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20 Photos of Epic Mom Fails

Most moms have an innate sense called ďnurture,Ē which makes them realize that holding their baby upside down over a river isnít safe. However, there are a handful of moms that donít have this sense, and this gallery is about the worst of them. We found 20 of the most cringe-worthy, hilarious photos of less-than-proper mothering.

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9 Exceedingly Reboot Ready Franchises

As much as we might cry foul every time a beloved childhood franchise gets added to the long list of remakes and re-imaginings, some of them have been pretty cool. Take Mattel's Masters of the Universe Classics figures, which combine modern figure sculpting and articulation with the feel of the classic He-Man figures. Unfortunately, for every Masters Classics or Predators -- which looks amazing... so far -- there's a dozen G.I. Joe: The Rise Of Cobras which seems to completely miss the point of what made the property cool in the first place. Of course, those aren't going to stop companies from remaking the nerdy properties of our youth, and it's not going to stop us from wanting them (mostly). Here are nine cartoons, movies, toylines and games which seem especially ready for second shot at fame.

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Top 10 Molecular Gastronomy Restaurants in the U.S.

Molecular gastronomy ó in which avant-garde cooking techniques and equipment are used to transform flavors and presentations ó may be a divisive issue within the culinary community, but there's no doubt that some chefs create molecular cuisine that is not only thought-provoking but also revolutionizes the palate. Experience the best of this exciting epicurean frontier at these Top 10 Molecular Gastronomy Restaurants in the U.S., presented in alphabetical order.

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10 Interesting Star Trek Facts You May Not Know

Apparently there's still a lot about Star Trek that I still don't know. This latest infographic that's been released points out a few things that I didn't know until today. Like actor James Doohan who played Scotty on the original series was shot six times on D-Day in WWII, and it wasn't by the enemy! Check all of the Star Trek facts out below and let us know if there are any listed that you didn't know. Which of these surprised you the most?

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10 Most Cruel Wives

Do you complain when your wife doesn't cook you dinner? Then meet these ten lovely spouses that are going to make you feel you are the luckiest guy in the world.

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Top 10 Prehistoric Fish Alive Today

This list looks at fish that were around in remote, prehistoric times and have survived to our time, still keeping their ďprehistoricĒ looks to prove it.

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10 Notorious Tax Evaders Who Didnít Get Away with It

They say that the only constants in life are death and taxes. Yet while attempts to evade the Grim Reaper have so far proven to be ultimately unsuccessful, this hasnít stopped people trying to get out of their debt to the government. There are a wealth of loopholes and accounting tricks with which a savvy individual can minimize their payment to the IRS, but for some people thatís still far too much to pay.

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20 highest paid CEOs

These 20 corporate chiefs took home the most pay in 2009. Some of their companies were profitable, and others...not so much.

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10 of the Best Portrayals of Athletes by Actors

Thereís lots of sports movies and lots of actors trying to pass as athletes, but very few can actually pull it off. I mean, have you seen Michael J. Fox playing basketball in Teen Wolf? Iíve seen epileptic quadriplegics with better coordination. And no, Iím not gonna make a Parkinsonís joke, so get bent. Anyway, becoming an athlete on screen isnít easy, but here are ten portrayals where the actor or actress was convincing. The rule for this rundown, though, is that the actor didnít play professionally in the sport that his character plays in the movie -so no Ray Allen in He Got Game. Got it? Good. Here are those ten performances, in no particular order.

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10 '80's Stars Who Look Good Today

The 1980'sóa time of big hair, scrunchies, shoulder pads, and leg warmers. Suffice it to say that, looking back on it, the decade wasn't the most attractive. The upcoming throwback film, Take Me Home Tonight (in theaters tomorrow) doesn't fail to remind us of that. But regardless of its outdatedness today, boys growing up in the '80's still had their crushes, whether they were five or fifteen years old. From the young Punky Brewster to sex symbol Iman, the era introduced men to a number of unforgettable female stars. So, for nostalgia's sake, and with Take Me Home Tonight in mind, we're taking a look at the '80's stars who've emerged from the cloud of hairspray and look good today.

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10 Mysterious Underwater Cities You Havenít Heard Of

From the Shore Temple of India to the eerie bronze figures lining the floor of the Bay of Naples, the vast waters of this planet are littered with the salt-encrusted remnants of ancient civilizations. Each submerged ruin we stumble across is a reminder that as powerful as our cities and kingdoms may be, they donít hold a candle to the fierce, merciless power of the sea.

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Get Your Shovel! (5 Still Hidden Treasures)

Everyone loves a good treasure hunt, right? Itís the thrill of the chase and the fortune that can be had at the end. And who couldnít use a few extra bucks in this economy? There are many stories of people who have dedicated their life to find treasure, only to go broke and never find that proverbial (or in this case actual) pot of gold. Even if they find the treasure, there will likely be a lengthy battle over who owns it. A few years ago an expedition found a treasure in a sunken ship worth as much as $500 million. It didnít take long for Spain to put in a claim on it because they said the treasure had initially been stolen from their country.

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