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12 of the Weirdest Political Endorsements by Musicians

“Everybody in the industry is like, ‘Oh, Obama’s doing such a great job …’ I don’t think so. Not from what I see.” So quoth music industry rebel and political iconoclast Dave Mustaine in an interview with this week, an interview wherein he also discusses his acting ambitions and bitches about Fred Durst. The answer to America’s problems, according to Mustaine, consists of two words, one of which may or may not be a neologism for fecal sludge: Rick Santorum. Anyone who’s followed Mustaine’s career will know he’s long had conservative inclinations, but he’s not the only musician who’s broken with the liberal norm to make an unlikely political endorsement. From Fidel Castro to Sarah Palin, pretty much every much ideological base has been covered over the years. Here is a selection of the strangest — some hilarious, some plain weird, and at least one hugely depressing.

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The Top Eight Replacement Actors in Movie History

When we talk about our favorite movies, they typically vary from films with great writing, or those with lots of great action and special effects to the ones that feature our favorite actresses finally getting naked. But what they almost all share, without exception, are great, iconic characters. What you might not know, however, is that some of those characters almost turned out very, very different, and it was only a last second recasting of the role that helped propel them into cinematic lore.

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10 Most Terrifying Bridges on Earth

Imagine being suspended hundreds of feet in the air above hard rock or raging waters; all that is keeping you suspended in the air is a wooden board, a taut rope and your balance. You prepare yourself for disaster: if the rope gives way or if your foot slips then death seems inevitable; but in the meantime you are paralyzed. Being afraid of heights might be a debilitating fear but these terrifying bridges are enough to inspire vertigo in anyone. Terrifying as they might be, however, there is simply no other choice, for without crossing you will never reach the other side. Here are ten of the most terrifying bridges in the world.

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Top 10 Horror Franchises They Should Have Killed For Real

There are two things about horror movies that hold true no matter what. The one survivor is usually a white girl, and there will be sequels. Dozens upon dozens of sequels. But can a franchise really sustain so many sequels? We’re not so sure.

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16 Of The Worst Comic Book Castings

Hollywood has spoiled us with a glut of really good comic movies of late, with pitch perfect acting and stunning special effects. Both of the Batman movies, the Iron Mans (Iron Men?), and Thor have all been perfect. I have high hopes for Captain America, too. However sometimes, the casting goes completely wrong. They choose a totally wrong person for the role, and you’re stuck watching a movie where you can’t stomach, never mind root for, the main characters.

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15 Bad Diet Tips and What to Try Instead

You know you can't believe everything you read. And still, you haven't eaten an egg yolk since the 90s, and you can't touch a French fry without being saddled with guilt. Oh, and don't even get us started on the whole don't-eat-after-8-PM-or-else mentality. Let's set the record straight once and for all by calling out these 25 worst diet tips—and offering up smart food rules to follow instead.

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15 System Preferences Items A New Mac User Should Adjust

System Preferences is a hubbub of settings and controls on your Mac computer. Yet, it’s quite possible that if you are a fairly new Mac user you probably have made changes to only a few of the many items found in the Mac System Preferences. You might have added another user account or set up your server connection. But there are other items that you should know about that will make you a more powerful Mac user. The items I will cover are found in the Snow Leopard version of System Preferences. I’m not going to cover each section of System Preferences or some of its more self-explanatory items. I will cover some of the hidden and useful items that you may want to change or adjust.

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10 Electric Cars that Were Actually Produced

You have heard about all the alternative power methods for vehicles, but a lot of the electric cars discussed are never really produced at all. Many times the cost of production is too high or they just don’t get the attention they need to make it on the market. No matter what the reason, these vehicles are sometimes never seen at all past the prototype that usually shows as unsuccessful as people aren’t looking for just fuel efficiency but many other features that are sometimes not found with these great vehicles. In some cases however, there proved to be a reason to produce the vehicles and present to the commercial market for sale, with some surprising vehicles that actually made it such as these 10 electric cars that were actually produced.

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10 Historically Bad Christmases

Most people think of Christmas as a joyous day. Whether as a time for celebrating the birth of their savior or as an excuse to get together with loved ones for good food and drink, Christmas is generally a day to look forward to. But not everyone’s Christmas turns out so well. Before you complain about the uncle who always gets drunk or your slutty cousin, consider these Christmases and how bad they were.

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10 Silly Inventions That Became Wildly Famous

Human ingenuity is limitless. The list of creative and brilliant inventors throughout human history is long and each story is fascinating. Some have achieved legendary status. People like Thomas Edison, Nikola Tesla and Alexander Graham Bell helped shape our world through inventiveness. There are other stories about inventors who, working independently, created inventions nearly identical to one another at around the same time. Did Philo Farnsworth or Vladimir Zworykin invent the first electronic television? Legally, the honor goes to Farnsworth but the debate continues to this day.

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