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11 Funny Graphs About Twitter

As far as I can tell (admittedly from a surface-level Google search), no one has ever put together any funny Twitter graphs. It's just sitting out there, betting for it, and no one's done it. I couldn't sit by and let that tragedy go un-rectified. So I dusted off my sixth grade art skills and my ninth grade math skills and whipped up these 11 original graphs about Twitter.

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The 13 Most Epic Hot Girl Gun FAILs

These hot girls have two tickets to the gun show (and have absolutely no upper arm strength). Here are the greatest close-call gun accidents in (non-fictional) hot girl gun history. Sure, the dudes often have better videos, but the hot girls sometimes wear bikinis.

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7 Tips To Keep Your Dog Safe This Holiday Season

With the holiday season now in full-force, it's important to remember the health and safety of the four-legged creatures sitting underneath the dinner table. The American Kennel Club compiled a list of easy tips to keep your pets safe during the holidays, as well as a staunch reminder that puppies don't make for good stocking stuffers. The group says the traditional holiday gift shouldn't include a family pet unless potential owners are ready for a lifetime commitment. New puppies require a great deal of time and care during their first few weeks at home. If you are considering a new addition to the family, the AKC recommends wrapping up a leash or dog bowl and then taking adequate time to research the right dog for you.

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The 25 Most Powerful TV Shows of the Last 25 Years

TV doesn’t get much respect. It rots your brain and grows couch potatoes. But the so-called idiot box also swings elections, rewires brains, snares criminals, and even sways the Supreme Court. The following may not be the best shows of the last 25 years—in fact, some are among the worst—but their impact reaches far beyond the living room.

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10 Celebrity Bands You’ve Probably Never Heard Of

If there’s one Hollywood cliche you can count on, it’s that most actors are frustrated musicians deep down inside. While the majority will never have major commercial success like, say, Rick Springfield, Patrick Swayze or Jamie Foxx (go ahead and laugh, but they all had number one singles), many gamely pursue a side career in music for years without being noticed by anyone but their most hardcore fans. It’s easy to dismiss these wannabe musicians and their bands as novelty acts, but they tour, record albums and even make videos just like any authentic group. Whatever your opinion of these actors-turned-musicians, at least they’re trying to live the dream, albeit with varying degrees of talent.

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10 Rappers As Movie Villains

?Cunning criminals, violent geniuses, charismatic characters. Villains give us chills and keep us on the edge of our seats. With more rappers now dabbling in acting, we decided to cast some of your favorite hip-hoppers as movie villains. Here are ten rappers and their evil alter-egos.

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6 Flight Attendants Gone Wild

They’re authoritative, courteous, and could win an Olympic gold in Complimentary Beverage Pouring. But flight attendants have baggage, too. Read on for 6 first-class examples of flight attendants who brought their own turbulence to the job.

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10 Lies Most Parents Tell Their Children

The average parent will tell their child about 3000 "white lies" during their childhood, according to a study in the United Kingdom. If that number actually sounds low to you, you're probably a parent. Parents lie to their kids for all sorts of reasons -- to protect them from the outside world, to keep them from harm, and to make themselves, or their kids, feel better. Some of the newer theories of parenting purport that telling your child any type of lie, small or otherwise, is bad. They advise telling young children the truth about Santa, the Easter Bunny, and the Tooth Fairy as early as possible. But how much fun is that, for kids and for parents? Kids need to learn at an early age that lies are a part of life.

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17 Things You Didn't Know You Could Do In A Waffle Iron

If you use a little creativity, your waffle iron can be a multi-purpose cooktop. There are many foods besides waffles that can be made in the waffle iron. I’m particularly interested in seeing if it really can make something edible out of old French fries.

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24 Totally Unrealistic Sex Scenes in Movies

If you’re a virgin and you exclusively watch porn, oh boy, are you in for a surprise come prom night. People criticize porn for heightening expectations to near unattainable levels, but mainstream Hollywood doesn’t really do much of a better job keeping expectations in check. Don’t get us wrong, a slim minority of pictures accurately depict sexual relations in a real and emotionally satisfying way — Fast Times at Ridgemont High, American Pie (at least the Tara Reid storyline), and a movie starring Charlize Theron titled, “Intimacy” (Netflix that ‘ish). However, most movies with sex scenes tend to glorify the act, which we have absolutely no issue with. We just don’t think the following sex scenes should get any screen time at the next sex ed class.

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5 Actors Who are Never, Ever Going to Get Their Due

Look, America worships its actors, both the stars and the underdogs. The former shine brilliantly as proof of the American dream of fame and fortune. The latter we hold dear as guardians of secret brilliance the masses are too sheeplike to ever understand the genius of. Still, there are some who are just continually going to get the shaft no matter how gifted they are. We're not even talking about people like Jim Carrey or Jennifer Jason Leigh who just get constantly screwed out of recognition for their acting work. What we're talking about are artists who aren't even eligible for an Academy Award because what they do isn't seen as worth a damn by the "real" actors.

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10 Almost-Cast Star-Trek Actors that Would've Improved the Franchise

For a franchise that had eight "evil universe" episodes and Roddenberry-only-knows-how-many time travel episodes, it's hard to imagine Star Trek turning out any differently than it did. After all, when you think of Spock, you immediately think of the cool calm of Leonard Nimoy and when you think of Kirk, it's hard to imagine anything by the slightly hammy over-acting of William Shatner. And yet, for every actor that got a Star Trek part, dozens auditioned and got disappointed that they didn't get their time on the cardboard sets of the various Enterprises.

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