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Top 7 Manliest Swordfights in Film History

Scenes of swordplay have been entertaining filmgoers since the days of the nickelodeon. But these bloodless dance routines could hardly be described as "fights". They were the martial equivalent of sitcom couples in separate beds. As movie audiences grew more sophisticated, however, they craved more from their fight sequences. They needed to see the brutal reality of mortal combat.

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30 Most Impressive Accessible and Inclusive Playgrounds

All children deserve to experience the thrill and escapism of meaningful physical play. What’s more, it just takes a bit of thought and planning, and everyone can enjoy the exhilaration and magic that arguably only playgrounds can produce. Of course, more than anything it’s about social interaction – and in this respect no child should be left on the sidelines. Play parks without proper wheelchair access and equipment suitable for all visitors – including those with special needs – are starting to seem like relics from the past. Here we look at 30 of the most impressive accessible and inclusive playgrounds from around the world.

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10 of the Most Memorable Swashbuckling Movie Pirates

There’s certainly been a lot of talk in the news lately about pirates, and it’s somewhat comical to think that pirates actually exist. The reason, of course, is because we’re used to seeing pirates portrayed as having a peg leg, an eye patch, and parrots on their shoulders. Thus, it’s a bit surprising to see an emaciated Somalian boy referred to as a “pirate.” With the recent news about pirates, I started thinking about pirates in movies, where they are stereotyped for the audience’s liking. After the jump, take a look at 10 of the most memorable swashbucklers from the big screen.

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9 Ways to Prevent Identity Theft From Your Online Activities

If you have ever experienced identity theft yourself or even know someone who has, you know the experience can be a harrowing one. Criminals can open accounts in your name and impersonate you for a multitude of reasons – none of which are good. While thieves have been performing identity theft for a long-time offline the volume of personal information found online is astounding and these days a would-be identity thief only needs to log in from the comfort of his or her home to do their misdeeds. That leaves the burden upon you to protect your personal information while using the internet. The only perfect way to protect yourself online and prevent identity theft is to not use it at all, but since you are reading this, I will assume that you are pretty net savvy and spend a good deal of time online. Let’s go over some tips to protect and prevent identity theft online.

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10 Great Sites for Satellite Maps

If you’re planning a road trip, checking the weather, or just looking for bird’s-eye view photography, there are some excellent internet sources for just what you need. The following are 10 great sites for satellite maps.

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10 Youtube URL Tricks You Should Know About

Youtube – You know that site with videos and all. Yeah! It turns out that its quite popular and you happen to visit and use it quite often. Instead of just searching and playing here are some top Youtube URL tricks that you should know about.

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4 Privacy Settings You Should Enable In iOS 7 Immediately

Data backed up? Check. iOS 7 installed? Check. Data restored? Check. Life is good and time to fire up your favorite iTunes Radio station, right? Not so fast. Before diving into the beautiful, parallaxy, candy-colored world that is iOS 7, you need to adjust your privacy settings on your iPhone or iPad. If you like your Privacy, that is. Installing iOS 7 is pretty easy and, even if you don't back up your data ahead of time, it will usually put everything back right where it belongs. Simple, right?

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12 Diseases That Sound Fun -- But Really Aren't

Doctors don't much like telling patients that they're ill. In reality you can't break news about terminal illnesses with a cheeky grin and a playful punch to the arm, despite what The Simpsons' Doctor Hibbert would have you believe. That said, there are certain illnesses/diseases/viruses that don't sound as grim as they should. Whether it simply be a daft name or surprisingly positive wording, some diseases just don't have the aura of the devil about them. If anything they sound a doddle... Fun even! Please don't get us wrong, we find nothing amusing about these illnesses themselves. In fact, we'd happily go through our entire lives having never come close contracting a single one. Not even a sniffle. All we're saying is that some may need renaming.

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The Secret 7: The Top Presidential Limousines of All Time

While the historic inauguration of Barack Obama will be full of ceremony and celebration, there’s one event on January 20 that will go by with little notice. And yet that event will usher him into the world of the presidency in a way nothing else will. It will be the very first time a Secret Service agent opens the door to the presidential limousine and Obama steps inside. His new ride, a specially built beast nominally identified as a “Cadillac,” is just the latest in a long line of presidential rides stretching back to 1899 and the Locomobile President William McKinley rode in. But the Secret Service didn’t really get serious about presidential over-the-road transportation until 1939 when they acquired…well, that’s where this list begins.

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Top 10 Dark Themed Teen Movies

The more popular contemporary genre of teen-related films are comedies but throughout each decade, teen films have journeyed into dark and sometimes scary portrayals of high school life. The verisimilitude of these dark depictions are ones that most of us may be able to relate to or something we’d see in social themed television shows. Regardless of what the story is, this list contains movies that do not provide the audiences entertainment with laughter but thought-provoking verity.

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10 Most Courageous Undercover Journalists

Sometimes, getting the scoop on a story means doing more than simple research and interviews. Sometimes it requires a bigger and riskier sacrifice, like going undercover. Although the ethics and credibility of undercover tactics have been called into question, in some cases, the only way to unearth the truth is to go incognito. Fabricated identities, hidden cameras, and gruesome and terrifying revelations are just a few of the aspects involved in this insider method of getting the story. And it’s hard not to admire these gutsy journalists’ passion and dedication to their careers, as they infiltrate everything from psychiatric hospitals and federal penitentiaries to jihadist terrorist groups and soccer hooligan gangs. This is definitely a career path for those seeking thrills, excitement, and danger.

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10 Purr-fect Vacations For Cat Lovers

These quirky museums, theme parks and circus acts feed our collective cat obsession. Stephanie Harwin, who writes the cat-obsessed blog Catsparella, will go to great lengths to get her feline fix. On her quest to fulfill a lifelong dream, visiting Japan's Hello Kitty theme park, Harwin endured a bout of severe food poisoning, a language barrier and a long journey to reach her happy place. Japan is the ultimate travel destination for cat enthusiasts and Hello Kitty is just the beginning. Tokyo has become famous for its cat cafés, where you can hang out with the furry creatures, and each February brings the celebration of "Nyan Nyan Nyan Day" (a name inspired by the sound cats make).

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