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20 Best and Worst Sci-fi Films

This weekend, the "Star Trek" franchise returns to explore strange new worlds in the reboot sequel "Star Trek Into Darkness." In honor of the film's famously imaginative genre, check out this countdown of the best and worst sci-fi films ever made. Maybe one of the best films ever, 1985's "Back to the Future" is the time-travel movie all other time-travel movies aspire to be. Sure, no one really knows why the flux capacitor does what it does and why it makes time-travel possible, but we don't really care. Which film tops the list? Keep clicking to find out!

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14 Unsettling Examples Of Horror-villain Movie Makeup

Sure, CGI can create some awfully creepy effects, but if you ask us, nothing makes a movie monster more than traditional makeup, as demonstrated in Syfy's new Face-Off reality show—the next episode of which tackles the theme of horror villains. But before tuning in this Wednesday at 10/9 C, check out some of the best the masters have to offer.

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Emeril's 11 Best Breakfast Recipes

Superstar chef Emeril Lagasse surprised one exceptional mom with breakfast in bed today on "Good Morning America." Show mom how special she is this Mother's Day, Sunday, May 12, with these foolproof recipes from Emeril. From Emeril's blueberry buttermilk pancakes, to candied bacon, to cheesy eggs, these breakfast recipes will make mom feel like a queen and treat everyone to a delicious, hearty breakfast.

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America's 50 Best Mexican Restaurants

From a high-end restaurant in Chicago specializing in ribeye carne asada to a modest taqueria in Mountain View, Calif. serving some of the finest carnitas you’ll ever encounter, America has no shortage of great Mexican restaurants. Running the gamut from super-upscale to inexpensive and no-frills, we’ve rounded up the 50 best in America. It wasn’t so long ago when “Mexican” food was best represented stateside by a heaping platter of rice and refried beans along with gloopy enchiladas covered in melted cheese, with maybe a couple hard-shell tacos on the side. But we’ve come a long way since then: today most people realize that the standard menu of burritos, chimichangas, quesadillas, and the like are in fact more Tex-Mex than authentic Mexican, and that once you head south of the border there’s a whole world of flavorful (and non-cheesy) possibilities to explore.

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10 Things You Probably Don’t Know About Bond

When young Ian Fleming was working in British Naval intelligence during World War II, he once told a friend he planned to write “The Mother of all Spy Stories.” I, for one, think he succeeded. The James bond series of films is likely the longest running and successful series in cinema history, and why not? James Bond is the kind of guy who every guy wants to be. Suave, smart, cool under pressure and utterly unshakable. While just about everybody has seen a James Bond film, or read a James Bond book, there’s still plenty of interesting anecdotes that can pass by even the hardcore fans.

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9 Best Vomit Scenes On Film

With the I LOVE YOU, MAN DVD & Blu-Ray hitting the street on August 11th, Screen Junkies decided this list needed a bit of an update (or upchuck, perhaps). We're still paying homage to the vomit takes, barf clips and hurl gags that came "B.R." (That's "Before Rudd"), but we want to lead this list with an all-new exclusive DVD clip that tells you just HOW they pulled off the now infamous scene of Rudd puking all over IRON MAN 2 director (and occasional actor) Jon Favreau.

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10 Essential Things No One Ever Tells You About Your Twenties

Your twenties are the hardest. No one hands you a road-map for navigating post-college life. You're simply thrown out into the real world and expected to know everything you need to get by. If you're a millenial who's ever been confused about these formative years of adulthood, here are some essential things to remember...

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10 Ridiculous Lady Laws That Are Still On The Books

Even though Paris is the fashion capitol of the world, it is still technically against the law for a woman to wear pants there. Someone should tell the police quick … they could have made a killing during Fashion Week. But seriously, how crazy is that? This ridiculous law has survived years of attempted upheaval. In 1892, the law was amended to say that trousers were permitted “as long as the woman is holding the reins of a horse.” In 1909, female cyclists were declared exempt. After a couple more attempts over the ages, I guess the ladies (and police) forgot the law even existed and went right on ahead breaking it by proudly rocking their pants. That got me thinking. What other crazy kinds of laws are there that we don’t even know about? Wait for this one. I discovered that here in New York a woman can incur $25 fine for flirting! Oops … I broke that law like a million times. After the jump, some more archaic lady laws that need to be repealed pronto.

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10 Most Ridiculous Uses of the Internet in Movies

If you’re a regular moviegoer and avid web surfer then you’ve probably seen your fair share of films that strain the limits of credibility where the use of the internet is concerned. Some instances may have slipped past the average viewer, but as a proclaimed techie you just had to laugh.

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5 Fundamental Concepts We Can’t Hash Out as a Species

There has been a great deal of speculation about the existence of other forms of intelligent life in the universe. Some claim that we are alone. Others say that it’s like sober Irishman: it exists but we may never find it. Still others believe that we have already made contact, citing various probing-related accounts as evidence. Were an intelligent, advanced species able to observe our planet, there’s a good chance that things would probably only going poorly for us. Best case scenario: they find our bumbling hilarious and make us the space equivalent of bears riding tricycles in the circus. But in all likelihood they might just wipe us off this rock for our sins and let evolution roll the dice again. Not that we don’t deserve it. Forget the war, famine, disease and terrorism; we can’t even decide basic stuff, like what to call our fizzy beverages. Let’s look at the ways we’re failing to get organized as a species, and maybe then we can work on no longer being the laughingstock of the galaxy.

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