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10 Microorganisms You Can Find in Drinking Water

Warning: This list is not for the faint of heart. There are invisible monsters living in your tap water, creatures that swim and multiply by the billions inside every drop of brisk, refreshing water you slurp down your gullet, tiny demons that…well, okay, they’re actually not all that bad. All water has bacteria and protozoans to some extent, most of them completely harmless. But once you see what they look like up close and personal, you might never get the image out of your head. Here are 10 microorganisms that could be living in your drinking water right now.

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Affordable Caribbean: 15 Value Hotels and Resorts

Just in time for winter travel season, has the skinny on the Caribbean's best value stays. Rockhouse Hotel, Jamaica: The Rockhouse is a lush, laid-back Jamaican resort offering gourmet dining, morning yoga, a premium spa, and best of all, a gorgeous cliff-side location on Negril's coast. Sure, there's no fitness center and rooms lack TVs and Wi-Fi, but its unplugged vibe is just why some guests come. Plus, with rates usually falling below $200, it's a steal compared to similar resorts – such as the slightly chicer Caves – in the area. (NB: No children under 12 are allowed on property.)

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Top 9 Gym Pet Peeves

Getting in shape is near the top of everyone's list of New Year's resolutions. That's why the ranks of gym memberships swell by an average of 12 percent every January, according to the International Health, Racquet & Sportsclub Association (IHRSA). Unfortunately, with such a crowd comes a lot of bad behavior. When we asked readers on social media what bugged them about their fellow gym goers, we got an earful. Below, we've distilled our reader's thoughts about etiquette breaches in the gym down to the nine most common complaints. See if yours is there. If not, feel free to sound off in the comments section. And if it makes you feel any better, the IHRSA also reports that 30-45 percent of people cancel their gym memberships within six months. There's no guarantee the towel hog with poor cellphone manners will be one of the dropouts, but at least you'll soon have more room so you can avoid him.

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10 Surprising Celebrity Dolls

It’s not hard to find a celebrity doll these days – every Disney starlet seems to have one, as well as every pop star and even a few models (Tyra Banks and Heidi Klum both have one). Not all of them are quite as predictable, though – here are 10 dolls you probably didn’t see coming.

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13 Most Poisonous Dishes You Can Eat

Are you a Romeo or a Juliet looking to score some poison from the apothecary? Well too bad, because these dangerous foods won't actually kill you - if you eat them right! Thrill-seekers who are too afraid to skydive from an airplane, swim in shark-infested waters or enter a haunted house can (for a bit of money) eat stuff that can, well, provide a bit of excitement to their daily normal lives. What makes it daring is the fact that these are deadly foods that many people wouldn't go near!

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10 Most Epic Air-to-Air Battles in Military History

Since the early 20th century, air-to-air combat has been both decisive in war and inspiring to the minds of the general public. In an age of increasingly computerized and automated battles, dogfights between pilots hark back to an earlier time when individual skill was arguably the single most important factor in many combat situations. And if duels between pilots don’t impress you, massive battles between dozens or even hundreds of planes definitely will. We list the biggest, baddest furballs ever to take place in the skies.

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The 20 Most Profitable Companies

Fortune 500 earnings soared this year, despite a feeble recovery, as companies cut costs fast and deeply. From Goldman Sachs to Google, here are the biggest winners.

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5 Disturbing Ways Food Will Be Different in the Future

If there's anything that connects every person on this planet regardless of race and creed, it's food. We all enjoy it, we all need it and we all waste away should we be deprived of it. That's why each new food industry innovation profoundly influences the way our lives will be led -- just think of the microwave oven and how it affected the 20th century. So expect the future to take a turn for the weird when they implement these babies in our everyday lives.

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8 Strange Things That Fell From the Sky

There were about 600 reports of strange things falling from the sky during the last century and many of them remain unexplained. We have focused on a few of the more recent episodes to bring you as much evidence as possible and let you ponder the theories. Now, be warned, some of the theories seem even more impossible then the event itself.

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The 16 Most Shameful Politician's Daughters

Because of the internet's existence, nobody is safe and nothing is sacred, so here are the 16, sometimes attractive, daughters of notable politicians who have publicly disappointed their parents in some way, shape or form, along with galleries of them partying (when available).

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