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The 10 Most Intense Countdowns In Movies

Yes that’s right – New Years just happened like, a week ago… counting down, people count down on New Years… that’s the point, and it’s as close as I can get to writing about something that relates to the holidays, and it’s way late. And while I first thought to do this because of the end of 2011, it actually turned out to be a fun list to think about. How do you judge the intensity of a ticking clock? It’s not always how close the characters came to zero – sometimes it’s about the process itself, getting to inevitability, fighting time. It’s rather like life, and the knowledge that being on this world is a sort of countdown. Every year is another tick of the clock, leading every one of us to the same inescapable conclusion. So uh… Happy New Year! …Here’s a list counting down countdowns.

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12 Problems That Only Busty Girls Have

This one if for all the ladies with big boobs out there. Busty Girl Comics is a spot-on comic drawn by Paige Halsey Warren that details the trials and tribulations of being a woman with an enormous chest. From her work, here are 12 “Busty Girl Problems.”

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10 Most Devastating Bombing Campaigns of WWII

The Second World War (1939-1945) saw many terrible developments in humanity’s history. Indeed, it was of course set against the backdrop of the wholesale destruction and planned extermination of whole groups of people because of their ethnicity, political allegiances or religious beliefs. The story of Nazi Germany’s aggression and the Allied Powers’ subsequent response – in a war that quickly encompassed much of the world map – is a story of power, technology and science. That same science lent its fateful hand to the aims of men and saw its terrible zenith in the horrors of the bombing campaigns of World War Two. Here we are not considering the equally horrific and never matched atomic bombing raids on Nagasaki and Hiroshima; rather, we speak of the meticulously planned and often prolonged campaigns that razed cities to the ground and devastated entire urban populations. Here, then, are the 10 most devastating bombing campaigns of WWII.

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20 Oddest Animal Couples

In the Animal Kingdom, friendship often cross the lines of genus and species and results in some oddball inter-special relationships like this. Defying the laws of nature itself, animal odd couples forge friendships under the most peculiar circumstances. But in the process, they show us that humans aren’t the only members of the animal kingdom to demonstrate complex emotions and traits. “To know that these animals are capable of emotions like love and understanding and caring, like we are, is quite an eye-opener”

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Top 7 Disruptions of the Year

Technology is like a dog; each year of it seems like the equivalent of seven human years — at least when you get to the end of it and realize it’s only been 12 months since that now indispensable service first launched. We spent 2009 documenting technology’s disruption of how we live, entertain ourselves and do business. Looking back on the year from the comfortable perch of December, here are the seven most disruptive developments of 2009.

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7 Super Expensive Alternatives to Grocery Store Brands

Lots of us only ask one question when we head to the grocery store: what’s on sale? (At least that’s what I do.) If you’re flush with cash, though, even buying mundane staple foods can turn into an exercise in conspicuous consumption. Let’s take a look at a few super pricey pantry mainstays that will set you back a bit more than the store brands.

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15 Sure-fire Ways To Get On Any Bartender's Bad Side

There are thousands of ways to get kicked out of a bar: start a fight, do some inappropriate touching, inappropriately touch someone during a fight. But there are even more ways to just get under the skin of your favorite bartender, transforming you from your favorite watering hole's Cliff Clavin to its Chuck Bukowski. Here are 15 ways to immediately get under your bartender's skin... things you should never do to the person who controls the trajectory of your night.

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The 5 Rules of a Good Wingman

Cruising the bars and clubs looking for women is a pastime for most men. It is not only a means potentially meeting the woman of your dreams (or for the night...), it is also a bonding experience among best buddies. And when it comes to meeting women in bars, clubs, or parties... your friends can either help you or hurt you in your quest. Most guys have never been taught the proper rules of being a good wingman. So I am going to share with you "wingman etiquette."

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9 Gun Buying Tips for the New Shooter

For me, one of the great joys of being a firearms hobbyist is introducing someone new to the community. I have never been a professional instructor, but I consider it a public service to give my time to a new shooter to help them safely and accurately use the weapons they own or may soon own. Besides safety and marksmanship, though, there’s also helping a new shooter to economically and successfully purchase the weapons they want and need, so they can enjoy the sport with as little regret as possible. To that end, I’ve come up with a few tips for the new gun buyer on how to get the most bang for their buck when buying new guns.

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7 Valuable Life Lessons HBO’s Game Of Thrones Has Taught Us

There is now just over a month left before the season premier of the third season of the HBO series Game of Thrones on March 31st. For those of you who are unfamiliar with this TV show, it’s a brilliant fantasy drama set in a land called Westeros (think Lord of the Rings, but filled with douche-bags, and without any hot elves) where every character you get trick into caring about ends up dead- I highly recommend it. Now, while waiting for season three, I’d like to share with the you 7 life lessons one can gain from this fantastic series.

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What Do Olympians Eat? 5 Crazy Training Diets

Back in 2008, during the Beijing Olympics, we were regaled with stories about the monstrous 12,000 calorie daily diet that American swimming sensation Michael Phelps consumed while gearing up for the Games. Alas, Phelps revealed last month his diet has never been that gargantuan. “I never ate that much,” he said. “It’s all a myth. I’ve never eaten that many calories.” Although what the Olympic gold record-holder actually eats might remain a mystery, athletes around the world are trying out different meal plans that they believe will help propel them to competitive stardom this summer in London. Here’s a look at five of the strangest (and in some cases, frightening) diets.

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The 10 Most Majestic Chess Sets For Nerds

Considered by many to be one of the ultimate manifestations of competitive strategic thinking, its no surprise that the game of chess would find its way into the mythologies that have helped shape modern nerdom. Few games simulate commanding an army with the disarming simplicity and tactical efficiency of chess, meaning it's iconic among heroes tasked with leading others against threats both physical and psychological. The game's innate importance aside, its iconic game board and pieces are wide open for artistic interpretation, leading to reimagined chess components bearing the likeness of nearly every worthy nerd franchise. Read on to revel in the knowledge that chess isn't just the "thinking man's game" -- it's the "playing nerd's game."

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