They may have a point. After all, the secrets of healthy soil usually start at home. And many of them are free. Here are some of our favorites.

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The Top 10 Worst Celebrity Golfers

Golfing isn't easy, but a lot of celebrities seem to think that it is. Or, at least, because they're celebrities, they can certainly do it. What they should take away from this post, though, is that they need to take a few pointers from Hank Haney on The Haney Project, Mondays at 9PM on Golf Channel.

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